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Don't call it a comeback.

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The spirit of the Southwest, or at least its shopping centers.

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The unreview review of the unminivan minivan.

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The little engine that couldn't, but sounds like it could.

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2015 Volkswagen Golf

Major Automakers Making Major Donations to Nepalese Earthquake Victim Relief

From dollars to donated vehicles, car companies give big.

Not everything in the auto industry is new product, recalls, and new product recalls; occasionally the industry uses its vast wealth and resources in service of something charitable. Last week's earthquake in Nepal left over six thousand dead and over ten thousand injured. Disaster relief has flowed in from around the world, and the car companies have been doing their share.

Volvo Partners with Avicii to Celebrate Swedish Roots, Obnoxious Club Music

We assume Ace of Bass and Opeth were too busy.

Remember Avicii? Of course you don't-you're probably not Swedish, or into overly commercial EDM. But you probably do remember Avicii's smash hit "Wake Me Up," and if that title doesn't ring any bells, it's that song that mixed country and techno and made the entire world either instantly bust a move or adopt a "what is wrong with you people?" expression.

Bang for Your Buck: 2015 Audi S3 vs. the Used-Car Market

Checking out a new car's competition from the used-car market.

It's no surprise that buyers often compare both new and used cars. For a given price point, the market for potential cars explodes once you start looking away from new cars alone. Yes, you might give up the warranty, but if you're looking for something unique, used cars provide a good value ... provided you pick the right one. Bang for Your Buck takes a look at five used cars you could get with the money you'd spend on the new car we've tested recently.

Sneak Peek at an Epic Chase Scene from the Latest James Bond Film, Spectre

Two of the fastest cars the world has never seen duke it out in Rome.

Both Bond and the Aston Martin partnership will continue in the 24th Bond film, Spectre, with a DB10 vehicle made especially for the film. If you weren't excited enough for all the eye-candy that's going to be on-screen, the franchise has unveiled a little featurette of the film's centerpiece car chase scene to peak interest. Bond (Daniel Craig) is Aston Martin-clad as he weaves through the streets of Rome rivaling his nemesis Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista), in an equally powerful Jaguar.

Baltimore Rioting, Cow Licks Woman Through Car Window, Scorned Smoker Burns Car,

Top Five (truly) Kick-Ass Car videos for May 1st

It is no less than an exciting week in the world of car videos - from the serious and precautionary to the downright fun. From Dallas to Dubai and back again, Web2Carz brings you another installment in our weekly Top Five (truly) Kick-Ass Car Videos.

The Cadillac CTS-V Bests Its Competitors by $10,000, but Is That Enough?

Being a bargain doesn't automatically guarantee an increase in sales.

We love good news, and we love good news even more when it's about a seriously badass upcoming vehicle. The vehicle in question is the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V, the latest super-sport-sedan to come from the depth of General Motors. GM announced pricing details, and it looks like the CTS-V will be the bargain of the century. But is that the perfect approach to wooing buyers away from their German go-tos?

Audi Wants to Fuel the Future With Synthetic Diesel

Wicked Tech: Research facility produces first batches of e-diesel.

Audi has made a huge advancement in the production of high-quality diesel fuel - made entirely from water, CO2 and green power. A pilot plant in Dresden has successfully produced batches of Audi e-diesel, a high-grade synthetic fuel that doesn't rely on mineral oil and is C02 neutral.

What's Your City's Pollution Rating? The American Lung Association Tells You

America's air is getting better, but it still needs help.

The Clean Air Act was signed into law 44 years ago, and since that time, the breatheability of our air, here in the good old U.S. of A. has indeed improved. Ozone and particle pollution (which is any small bits of solid or liquid) levels in particular have continued to trend downward, but according to the American Lung Association's recently released State of the Air 2015 report, the news about the air we breathe is mixed.

Tesla's Powerwall Technology Moves You One Step Closer to Leaving the Grid Behind

First cars, now homes. Tesla's ready to get inside your house.

Who hosts a big product announcement at 9 p.m. on a Thursday? Elon Musk, that's who; the Tesla Motors CEO put together a big dog-and-pony show for the rollout of Tesla Energy, a branch of the company that will deal with home and business energy-storage solutions. Tesla Energy already has two products nearly ready to roll, with purposes ranging from simple home backup to helping you leave the grid entirely.

Cars Versus Superheroes: Avengers: Age of Ultron Ready to Overtake Fast & Furious 7

Who will win the global takeover at the box office?

The Fast & Furious franchise has been (joy)riding out their fame, one car chase sequel at a time. The seventh installment of the series smashed box office records after it opened on April 3, becoming the fastest film to ever gross $1 billion globally. But the success of Fast 7 could soon be overshadowed by another cinematic powerhouse: The Avengers.

News Roundup: A New Bugatti, Hellcat Versus Tesla, and Flying Beats Driving

Your auto news roundup for the week of 04/24 - 05/01.

America is building some positively ludicrous cars at the moment, two perfect examples being the all-electric Tesla P85D and the 707-horsepower Dodge Charger Hellcat. Of course, these two cars occupy completely different segments in terms of appointment, price, and more, but what happens when you try to compare two of America's most muscle-bound monstrosities? You can find out for yourself by watching this episode of Motor Trend's "Head 2 Head."

How Much Do In-Car Infotainment Systems Matter to New Car Buyers?

Website says Chrysler has the best, but does that influence purchases?

Interactive touch screens have become the central figures in car interiors in recent years. Screen dimensions are an indicator of status in cars just as they are in homes and offices. They are used primarily to access phone controls, audio controls, and satellite navigation, but they can also give owners control over many of the car's settings.

Remembering the Time Audi Won Le Mans with a Diesel and Kicked Off One Hell of a Dynasty

It might not be the hero diesel wants, but it's the hero diesel needs.

In the mid-2000s, Audi was not content to rest on its laurels. After two straight years of victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with its V-8-powered R8 Le Mans prototype, the company knew it needed something bigger and badder to beat an increasingly difficult field of competitors. The answer came from the least likely of places - diesel fuel. But it would lead to a dynasty that continues to dominate nearly a decade later.

TBT: How the Kia Optima Has Gone From a Cheap First Car to Comfortable and Reliable

After only a few generations, Kia's Optima has made some big strides.

Every week we take a look back at how our favorite cars, trucks, and SUVs have evolved over the years - the "embarrassing childhood photos". Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Having just spent a day in the 2016 Kia Sorento, I was impressed with the value, but that got me thinking about Kia's other offerings, particularly the Optima.