he upkeep of regular sports courts is pretty labor intensive. From the varnish to keeping the painted lines looking nice and bold, it's a bit time consuming. Imagine if there were a way to avoid having to repaint every now and then. Now imagine if the replacement was so cool that you couldn't figure out why it took this long for it to be invented. Enter the ASB GlassFloor. Interestingly, it's nothing like the glass ceiling (ha...ha...).

Designed by Germany's ASB Systembau, the floor uses programmable LED lights under a glass surface, creating a light-up floor that can be changed to show any sport's line markings. Ceramic dots on the floor give it the feel of a wooden floor, and in order to ensure athletes aren't distracted or bothered by glare, the floor has special etchings to diffuse the light.

LED glass floors featyre tempered security glass, ceramic dots which mimic the feel of a wood floor, and special etching to eliminate flare.

Additionally, it can be set to display scoreboards, graphics, and, of course, ads.  In the product's brochure, ASB Systembau writes, "The whole surface can be turned into one big screen."

The floor is made with tempered security glass which the company says will last longer than conventional floors, and it's also available in any color—we can see sports teams picking out their colors for the floor.

The company has already made many squash courts with glass floors, and a school in Germany has the LED version. Changing the lines? It's as easy as clicking a button.

Check out this demo of how the floor works.