fter last week’s end-of-the-world response to Google killing Google Reader, you’d think the tech giant would lay off of disabling some of their most popular services. Instead, multiple sources are speculating that Google has plans to kill off more services—this time, one that nearly everyone uses or has used. Gchat is expected to be integrated with other messenger services Google offers, combined into one uniform communication tool called “Babble.”

The response is expected to be positive, as the move to unify messaging services will make the Google experience more seamless among contacts.

The new service would encompass several forms of messaging currently offered by Google—Gchat, Googly Talk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger and Google Talk for G+. The new product, Babble, will still follow the format of separating communication by conversation, and although it sounds a bit confusing, sources say that it’s mostly just pulling together all its existing product and rebranding it with one name, rather than creating a whole new service.

There’s no official timeframe for the release, but sources suggest that Google IO will have a presentation on the unification later this year. The service will also come with cross-branding availability with Android and Chrome OS (unsurprising to both), so it’s not yet clear how the rebrand unveiling will go—with a new phone? With a new netbook?

However, regardless of when or how it’s unveiled, the response is expected to be positive, since the integration of multiple communication tools is said to make things far more seamless within the Google universe.