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FIRST DRIVE: 2015 Lexus RC

Going hard in the paint with solid results.

2014 Toyota RAV4 Review

The RAV4 is everything it needs to be, and that's ok.

FIRST DRIVE: 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

The people's electric car.

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2014 Cadillac CTS

McLaren's 625C and the Softening of the Supercar

China somehow convinced a supercar to scale things back.

Most supercar manufacturers are constantly pushing the envelope, figuring out how to remove weight, add horsepower, and create the fastest car ever built. It's a never-ending race to the top of Technology Mountain. However, McLaren isn't most supercar manufacturers. McLaren has actually done the opposite, turning down the volume on its 650S supercar to create the 625C. But McLaren isn't crazy; if anything, it could be a damn smart move.

Hyundai Makes the Grade

Korean automaker gets two cars shortlisted for NACTOY.

South Korean cars prove their worth.Things just keep getting better for Hyundai, the South Korean automaker that spent the better part of the last 20 years trying to overcome its American reputation as a maker of poor-quality vehicles. Hyundai, which also owns a controlling interest in Kia, is currently the fourth largest automaker in the world.

Futuristic Concepts from the Michelin Design Challenge

Some of these ideas are so outlandish they just might work.

Michelin's annual challenge design yielded some interesting results for the 2015 competition. "Drive Your Passion" was the theme this year, stipulating that designers first choose an iconic road such as the Rubicon Trail (California) or Stelvio Pass (Italy), and then create the optimal vehicle suited for the path. Designers from around the world submitted their ideas, which turned out to be as diverse as the participants.

The 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63: Less Displacement, More Power

A V-8 by any other means of induction will sound as sweet.

Mercedes-AMG is responsible for building some of the most insane street cars out there. From the dedicated-platform GT to every standard Mercedes with a giant engine under the hood, AMG creates cars that are objects of desire - and it also creates cars that are capable of absolutely wrecking the asphalt. That's what the Mercedes-AMG C63 will do, thanks in part to (some of) the GT's beating heart.

7 Vintage Car Videos Everyone Needs to See

Despite their age, these videos are amazingly helpful.

Some things never change, even when they do. If that statement doesn't make sense to you, consider how vehicle technology has evolved over the last 75 years. You might think an original 3-speed manual transmission from 1938 would have nothing in common with a 6-speed manual transmission from, say, a 2014 Mini Cooper. You would be wrong.

GALLERY: 5 Coffee-Getting Cars

We celebrate National Coffee Day with five clickworthy pics!

This 1982 VW Bug travels throughout the Netherlands delivering espresso and other coffees and teas. It turns out even Dutch speakers enjoy a hot cup of Joe. As they say in The Hague when they've taken their first cup of mud, "Ahhhhhh." Only they say it with an accent

Honda and GM Want Your Certified Pre-Owned Car to Be Perfect

If you think used cars play second fiddle with OEMs, you're wrong.

Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles have been making waves in the used-car industry within the last five years. These programs, which claim to give certain used cars an increased level of mechanical scrutiny in exchange for a higher sale price and a special warranty, have been responsible for growing used-car sales in leaps and bounds. However, many people are confused as to how the automakers oversee this process, so two automakers have gone on record to prove that, yes, automakers do care.

Bang for Your Buck: 2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport

Checking out a new car's competition from the used-car market.

This week, we'll be using the 2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport for our control. It's an immensely powerful luxury sedan, thanks in part to its 420-horsepower, twin-turbo V-6. All that power is sent through the rear wheels, hustling the Vsport to 60 in under 4 seconds. It's a serious performance sedan, with middling gas mileage and an interior that's awfully luxurious. It's a jack of many trades, so can it be bested by a master?

Mom Busts Windshield Saves Baby and Jay Leno Goes to College

A Look at Week's Top 5 Kick Ass Car Videos of the Week

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover but if your baby is locked in a hot car, there's only one way in. Watch how this concerned Texas mother opted for a brasher style of problem solving. Ok, the 55 Chevy inspired more teenage hijynx back in the day - not to mention some of the greatest Chuck Berry songs - but it'll also roll over during a race. Such was the case for this poor driver who managed to walk out unscathed.

Autospeak Explained: Body-on-Frame

Simplifying car jargon and techspeak for ordinary people.

Body-on-frame is the simplest - and unsurprisingly the first - method of automobile construction. Placing a pre-made body onto a rigid frame, onto which the drivetrain is mounted, is bare-bones stuff, not dissimilar to how home-made go-karts are constructed.

Frugal, Yet Fashionable: The 2015 Volkswagen Beetle Classic

Good looks aren't exclusively for the well-off.

We here at Web2Carz have enjoyed the Volkswagen Beetle since its most recent generational refresh. While the original New Beetle was definitely interesting, the subsequent generation flattened the roof a bit and gave the car just a hint of masculinity that we believe opened it up to a much wider market. Of course, even Volkswagens can get expensive, and a well-optioned Beetle is potentially pricey. That's why we're looking forward to the 2015 Beetle Classic.

7 Magnificent Maseratis: Celebrating Their Centennial

The 7 coolest Italian automaker's cars of the last 100 years.

As Italian luxury automaker Maserati celebrates 100 years of its high-end heritage, we've decided to take a look back at some of its most iconic offerings. A century of high-end luxury has made Maserati the coveted brand it is today. Here are seven of their coolest cars from the last hundred years.

The 2015 Subaru Impreza: Seeing Things More Clearly

EyeSight leads the way for a gaggle of upgraded technologies.

We're just kicking off the fall season, and with the changing of the leaves comes a changing of the model year for most new cars. Subaru's heading to home plate right now, as it's announced a whole host of changes for the 2015 Subaru Impreza. Some updates are for safety, others are for driver entertainment, but one thing is for certain - it's still a damn fine value.

Wicked Tech: Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Semi

The German automaker just unveiled their concept big-rig.

Truck driving just became semi-appealing with Mercedes-Benz's unveiling of their self-driving semi-truck. The 18-wheeler, simply named Future Truck 2025 (FT2025), was showcased at the International Commercial Vehicle trade fair this week in Hannover, Germany.