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It's not really much different from a barcalounger on wheels

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Enough changes to make it fresh without starting completely fresh

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The stoic all-wheel drive wagon that does it all

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The Escape gets a new face and tech features

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Configure This: How We'd Spec the 2017 Mazda CX-5

Tesla Update: Death in China, Model S Gets Hacked

Upon Tesla related death, a tech company successfully hacks Model S.

However reliable and safe some autonomous features may often times seem, there are some things that will need to be tweaked and tweaked until they're nearly perfect in order to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Tesla has updated its connectivity software yet again, as the Chinese company, Keen Security Lab has found a way to hack into the controls of a Tesla Model S.

Green Autos: Nissan EnGuard Concept Rescue Pickup

Nissan's Navara pickup truck outfitted for any disaster

Nissan has an interesting idea for its global midsize pickup truck called the Navara. It wants to turn it into a battery toting rescue vehicle that can provide power to additional rescue equipment. Nissan showed the EnGuard Concept off at the 2016 Hannover Motor Show. The batteries, housed in the bed, are 2-kilowatt units with seven internal battery modules. The units are similar to the batteries in Nissan's electric vehicle offerings, like the Leaf.

5 Cars Whose Lousy Sales Didn't Reflect Their Greatness

So much to be loved about each one, just not by the masses

Some cars don't sell well despite the fact that they're truly wonderful vehicles. It's an unfortunate reality of the automotive industry and there will always be cars we pine for long after their time on this earth has ended. Whether it was poor timing, not enough marketing or just a lack of consumer interest, the following 5 vehicles never sold well even though we will remember them fondly.

The U.S. Government's Policy on Autonomous Vehicles

There are now some rules for self-driving cars

The time of living in the wild technological west of the autonomous vehicle is quickly coming to an end. We've been wondering when the federal government would get involved with self-driving cars and now we have our answer. The Department of Transportation outlined 15 safety assessment objectives that any autonomous vehicle manufacturer must meet.

First Drive: 2017 Ford Super Duty

The King of heavy-hitter pickups is dead. Long live the new King.

Ford has a completely new Super Duty for 2017 with an aluminum body, high-strength steel frame and more technology than you'd ever expect in a work truck. The old model was dated, and despite the fact that it still more or less crushed the competition, the truck was in dire need of a redesign. At a recent press event in Dearborn, Michigan, we got to test out Ford's new big boy work truck and came away wishing we had one in our driveway.

Brangelina Split Brings Back Memories of Famous Failed Automotive Marriages

What once started out so promising ended in misery

Brad and Angelina (Brangelina) are over (Brangelexit) as of yesterday. By next week, it'll be old news. But this most famous of Hollywood failed marriages reminds us of car company mergers that famously bit the dust. More than just a case of hogging the covers, drinking straight from the milk carton or making a deposit at the bank of infidelity, these car companies parted ways when the business end of things went sour.

The Saleen S7 LM is Limited, Pricey and Stuffed With 1,000 Horsepower

Just when you thought the S7 was dead, it returns with a vengeance

The original Saleen S7 was the first mid-engined American supercar, and boy what a powerhouse it was. The first generation cars built between 2000 and 2006 were powered by a 7.0-liter Ford-sourced V8 engine good for 550 hp, and in 2005 the S7 was boosted to 750 hp thanks to twin turbocharging. Just when you thought you'd never see an S7 for sale again, Saleen shows us its latest, very limited production S7 LM with 1,000 hp and a top speed of 248 mph. Zoiks!

6 Pickup Trucks We Want But Can't Have

Unfortunately, these trucks don't make it stateside, and we're peeved

With pickup truck popularity soaring and more automakers adding trucks to their lineup, we thought it a good idea to showcase some of the truck models that are popular outside the U.S. Many manufacturers make a version of a pickup truck for markets outside of North America. While not all of them have the potential to be hits here in the states, there are a few that we wouldn't mind seeing on U.S. roadways. Here's the trucks we can't have but wish we could.

Aston Martin Leaks DB11 Volante Photos Before Official Reveal

Minus some rear body cladding, this is close to the final product

The latest jaw-dropper from Aston Martin was the DB11 coupe back in February of this year, but even before the veil will officially get pulled back on the convertible version, Aston Martin bizarrely releases photo of a DB11 Volante (Aston Martin-speak for "convertible") known as an "engineering car". We're not quite sure what that means, but it gives us a near-final form look at the pretty Brit ragtop.

Buick's Envision Wants a Piece of the Luxury CUV Pie

Buick fills the gap between the Encore and Enclave

Buick is in the process of revamping its lineup and that means covering all the bases. One that the company had previously left open was the space between the small Encore CUV and the Enclave SUV. Now, Buick has the mid-size crossover, the Envision, to fill that space. The Chinese made CUV slots in between the two almost perfectly. It'll be interesting to see how much of the growing luxury CUV market the Envision can swallow up.

The 4 Best Trackable Everyday Cars

These cars are at home on the road and the track

Most of the time, a car is either track worthy or street worthy or If it's both, it's prohibitively expensive. However, there are still some cars that can handle both the street and the track without a sky-high price tag. If you feel the itch to track a car from time to time but also need something you can drive daily, consider one of the following cars.

Autos 101: When to Wax Your Car

The art of keeping your car's paint job shining

Before car companies started applying a clear coat of paint to cars, waxing your vehicle regularly was extremely important. In the 1980s, when clear coats became widespread, waxing your car suddenly wasn't as important. The clear coat did a tremendous job of protect the car's paint. Since then, car paint technology has only gotten better. Despite this, if you really want your car's paint job to last, you need to rob wax on it from time to time.

Nikola Zero Delivers All-Electric UTV for Less than $40K

It's no electric big rig, but it does get one's attention

If you thought it was disappointing news that the Nikola Motor Company wouldn't deliver an all-electric semi, you weren't alone. They're moving toward the rather odd hydrogen propulsion route. But they will be true to their name with at least one electric vehicle, but it's a UTV, not anything street-legal or in any way able to haul more than fun-loving passengers.

First Ride: Ford's Autonomous Fusion

It wasn't nearly as weird as we thought it'd be

When we got the opportunity to take a ride in Ford's autonomous Fusion at the 2016 Further with Ford press event, we jumped at the opportunity. We were prepared for an odd experience and were really excited to see the car operate on public roads. For some reason, we expected it to be different from riding in a regular car. It really wasn't.