hether you’re a Mac or a PC (that is, whether you prefer using Apple products or non-Apple products), there will probably come a time in your life where you wish that you had access to your computer while away. Thankfully, tech companies already predicted that desire a couple decades ago when they came up with the idea of the laptop -- a portable computer that can go anywhere. Unfortunately, with the portability comes a loss of durability. Hard drives aren’t meant to be moved around much, thrown in backpacks or bags, and bounced around from tabletop to tabletop. But not all laptops are created equal, and some brands are known to be tougher and more capable of being roughed up a bit. Which brands offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to durability?

LaptopMag.com seemingly had the same questions, and tested a variety of laptop models to find out which were best when it came to things like the displays, the design, general user reviews, and value. They found Apple to be the best over the past few years, which is good news, because when comparing similar models from Apple and non-Apple brands, Apple laptops are considerably more expensive.

While Apple laptops rated high for design and durability, they rated lower than most brands for value.

Lenovo and HP took their second and third place rankings overall, with design getting 11 and 13 points (out of a possible 15), respectively. Design ratings were based on aesthetics as well as build quality, but Lenovo, despite scoring lower on build quality, scored higher than HP for tech support. Out of a possible 15 points, Lenovo scored 13 to HP’s 10 -- a significant difference.

However, a great laptop doesn’t mean anything if it’s out of your price range. Apple computers are notoriously spendy, with even “low-end” models (usually ones with tiny screens and little memory) clocking in at around a thousand dollars. Out of a possible 10 points on LaptopMag’s “value” category, Apple received a sad looking 5. HP earned the full 10, and Lenovo earned 9. It’s disappointing that Apple can’t (or won’t) lower its prices, because then they’d be able to dominate even more of the market. Furthermore, with such high marks, it’s in Lenovo’s interest to step up their advertising game. They’re a relatively unknown player in the laptop game, and since they’re highly regarded, more press could boost their profits.

Regardless of which brand you end up purchasing, the responsibility is not solely on the manufacturer for how long a laptop lasts. If you plan on using it to go back and forth between locations, it’s important to be gentle with your computer, and it’s also a good idea to get a case for the laptop so that when you do bring it places, it has some cushioning during travel.