y now, unless you have been living under a rock, you've probably seen at least one YouTube video of some Christmas enthusiast who had too much time on his hands and matched up his home's light display to a popular song. While the displays look cool on video, we have to say we're thankful we don't live across the street from these people. But if you want to become your block's most annoying neighbor, we have a little guide for how you too can learn to create a synchronized music and light show in your front yard, plus a bonus collection of our five favorite shows.

As far as creating your own set-up, we would be foolish if we pretended to know how to do so or have experience in the art of synchronized neighborhood annoyances—errrrrr, delightfully whimsical, festive decor. Instead, we'll point you in the right direction of where to find instructions on how to do it and provide you with a list of do's and don't's.

Syncing Christmas lights to music isn't an easy undertaking, with some projects taking months to complete.

Our favorite tutorials for building lights and music shows are on Ehow.com, WikiHow.com, and Instructables.com. The latter has a video that details what to do. Since you're going to likely have multiple different setups, this becomes extremely detailed and work-heavy, so it's important to start way in advance—as early as six months out.

As for some do's and don't's:
DO ask your neighbors what time they'd prefer the lights go off for the evening. These lights setups can disrupt peoples' sleep, so it's important to be considerate.

DON'T rig up an FM transmitter to transmit your music more than 200 feet away. If there is interference with a radio station nearby, you may have to shut down.

DO ask for help from friends and family members and join forums online. The more you know about this undertaking, the better.

DON'T overdo it. High voltage areas can be extremely dangerous and even deadly, so make sure you aren't going to such heights as to endanger your neighbors, your family, or yourself.

Now that we've gotten through the boring stuff, check out our five favorite light shows, in no particular order.

1)    Music Box Dancer 2007. This one has a slow build, but after the first minute things really pick up—so much so that you can't tell you're actually looking at a house anymore, just a blanket of lights.

2)    Dubstep Christmas. This one's especially obnoxious, in that way that when you watch it, you just wonder what their electric bill is like.

3)    Slayer Christmas Lights. Because not everyone likes Carol of the Bells, okay? Also, a singing snowman.

4)    Christmas Light Show 2011- Sexy and I Know It. Like the man behind the slayer video, some people just celebrate Christmas a little differently. In this case, wearing leopard print everything and

5)    Christmas Lights 13 Houses Set to Little Drummer Boy. The title tells you all you need to know about the video: an entire neighborhood is the annoying neighbor.