e’re thankful that the week is ending, as it’s been a particularly long one (anyone else? no? just us?). Weekends are always a great time to unwind and check out the new apps, and we know you do the same, so here are this week’s most-downloaded.

free Paid Apps

Paid Apps
Temple Run: Oz slid into first place this week, and it’s followed by Sonic Dash, a game we have to wonder if anyone is familiar with--many people playing iPhone games are kids, and did they ever play Sonic the Hedgehog’s games? Maybe not. But it’s high time they were introduced to him. In third place is WhatsApp, and fourth place is Minecraft. Rounding out the top five is Block Fortress.

Free Apps

Free Apps
Angry Birds, the original, is back on top, coming in first place this week. A new game, 94 seconds, is in second place. 4 Pics 1 Word is holding strong in third, and CocoPPA is still on the list in fourth place. Finally, Real Racing 3 takes the fifth spot.

Toy Story : Smash

Our Favorites
Toy Story:Smash. This 99-cent game is perfect for people who can’t get enough of Buzz, Woody, Andy, and the whole gang.

Get Glue

This free app is great for people who love checking into things. Bored of checking into actual places? GetGlue lets you check in when you’re watching shows or listening to music, and can connect you with other fans. In theory, it sounds a bit excessive, but for people who don’t have a crew to sit with and yell at the TV with, this app can be fun.