f you've been scrolling through your Twitter feed lately and noticing that your friends' Instagram photos are now just showing up as links and not as the actual photos, congratulations! You spend too much time on social networks. That said, there seems to be a bit of an uproar over this latest development between the two.

With Facebook recently acquiring Instagram, it's not surprising that they've changed the way they allow photos to be shared, but between this and Twitter adding photo filters similar to those Instagram offers, the whole thing is getting pretty obnoxious.

Instagram no longer allows Twitter to post photo-previews, while Twitter now offers photo filters. Oy.

For Instagram, pulling Twitter cards from their app means that Twitter users have to click a link and go to an entirely different website to view photos. And when you're only able to see one photo that a user has posted, what motivation is there to say or think, "Hey, Instagram seems kind of cool, maybe I'll join?" None. It's a bad move for Instagram, in that it cuts off interest in its own app.

As for Twitter, the fact that they can't show pictures is frustrating but made doubly so by the fact that they're trying to compete with Instagram by offering filters. Let's say it all together now: "COME ON." Facebook offers filters now, too, and Instagram lets you share your filtered photo on Facebook. There's such a thing as oversaturation.

That said, the services are both still free, so it seems a bit silly to complain about pulled support from one or the other. Annoyed by a new feature? Stop using it, plain and simple.