Today is the 88th anniversary of author/illustrator Edward Gorey's birthday. Google is marking the occasion with a Google Doodle. Gorey is known for his macabre, gothic style and dark sense of humor. Many of Gorey's books, including The Doubtful Guest, Gashlycrumb Tinies, and The Headless Bust. He is perhaps most well known for his animation used as the opening of the PBS series Mysteries.

Giant goldfish, growing up to 1.5 feet long, have been flourishing in Lake Tahoe. This is a problem because the goldfish aren't native to the lake, and scientists fear they may be destroying the ecosystem. The supersized fish are the result of people freeing aquarium fish into bodies of water, a practice known as aquarium dumping.

There's still no word on alligators in sewers, however.

Today is officially Margarita Day. Why is today Margarita Day? And who named it that? We'd tell you, but frankly we're too drunk to remember. So instead of an answer, here's the U.S. Ambassador for tequila with a short message.

Popular radio host/prescription drug addict/serial cheater Rush Limbaugh has announced that he is ashamed. Is he ashamed of his hypocrisy, which he illustrated when he called for the imprisonment of all drug users while he was abusing prescription drugs? No. Rush is ashamed of America. Is it because of the policies of extreme rendition or warrantless wiretapping? No. Rush is ashamed of America because, well, here's how the Washington Times puts it: "He made the statements while discussing the automatic spending cuts that will hit federal budgets at the end of this month. Congress and the White House are engaged in discussions to offset these cuts." The sequester is indeed a foolish policy, but is it worthy of Limbaugh being ashamed of his country for the very first time? That's laughable, but then, that's Limbaugh in a nut shell.