carxpenses app
Track your car expenses with the CarXpenses app.

When you own a car there’s a lot to keep track of: car payments, insurance payments, oil changes, scheduled maintenance, repair bills, and probably other things we can’t remember. And if you have a multi-car household, juggling all this info gets exponentially more complicated.

CarXpenses is the latest, and quite possibly the greatest, app for keeping track of all your auto-related expenses. It lets you manage any number of vehicles, and it can calculate your fuel economy (in MPG or km/L, depending on your metric preference), and remind you of scheduled maintenance.

Additionally, you can see your average monthly spending and look at fancy charts and graphs to show you just how much money your car is costing you. 

The app is extremely easy to use and has nice, clean graphics. It’s great for comparing your actual gas mileage to the manufacturer’s claims, and getting push notifications reminding you when it’s time to get a tune up or an oil change is very helpful.

The app works on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and is available at the Apple App Store for only $1.99. Sadly, no Android or Blackberry version is available.


carxpenses app screenshots