ast week, YouTube changed up its website a bit to make it a little easier for users to subscribe to the channels they want to, causing, as with any web site update, a flurry of users to flip out. Likewise, iTunes also changed its interface, giving it the biggest update since 2003, when the program became available for Windows computers. Again, some users think the update is less than stellar. Let's check out what's new with the two services.

With YouTube, the biggest change is that there's now an updated mobile app for iPad and iPhone 5, including enhanced AirPlay support and videos that start faster and play more smoothly. The mobile app looks a little bit like the Facebook app—and considering how buggy the Facebook app has been in the past, we're a little nervous.

YouTube and iTunes changed their interfaces this week, making the experience of using them more streamlined.

Aside from mobile apps, there is now a space on your sidebar to line up your subscriptions so you can keep up with your favorite YouTube personalities.  To the right of the video, a list of related videos appears, similar to the old layout, but it looks more streamlined thanks to a color-change.

If you had noticed that the new YouTube looked a bit like Google, don't be surprised; since you log in to YouTube with your Google account information, the designers at YouTube wanted things to look a little more congruous.

The new version of iTunes not only features more prompts to buy tracks from the iTunes store, but a different layout for the music you already have.  Now, the feature that Apple calls "expanded view" allows you to click on an album cover and see a panel underneath it that lists all the songs on the album that you have in your library.

The most noticeable change is that the sidebar we're all so used to is gone. No more scrolling through your playlists in text form. Instead, there's a drop-down button that you click to show your media choices—music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts. Another new feature is called Up Next, and it replaces the "DJ" feature. It allows you to create a playlist, much like a DJ would (who would have guessed?).

You can also use the new streaming feature which allows you to download files you have stored in the cloud to the device or computer you're on.

One drawback of the update, however, is the feature that showed duplicate files—that's gone, but Apple says it will be renewed in a small update. Overall, the new look might take some getting used to but it appears that it's still pretty user-friendly.