e rejoiced this week when our Instagram feeds showed friends downloading the new Google Maps app and taking a photo of Apple Maps' demise. We looked the other way when Twitter and Instagram went to war. What do all of these brand names have in common? They're all apps. Let's check out this week's most popular downloads.

paid Paid Apps.

Paid Apps
Angry Birds Star Wars is dominating again this week, followed by Block Ops, a new game to the charts. Hanging in strong in third is WhatsApp Messenger, and in fourth place is iPNP 2012—Portable North Pole. If you've got kids clamoring for Santa, you want this app. In fifth place is Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

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Free Apps
Almost all games are dominating the free apps category this time around. In first place is Fun Run Multiplayer, and in second is Interlocked. Third goes to YouTube (congrats for hanging on so long!) and fourth place is Angry Birds Star Wars (the free version, obviously). Finally, SnapChat is in fifth, but we'll talk about that one later.

Google Maps

Our Favorites
Google Maps.
This app is free and is meant to replace Apple's horrific failure of a maps application. Finally, we can rid ourselves not only of Apple's so-called "maps" as well as the pseudo-app that Google offered as a response to the Apple-map flub. Finally, we have more than one mode of transportation to get directions by—no more "but what train do I take to get there?" situations. To say we are thankful for the update would be a gross understatement. Well done, big G.


SnapChat is a way for people to communicate via sending photos to one another. What makes this app different from the built-in picture-messaging system is that while the iPhone's picture messaging is such that the recipient can hang onto the picture indefinitely, SnapChat allows users to set a time limit for how long the person gets to see it. Want to send a goofy picture of your cat? Simply set the timer to 10 seconds and send away. After ten seconds, the picture disappears forever.  "But what about screenshots?" you say? SnapChat says they'll let you know if the recipient takes a screenshot of the photo you sent. STILL, we'd warn against sending anything you don't want someone to have forever, just in case.