The tank holds 5 gallons or 19 liters of water — good for about 2-3 showers.


here’s plenty of times when we all wished we had a portable shower with us; when we’re out camping, sandy from the beach, sweaty from a bike ride, or maybe we just need to clean the mud off our dog before they hop in the car. Well one Colorado man decided to create a solution — the Road Shower.

Freshen up on the go with the portable, pressurized water tank, that’s mounted on the roof of your car. The tank holds 5 gallons or 19 liters of water — good for about 2-3 showers according to the website — and is made from powder-coated aluminum that uses sunlight to heat the water as you drive.

road shower

To pressurize the tank, you have to hook a CO2 canister or a bike pump up to its air input valve, and then grab the hose and turn the nozzle to your favorite of seven settings. Then you’re set to take a shower, rinse mud off your shoes, or clean the dishes while camping. The hose and inside of the tank are non-toxic, so it could also be used to store drinking water.

The tank can be mounted on most rack systems, like Yakima or Thule. The Road Shower’s creator Joel Cotton has been able to sell about 100 of the tanks, but is now seeking help from Kickstarter to raise funds for mass-scale production. You can still purchase a unit on the website for $299.95, but you’ll need to bring your own curtain along … unless you don’t care.