The Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Concept Casts a Vision for the Next Altima

Instead of busy, it's actually an edgy delight

Hell, the only cars we don't seem to mind from their lineup are the TItan, Armada, Rogue, and of course the GT-R. Especially when it comes to being overdesigned, the Maxima and Murano just offend us. But Nissan's not done with the use of too many lines. At least they seem to have figured out how to do with with the Vmotion 2.0 Concept car from this year's Detroit Auto Show.

Ford Gussies Up the F-150 and Adds a Diesel, Too

This is how you make a great truck even better

You might think that Ford would just leave its best-selling F-150 pickup alone for 2018. Don't fix what isn't broken, right? However, the blue oval has decided that it's important to keep soldiering on. The company's mid-cycle refresh of the popular pickup consists of minor tweaks to the exterior, some new engine options (including a first-ever diesel) and some interior upgrades.

Honda's 2018 Odyssey Isn't as Dramatic as We Thought It Would Be

That doesn't keep it from being an excellent family vehicle

Honda's Odyssey is a well-loved and well-respected model among those who covet family-hauling, grocery-toting minivans. As good as the current Odyssey is, it's a little outdated. Especially when you look to the competition. While the new Honda Odyssey is certainly a move in the right direction, we were expecting something a little more dramatic on the outside.

The Audi Q8 Elevates the Brand and the Segment

Audi's biggest SUV isn't what you think it is

When we saw sketches of the Q8 Concept before Detroit, we thought it'd be a 7 to 8 passenger premium SUV. Boy were we wrong. The Ingolstadt manufacturer has gone another route with their biggest "off-roader". Not only does it look far different from their current SUV offerings, it's only made for four passengers.

We Want the New 365 HP Kia Stinger GT, Even Without a Stick Shift

This is really big news for driving enthusiasts

Could the best car to come out of the Detroit Auto Show actually be Korean? We think so, and it's called the Kia Stinger GT. The long awaited Korean sports sedan actually started out as a two-door sports car back in 2013, called the Stinger GT Concept. It's now morphed into something that's bigger, more practical, seriously quick and visually pretty damned fine.

The 2018 Lexus LS Gets the Flagship Right

The new big car is more interesting on the inside and out

Lexus showed off the new LS sedan at this year's Detroit Auto Show, and one thing is for certain, it's not boring to look at. Previous versions of the Lexus LS were bland, safe creations, but this new LS elegant and eye catching. The lines flow easily down the side of the car, and everything looks sleek and smooth. The new wheels add another noticeable styling feature, and the car appears to sit lower than the current model.

No Modern Car Can Hold a Candle to the Beauty of This Restored Lambo Miura SV

An exquisite restoration of a legendary automobile

The Polo Storico division of Lamborghini is focused on the company's iconic heritage cars. As a part of this mission, it restored a pre-production Miura SV in a beautiful green paint job. This particular car has the chassis number 4846 and was a "close-to-production model" that appeared at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show by coachbuilder Bertone.

The 7 Best Driving Cars We Helmed in 2016

Yes, an SUV and a plug-in hybrid qualified with flying colors

So, we've picked a handful of the review cars we've driven over the past twelve months that we were excited to get into time and time again. Each car here delivers driving delights that make us ignore any shortcomings, and they represent why we got into this business in the first place.

20 Cars We Want to Drive in 2017

These are the new vehicles we can't wait to take out

Our list of 2016 cars we wanted to drive covered 16 cars, and we got to helm 12 of them. We've compiled our annual list of cars we desperately want to drive next year, in hopes that the manufacturers will see it (fingers crossed). Though we know we won't get to drive all of them, we're damned happy that we'll get to helm quite a few of them.

Jolly Green Cars Make the Holiday Mood Festive

Not our first color choice but also not our last

Green cars are all the rage these days, at least in terms of environmental ones. But this holiday seasons, our eyes are set on the right kind of green cars... the ones that are a festive hue that wouldn't look out of place at a swanky Christmas party. So, to tickle both your holiday and your automotive fancy, we've put together a gallery of green cars that will have you smiling on this Christmas Eve.

Sports Cars Make Some Unconventional Christmas Tree Haulers

Don't get upset by the pine needles embeded in Alcantara

For those of you who love Christmas (and we count ourselves among you), there's nothing like a real pine tree in the house. The look, the smell, the festiveness are second to none. But then there's the part where you have to get the 6-footer home, and you may not have a pickup truck or SUV to manage the load. So, what does a person do if the only transportation you have is a slick sports car?

The Best Black Cars for Black Friday

We forego the insane malls to gape at these beauties

Shopping on Black Friday is for the birds. Who wants to wake up and go shopping at 6 am, only to get shoved around to get your hands on a cheap flat screen television? Not us. We'd rather look sit at our kitchen table with the laptop, a hot cup of black coffee and some really great automotive eye candy. You feel the same, dontcha?

First Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Less "Hippie" than an Outback and way better to drive

We'd like to think that station wagons still have a detectable pulse in the American automotive market today, despite the fact that so many automakers have killed their wagons. But hope is still alive as evidenced by the upcoming Volvo V90, the redesigned Audi allroad and VW Jetta SportWagen and now the all-new Volkswagen Alltrack.

Porsche's New Panamera Gets Stretched in Executive Style

No more awkwardness in the look of Porsche's limo

When we drove the last Panamera in GTS, 4S and even eHybrid trims, we fell in love with the power, room, and luxury. We just weren't thrilled by the awkward shape. Well, all that's been fixed with the new model, and now Porsche is introducing the new Executive version and a new engine for the base model Panamera (there's really nothing base about the $85,000 entry version. The new cars should show up at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and there's good reason to be excited about them.

The Hyundai Tucson Night Edition Offers a Dark CUV Package

An already tasty new crossover gets blackened duds

Blackened exterior bits on a car turn an otherwise benign vehicle into something sinister. Now, Hyundai is getting into the game with the newly redesigned Tucson, which already looks pretty great to begin with. The 2017 Tucson Night Edition showed up at SEMA this week, and we like what we see.