t’s that time again for an app roundup. It’s finally starting to warm up, just a smidge, so you’d think that things like weight loss apps or beach update apps would be on the charts this week, but alas, it’s more of the same. Here’s this week’s most downloaded apps, as well as a couple of our favorites.

paid Paid apps.

Paid apps
This week’s number one app is Temple Run: Oz. Following it is WhatsApp, proving yet again that people love to use their phones for communicating. In third place is Minecraft Pocket Edition, and riding its coattails is a new game to the charts, What’s the Phrase. What’s the Phrase is a lot like Wheel of Fortune, so we can see why it’s gotten so popular. Finally, coming in fifth place is Sonic Dash.

Free apps

Free apps
What’s The Phrase is leading the pack in the free messages category, which always makes us wonder why people choose to purchase an app when they can get it for free. Mini Golf MatchUp is in second place, followed by everyone’s favorite carnival game-turned-app, Skee-Ball 2. Vine is picking up speed, coming in fourth place, and finally, Candy Crush Saga rounds out the top five.


Our favorites
Phoster is a pretty unique app. It’s free and lets you create your own posters, motivational or otherwise, using your own photos and text. You can also use one of the 197 preloaded templates, and with AirPrint support, you can print it and actually hang it up.

Egg a Sketch

Egg A Sketch
This app is also free, and its perfect for those of you who don’t like eggs or are allergic to them, but still want the fun of decorating them for Easter. It’s an app that lets you dye and decorate 3-D eggs on the screen, and not much else. It’s pretty one-dimensional, but it’s fun for kids.