Car Reviews

2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Touring Review

A great wagon that delivers minimal fun

2018 Audi A5 Coupe 2.0T quattro S tronic Review

Razor sharp and ultra sexy in one package

2018 Genesis G80 3.8 H-TRAC Review

One of the best premium sedan values

2018 Toyota Sequoia 4x4 Limited Review

Yes, dinosaurs still roam the earth

Uber Self-Driving Car in Arizona is Responsible for the First Pedestrian Death

Apparently, self-driving technology isn't quite there yet

According to Police in Tempe, Arizona, a woman was killed after an Uber car in self-driving mode struck her while she was crossing the street. She later died in the hospital.

We Miss the 1997-2001 Honda Prelude

An important car in a segment that's now almost non-existent

With coupes quickly dying off, we fondly remember the Honda Prelude. It's a sporty front-wheel-drive coupe we'd love to drive and own. Here's why we miss it.

Will the Volkwagen Arteon Wagon Be the Second Coming of the Passat Wagon?

Easily a candidate for sexiest wagon on earth

Now, there's news that VW will build a station wagon version of the beautiful Arteon, otherwise known as a "shooting brake" in Eurospeak. 

Gear Up: Best Car Backseat Organizers

These come in handy when you need to carry passengers and items, too

The front seat has plenty of storage space, but what do back seat passengers do? Well, if your car comes up short in the backseat storage department, you could always buy a backseat organizer.

GM Will Start Production of the Cruise Autonomous Vehicle in 2019

With the Cruise AV coming, a new era of driving is soon underway.

Level 5 autonomous driving is almost an inevitable path the automotive industry has to venture down, and General Motors is about to make a major leap into that direction.

Courts Rule Against Ohio Town's Rampant Speed Camera Abuse

Revenue stream? Yes. Legal? Maybe not.

By now, just about everyone who drives has experienced the anxiety that comes with the along with being flashed by a red light or speeding camera.

We Drive the 2019 Ram 1500

Ram truly brings trucks into the modern age

We had the opportunity to drive the new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck on Arizona roads and in the desert for the first time. Here's what we thought of the new model.

The Lincoln Continental Might Not Last, and Here's Why It Failed

Lincoln should've figured out what they wanted it to be

Unfortunately, rumors of the Lincoln Continental's life ending after its current generation are swirling. As good as it is, we're not surprised. It simply can't beat the competition and doesn't sell.

5 Great Things About the 2019 Volvo V60 Wagon

This is one European wagon you shouldn't overlook

The Volvo V60 is perhaps the best-looking Volvo, and by far one of the most attractive and interesting wagons out on the market today. Before you buy that crossover, look towards this Swedish car.

More Tesla Executives Forsake the Company

It's hard to say why exactly, but people are jumping ship

The luxury EV company, Tesla Inc., has been sitting in a pool of uncertainty for quite a while now. While they've struggled to meet production quotas for their Model 3 sedan, more employees leave.

Daring Passengers Get in Totally Driverless Waymo Pacificas in Arizona

Look, Ma! No Driver!

Waymo has released a promotional video showing its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid vans driving around the roads around Phoenix, Arizona, and there's no driver behind the wheel.

Consumer Reports Says Don't Touch These Cars with a Ten-Foot Pole

We wouldn't call them crap, but they're not dependable

Every year Consumer Reports does reliability studies on the best cars for you to buy. The publication also tracks the worst cars you can buy. Here's a list of all the cars to avoid.

General Motors Wants to "Airbnb" Your Car

We're not sure if this is brilliant or idiotic

If you thought the idea of taking an Uber or Lyft was the only way ride-sharing could work, you've got another thing coming. Think Airbnb, but for your car.

eBay Find: 1987 Land Rover Defender 90

Forget about that new Wrangler, buy this Defender

If you love old-school style and want to do some serious off-roading, then you need a vehicle like this 1987 Land Rover Defender 90. It's fully restored and ready for action.