very week, we give you a rundown of the top-downloaded apps as well as a couple of our favorites. It stands to follow that now, at the end of the year, we'd recap our most-loved apps. Whether we use them every day or only occasionally but still love them, these are our top ten for the year.

Our favorite apps of the year are the ones we use on a regular basis and have consistently found entertaining, useful, or both.

10) Taxi Magic. Sometimes when we're stuck somewhere that cabs don't frequent, it can be tough and even dangerous to stand outside and try to get a ride home. Enter Taxi Magic, an app that calls a cabfor you while you wait comfortably wherever you're at. When the cab gets there, they call you. Done deal.

9) Map My Run. When training for races, we switched from treadmill running to outdoor running and back again, and this app let us keep track of our distance, pacing, and more while we were outside.

Taxi Magic.

8) Waze. This GPS app offers us turn-by-turn navigation, but it also shares with us real-time traffic updates from other people who use the app. Find where the traffic jams are, where cops are hiding out, and more. Your move, Garmin.

7) Flight Track. If you travel a lot, you'll like this app. It gives you up-to-the-minute updates on the status of flights you're trying to catch or flights you're meeting someone at. It even tracks, as the title may suggest, where the flight is on its course. Kind of cool.

6) Flashlight. While this is a super simple, single-function app, we find ourselves using it all the time. If we have to explain why a flashlight app is useful, well....

5) Ingress. This Android app (hey, we're not all iPhone users here at Web2Carz) is a game that uses real maps to give users a unique experience of fighting for control of monuments and landmarks in their own cities. It's in invite-only mode right now, but the code to download only takes a day or so to be sent to you.

Angry Birds Star Wars.

4) Angry Birds Star Wars. This one makes our list without explanation. Just play it.

3) Recorder. If you like to leave yourself voice messages or want to record interviews you're doing over the phone, this app is great. It lets you record hours of recording, and we like it because it lets us record phone call conversations. Remember to tell whomever you're talking to that you're recording them, though.

2) Google Maps. Of course this makes our list, as the Apple Maps disaster set us back a bit. Finally, we can figure out how to get somewhere not just via car, but by walking, bicycling, or using public transportation. Phew!

1) Sleep Cycle. Our favorite app this year dealt with one that wakes us up. If you're constantly exhausted when you get out of bed, this one is for you. Set up a time when you need to be up by, and SleepCycle follows your movement during sleep to determine when you're sleeping lightest and wakes you up accordingly. It tracks the quality of your sleep as well, so you can figure out what sorts of things affect your sleep, like drinking alcohol, exercising, or having a stressful day.