Facebook’s Gone Red
In case you’re wondering why a bunch of people on Facebook suddenly have red boxes with two pink lines in them instead of their usual avatar, it’s because the issue of marriage equality is before the U.S. Supreme Court and many people are showing their support for same-sex marriages by displaying the red “equal sign” icon. Naturally, many variations on the theme have cropped up. Here are a few of our favorites:

maw uni
ernie butter grumpy
bacon agree agree

Taxing Your Pot
With marijuana edging ever closer to legalization, many states are considering a “pot tax” to begin reaping the considerable rewards of legal cannabis selling. Regulators in Colorado are contemplating a 15 percent tax on weed, with the profits going toward school construction. Once more states begin to understand how much money there is to be made from taxing legal marijuana sales, it’s only a matter of time before reefer is legal nationwide. When asked for their reaction to the proposed tax, several stoners we spoke to told us, “Whatever man, if they want to tax our pot, we’ll totally like, dude, you know? That shit’s for real, yo.”


Safety Tips For Ladies
In response to an article on the Australian web site The Punch that claimed that instructing women to “reduce the risk” of getting sexually assaulted was not “victim blaming,” Twitter user @hilaryjfb began the amazing #SaftetyTipsForLadies hashtag, which brilliantly lambasts the idea that women are responsible for ensuring that they don’t get raped.

Here are some of our favorite nuggets of wisdom:

If you wear a broccoli safety-pinned to your lapel manly carnivorous men will be repelled and won't rape you #safetytipsforladies –@hilaryjfb

Take note of what is around you. Continously scibble down every detail of every man who comes within a 5m radius #safetytipsforladies –@jessamy_sesame

When going anywhere alone, set yourself on fire. Remember: They can't rape you if you're on fire. #safetytipsforladies –@RamenKing

Consider wearing a bodysuit of live chameleons at all times, in order to blend in to your surroundings #safetytipsforladies –@gumbuoy

The majority of rapists are known to the victim. Consider not knowing any men. #safetytipsforladies –@gimmepanda

If you hide your forearms in your sleeves, the rapist will mistake you for a T-Rex and carry on his way #safetytipsforladies –@hilaryjfb

Stop being a woman in public. #safetytipsforladies –@Karnythia

When Bisons Attack
One of the downsides of hanging out in Utah’s Antelope Island State Park is the possibility of being rammed to death by a bison. One lucky tourist who underwent such an ordeal lived to tell the tale. And fortunately for us, it was captured on film