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FIRST DRIVE: 2014 Buick LaCrosse

What your father's Buick should have been.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 EcoDiesel

Cohesive, but rough around the edges.

2014 Lexus GS 350 AWD

Competent Japanese luxury.

2014 Audi Q5 TDI Review

Audi's wagon-on-roids gets TDI'd

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The Daily Driver

Our auto journalists give daily impressions of the cars they drive.

2014 Hyundai Azera and 2014 Honda Odyssey

VIDEOS: 10 Amazing Car Videos From British Pathé.

Newly available archive is a treasure trove for car lovers.

British Pathé, the multimedia conglomerate once known for its newsreel footage, recently made its entire archives available online for free. This is a huge deal for fans of history, fans of media, fans of entertainment, and fans of just about anything else you can imagine. British Pathé has been reporting on the automotive industry since long before Henry Ford built his first factory, so here are 10 of our favorite car-related videos from the British Pathé archives.

Buying a Leaf? Here's Some Free Electricity

It's yet another incentive to get you to drop gasoline entirely.

There are already a number of incentives meant to entice buyers into electric cars. The federal government will give you tax credits worth up to $7,500, based on the size of the car's battery. State governments also offer incentives, although it varies by state. Now, Nissan itself is ready to give you a bit of financial relief by paying for your new Leaf's "fill-ups."

New York International Auto Show Hits Manhattan

Sarah and Lindsay see if the Big Apple brought its A-game.

Despite the ignorance of a few Manhattanites, there IS an auto show going on right now in New York City and Web2carz was there for a piece of the action. Dynamic duo Sarah and Lindsay strike again! While Sarah hopped behind the wheel of some new releases, Lindsay explored other activities the auto show has to offer. Check out our experience at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

Record Store Day Must Die

Local retailer support day is just an excuse to fleece the stupid.

Record stores are wonderful places. Like bookstores, libraries, and museums, they are repositories of culture, as well as places where like-minded enthusiasts gather to nerd out over the latest indie releases or to check the stacks of flyers to see what cool shows are happening.

Bang for Your Buck: Mazda6 i Grand Touring

Checking out a new car's competition from the used-car market.

This week, we have a Mazda6 i Grand Touring on the docket. It's a sensible sedan for a sensible price - it starts at $29,895, with our tester coming in at $33,045 after destination and some safety-related options. It's a gas sipper, achieving over 30 mpg on the highway, and it's perfect for smaller families or somebody just looking for a reliable sporty-ish sedan. Here's what it's up against in the wide world of used cars.

Don't Be an Idiom: Sh*t-Eating Grin

Exploring the origins of everyday words and phrases.

We all know what a shit-eater looks like when he grins. We may have even told someone to wipe such a grin off their face at one time or another. But have any of us actually known anyone who actually grinned as a result of eating ... that? Has anyone in history ever experienced such joyous rapture due to digesting dung that they could not suppress a grin?

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is the Future

The next generation of SUVs will make life even easier.

Earlier, we took a look at Land Rover's Transparent Bonnet technology, which utilizes a head-up display (HUD) to show the driver the terrain below the car. This was but one technology incorporated into Land Rover's Discovery Vision Concept, and now that the whole shebang is out in the open, we're left marveling at all this technology that will eventually make its way to a premium SUV near you.

Domestic Owners Love Dealership Service Departments

J.D. Power showers U.S. OEMs with even more praise.

Evidently, the universe has finally agreed with our notion that domestic automakers aren't receiving much love from customer surveys. It's finally evening things out; it started with a few brands in Kelley Blue Book's Brand Image awards, and now, J.D. Power is heaping some praise onto local OEMs with its dealer-satisfaction survey.

Wicked Tech: Artificial Coral Reef Station Could Save Lives

Floating coral reef protects Indonesian coastline from tsunamis.

Could coral reefs help protect countries from tsunamis? Architect Margot Krasojevic thinks so. She has created a conceptual electric coral reef station that would float in the Indian Ocean, with the intended purpose of protecting the Indonesian coastline from Tsunamis while also fostering natural coral growth. The structure is designed with moveable steel girders as its framework along with steel, reef ball structures.

A Brief History of the BMW M5

Celebrating the original sports sedan's 30th birthday.

The first BMW M5 went on sale in 1985, which means that the car is rapidly approaching its 30th birthday, and BMW is already starting the celebration. Seeing as how that also means your author's 30th birthday is approaching, he's decided to take his mind off that terrifying fact by focusing on the other birthday boy instead. After all, the M5 has been through a fair number of changes since its inception.

Ford, VW, and MB: Two Promises and a Tease

Your auto news roundup for the week of 04/11 - 04/18.

Even though Mercedes is busy releasing the S63 AMG Coupe at the New York Auto Show, it's still making sure that everybody knows about its other projects. Namely the Mercedes-AMG GT, the spiritual successor to the SLS AMG that will be positioned as a 911 contender and nothing but. We haven't seen the exterior yet, but the interior picture that Mercedes sent out has us quivering in anticipation. It looks like it'll be the nicest place anybody sits all year.

Holy Week, Bad Glenn Miller, Putin Lies, Boston Artist Fails

All the trends that have been trending online this week.

That hip new Pope who seems to actually hold beliefs that are nearly in line with 21st Century is in all his glory this week, as Catholics around the world celebrate Holy Week, which commemorates the torture, death, and resurrection of a hippie socialist who, as it now turns out, was probably married.

Mustang Convertible Sits on Empire State Building 86th Floor

The car displayed 1,000 feet above Manhattan for 50th anniversary.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mustang, Ford Motor Co. displayed a Mustang convertible on the 86th floor observation deck of New York's iconic Empire State Building- again. Of course, Ford didn't use one of its vintage babies, but rather a freshly minted 2015 model. However, they did have to use some old-school techniques to get the job done once again.

Dodge Announces a Brilliant One-Year Lease Plan

How to build hype for 2015 without losing sales in 2014.

Dodge is in a bit of a pickle. It will be announcing the 2015 Challenger and Charger, two muscular throwbacks, at this week's New York Auto Show. However, the vehicles won't be on sale anytime soon thereafter, meaning that Dodge is potentially alienating buyers of 2014 models, who would likely hold out a year for a refreshed model. In order to fix that problem, Dodge has announced a new lease plan that should satisfy everybody involved.