e live in a fast-paced, consumer-driven, high-tech culture. Fashions change, technology advances, and each December, lists are compiled so we may look back on the previous 12 months and remember what life was like back when we were the same age we are now.

The nice thing about trends is that even though they come and go (that is, after all the nature of trends), the trend of trends never stops: old trends die and new trends are born, but there are always enough trends to fill a year-end list. 

Even though "year-end lists" would top our list of worst trends of all time, we at Web2Carz are not above making them ourselves, so here is our list of the worst trends of 2012.


5. Apple's Fall From Grace
2012 was the year Apple could do no right. Virtually everything the company released this year, from the iPad mini to the iPhone 5 to their shockingly bad Maps app to the recently released iTunes 11 was met with a torrent of bad press and accusations that the company has lost its way in the wake of Steve Jobs' passing.


4. The Zombie Apocalypse
Face it people. Zombies are stupid. It's a lame sci-fi trope that was played out 30 years ago. No zombie film will be better than Night of the Living Dead, and no zombie parody will be funnier than Shawn of the Dead, so please just stop. Zombies aren't cool, they aren't so lame they're cool, and making references to the zombie apocalypse is about as hip and funny as a knock-knock joke. True, anything zombie-related is slightly less unoriginal and boring than anything vampire-related, but that's not saying much.


3. 50 Shades of Grey
The biggest literary sensation of the year was a series of soft-core porn books targeted toward married middle-aged suburban women. Its portrayal of sexual deviance was just "wild" enough to turn on extremely sexually repressed folks, but in the grand scheme of sexual activity, was more Cinemax After Dark than Marquis de Sade.


2. The Less Free Internet
One of the more depressing trends of 2012 was watching the world's governments act as private security firms for the entertainment industry. Between the closing of Megaupload and the torrent site Demonoid.com and the various legislative efforts like SOPA and PIPA, the film and music industry managed to strike a blow to pirates, but, unsurprisingly, their businesses continued to flounder. That's because they continue to think that online pirates are the reason box office receipts and CD sales are down, when in reality it's mostly due to the fact that these industries continue to  cling to old-fashioned business models in a rapidly changing consumer environment.


All online meme trends are stupid, even the ones that make you laugh. But YOLO (online shorthand for "you only live once," made popular thanks to a song by Drake) is neither fun nor funny. Urbandictionary.com correctly defines YOLO as, "the dumbass's excuse for something stupid that they did," and the best example of this was when Ervin McKinness, an aspiring rapper from Southern California tweeted "Drunk af [as fuck] doing 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO" moments before crashing into a wall and dying.