t's an operating system built around the Android system, and now, Ubuntu fans will be able to take their favorite OS mobile, as the company has announced a Ubuntu-run phone. The phone will be entirely run by gestures instead of buttons.

There's no home button, and there's no lock screen--one potential flaw. Instead of having to type in a code or swipe a pattern, users can just swipe in from the edges of the screen to access their phones. We could see that being an issue for content that you want to keep locked away, like your bank's app.

Ubuntu will ship its gesture-based phones in early 2014.

The first devices supported by Ubuntu will ship out in early 2014, but there are a few demo phones in London that you can check out now (provided, of course, that you live there). Downloadable images of the development platform will be available for the Galaxy Nexus soon, which is perfect for those who want to create applications for it.

Ubuntu for Android was announced in February 2012, so developers, designers, and engineers have had a lot of time to tinker with the phones. No carriers or manufacturers have been announced yet, but it's speculated that the first handset will be provided by a "high end" Android device maker.