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2015 Lexus LS 460 Review

The car that wasn't there.

2015 Ford Focus ST Review

A truly hot hatchback.

2015 Dodge Dart SXT Rallye Review

A Dart, by any similar name, should really look better than this.

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2015 Volkswagen Golf

FIRST DRIVE: 2016 Scion iA

Fun-sized sensibility, with an emphasis on fun.

Toyota and Mazda are getting cozy. The two automakers have entered into a partnership, wherein both sides will share different technologies with each other, building upon earlier sharing ventures. One of those earlier ventures is now known as the 2016 Scion iA - at its essence, it's a new Mazda2 subcompact sedan with a Toyota-branded candy shell.

Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

A look at two generations of a Mercedes-Benz favorite.

Every week we take a look back at how our favorite cars, trucks, and SUVs have evolved over the years - the "embarrassing childhood photos." Welcome to Throwback Thursday! This week we're featuring two generations of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, a midsize luxury sedan built as a fastback compliment to the E-Class midsize luxury sedan.

2010 vs 2015: Reliability, Efficiency, and Value Keep the Toyota Corolla a Contender Among Sedans

Now in its 11th generation, we see what the new Corolla has to offer.

What have the last five years done to our favorite rides? If you're in the market for a new vehicle, it might be prudent to take a look at some previous model years. We all know that cars depreciate as soon as they're driven off the lot, but how much do they depreciate after half-a-decade? Are there options you simply can't live without today, that weren't available five years ago?

Recall Roundup: Four Recalls from FCA, and One from Ford

Let's see what's new in automotive recalls this week.

Ford's sole recall of the week covers a small number of vehicles - 8,000 or so - spread across multiple makes and models. The issue lies with the parking brake; namely, it might not fully engage, which could lead to a vehicle moving when it isn't supposed to. Not only is that, you know, a bad thing, it's also in violation of a federal guideline.

Elio Motors Raises $25 Million via "Non-Binding" Crowdfunding

Startup hopes to meet 2016 production goal for its three-wheeled cars.

Three-wheeled enclosed motorcycle/car-maker Paul Elio has reached an impressive milestone. Through equity crowdfunding site StartEngine, Elio has reached its fundraising target of $25 million, thanks to nearly 7,000 investors throwing an average of just under $4,000 each into the crowdfunding pot.

10 Cars That Aren't Afraid to Show Their Racing Stripes #CarPorn

These racecars have some unparalleled swagger.

For those of you who like to drool over ridiculously good-looking cars, you are not alone. Car Porn is's weekly series where we bring you 10 swoon-worthy automobiles that will always be easy on the eyes and get you through the rest of the week!

FCA's 2016 Hellcat Allocation Rules Will Piss a Lot of People Off

If you're still waiting for a 2015 model ... we're sorry.

To say that the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats are popular is an injustice. To date, there have been far more orders for Hellcats than there have been delivered vehicles; some of that can be blamed on money-hungry dealers, and the rest can be blamed on a supply chain that just can't build enough of the damn things. For the car's second year of production, FCA is changing how the ordering process will take place.

Finally, GM Adds a Diesel Option for the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado and 2016 GMC Canyon

The Duramax name comes to GM's mid-size pickups.

If you're into trucks at all, you'd know that Chevrolet's Duramax diesel pickups possess some serious capability. Many expected a Duramax option to arrive with GM's midsize twins, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. When the trucks arrived, though, a diesel option was not on the menu. But that was 2015 - for 2016, things are changing, and both trucks will receive a diesel variant.

The EnLighten App Will Remind You to Look at Traffic Signals

BMW introduces stop-light app integration in some models.

BMW this week announced that it is going to offer EnLighten App integration in any car with a connected smart phone. So, in reality, BMW is just letting the EnLighten App work through its display. The app does all the work. What is the EnLighten app, you ask?

Here's the Answer to the Question No One Asked: Is the Miata Better than the Boxster?

No. No it's not. But it's still pretty damn good.

Go big or go home. That's what someone once said, in some movie, probably. Anyway, that's what Mazda's doing with the marketing for its 2015 Miata. The Japanese automaker isn't content to compare its sporty little drop-top to just any other sporty little drop-top; it's going after a Porsche.  

Here are the Three Pet Crates That Will Keep Your Furry Friends Safe in Your Car

Or; the return of the crash-test puppies, cage match edition

As we informed you earlier in the year, Japanese automaker Subaru, along with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), have been testing the various in-car pet safety products at a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) testing lab in Wisconsin. In addition to the pet-restraint testing, Subaru and CPS looked at pet carriers and crates, and the results were sometimes rather shocking.

The Ford GT Won Some Award, So Here Are Some Pictures

Because any excuse to look at this car is good enough for us.

The Ford GT, that kick-ass supercar that Ford showed off at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, has won an award: the North American Most Significant Concept Vehicle of the Year award, or NACVOTY (because NAMSCVOTY is just way too long).

Bang for Your Buck: 2015 Toyota Corolla S vs. the Used-Car Market

Checking out a new car's competition from the used-car market.

It's no surprise that buyers often compare both new and used cars. For a given price point, the market for potential cars explodes once you start looking away from new cars alone. Sure, you might give up the warranty, but if you're looking for something unique, used cars provide a good value ... provided you pick the right one. Bang for Your Buck takes a look at five used cars you could get with the money you'd spend on the new car we've tested recently.

Here Are the Cars With the Best Resale Value, According to Kelley Blue Book

How marketable is your car for its next life?

Savvy car shoppers are looking to get the best deal for the money, but this extends beyond sticker prices, warranties, and fuel economy. Another important detail to consider is the resale value your car will have should you decide to part with it in the future. Depreciation is a fact of life, but how much money you could potentially get for your used vehicle will drastically impact that total cost of ownership. Thankfully, there are ample resources available for shoppers to do their homework.