Billboard Advertises Cheating Spouse
It’s one thing when your wife catches you cheating. It’s another thing altogether when she uses your savings to purchase a billboard to announce your cheating ways to the world. That’s what seems to have happened in North Carolina, where an angry soon-to-be ex wife payed to have the following message emblazoned on a billboard in Greensboro:

GPS Tracker: $250, Nikon Camera with zoom lens: $1600, Catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account: Priceless.  
– Jennifer."


The Strange Tweets of Miss Amanda Bynes
People are talking about Amanda Bynes lately, but not because of her acting or singing, but for the odd vulgar tweets she’s been putting out lately, most notorious of which involves her desire to have rapper Drake treat her—or rather one particular part of her body—in a rather disrespectful manner. This follows rumors that Ms. Bynes was kicked out of her NYC apartment and that she fired her management team.


You Can’t Take It With You
The internet mourned the loss of legendary porn star Harry Reems this week. The death of the notoriously well-endowed star of Deep Throat and other popular porno titles was cause for much cleverness on Twitter. Here are some sample tweets:

Trousers Everywhere are at Half Mast for #HarryReems. The Latest Dead-lines: Harry Reems Thrust Into One Last Box “

Honoring the memory of Harry Reems by continuing to feel inadequate.

RIP, Harry Reems. Didn't play baseball, but he had a pornstache that shamed Bobby Grich's. And he swung a mighty bat.