he day after Christmas is a special day for many people. While some people wait patiently for Black Friday to get the best deals, others wait until later in the season and hit the sales the day after Christmas, stocking up perhaps not on presents but on things they will need for the next year's holiday. Whether or not you should bother with post-Christmas sales depends on your tolerance for crowds as well as how much you'd like to score a deal—remember, post-Christmas markdowns are generally not as much as post-Thanksgiving ones.

After-Christmas sales often focus mainly on holiday-themed merchandise, as no one really wants to buy stockings, green-and-red wrapping paper, or Christmas ornaments in February (or any other time of year, really). If you're the sort of person that goes through one roll of wrapping paper every three years like some of us here at Web2Carz, these types of sales are probably not going to be all that beneficial to you. 

Post-Christmas sales are great for restocking your holiday decorations stash.

On the other hand, if you're anything like some of our parents, who use different colors of paper for different people and even different gifts to the same person (how festive!), these sales are your goldmine. Here is your place to pick up ten new rolls of wrapping paper for the price of what just one costs any other time of year.

As for more pointed sales, some department stores will have them on certain items, but again, they're going to be on winter items. If you're in the market for new boots or a heavy coat, check out the aisles of your favorite spot and see if they're trying to get rid of things that are commonly given as gifts. Things like toys aren't typically on sale after Christmas, because children who have Christmas money to spend are an easy sell.

Post-Christmas sales can be worth your time, but make sure you have a game plan for where you'll hit and what you want to find, that way you don't get roped into buying other things just because they're there.