Harlem Shake Meets Homer
Of course you already know about—and are no doubt sick to death of—the Harlem Shake, the latest “people-dancing-on-YouTube” craze. It’s such a huge thing, in fact, that it’s even found its way on to The Simpsons. Except, come to think it, given the sad state of The Simpsons lately, maybe it’s not that huge after all.

Waitress v. Wall Street
Everyone loves class warfare, especially in a weird viral video with a musical element. It’s described as a “dramatic-documentary-musical’ starring Harper’s Magazine editor emeritus Lewis Lapham,’” and we think that regardless of which side of the political landscape you side with, you’ll be entertained.

In ‘N’ Out Secret Menu
The biggest news in the universe this week has of course been about the so-called “secret menu” at In ‘N’ Out Burger, the west coast burger chain known for its limited—although delicious—menu. Of course, it turns out that not only is the secret menu not so secret, it’s not even a menu. It’s just a bunch of options—like putting bacon on things—that you can add to existing items. And besides, until the chain makes its way into the Midwest and East Coast, we can’t eat there anyway.

Side Chick
Are you a side chick? That’s the issue being addressed on Twitter this week. What’s a side chick? Well it’s a girl who is not their man’s main squeeze, but is instead one of many he has “on the side.” The hashtag “YouKnowYoureASideChickWhen” will help you understand. Here’s a sample:

#YouKnowYoureASideChickWhen the only time he really wants to see you is when he's drunk or horny

#YouKnowYoureASideChickWhen he doesn't even follow you on twitter.

#YouKnowYoureASideChickWhen he introduce you as his best friend

#YouKnowYoureASideChickWhen he doesn't retweet you, he favorites your tweet.