laser North Street Labs gutted a Nintendo gun and outfitted it with a powerful laser.


laying Duck Hunt when we were kids was pretty fun. The gun wasn't very powerful offscreen, though, and the fine people at North Street Labs decided to change that, turning it into a 2-watt laser gun. As in, an actual laser gun, not just a silly laser pointer that you use to mess with your cat.

Interestingly, when the engineers behind the project checked to make sure that the OEM electric momentary switch in the gun would handle the new power needs for the laser, they found that Nintendo used a switch that was more than capable of handling the new needs—could it be that Nintendo had hoped someone would do this all along?

The stock trigger and trigger pulls were good enough to keep, as well. They then soldered the laser and its wiring into the gun's shell and installed a place for a battery to go. They installed a 445nm laser diode, and after the whole thing was built, they tested it out and found that the laser meter read that it was putting out at least two watts—a traditional laser pointer has an output of around five milliwatts, so this two-watt thing? It's a hell of a lot more powerful.

North Street Labs' laser gun has an output of two watts, while a standard laser pointer emits just five milliwatts.

Want to see more? Check out this video, or click over to North Street Labs' tutorial on how they did it.