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2016 Jaguar XF S Review

A dynamic sports sedan with vigorous power and British charm

Nissan Titan XD SL 4WD CC

The Titan XD makes sense, once you think about it.

2017 Kia Sportage SX AWD Review

Heavier but pretty much better in every other way

2016 Land Rover Range Rover HSE Td6 Review

The diesel lives on in rugged and regal form

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7 Cars In Desperate Need of a Redesign

The 7 Cars with the Best Factory Wheels

There's no need to upgrade the wheels on these rides

The right wheels can make a huge difference when it comes to the look of a vehicle. It's akin to pairing the right shoes to the rest of your outfit. The right ones can take everything up a notch. Fashion advice aside, great wheels can make a dramatically difference both in terms of appearance and performance. While you might think that the only way to get some beautiful, light weight and strong wheels is to buy them after market, you'd be wrong.

The 2017 Lexus IS Gets Refreshed

An already controversial design gets tweaked in small ways

The Lexus IS was redesigned for the 2013 model year, it wasn't just a big departure from the previously, much more conservative design -- it totally departed from the Lexus ethos of old with a busy but adventurous fascia and deeply tapering taillights that bled into the bottom of the rear three-quarter panel. Well, now that it's been a few years, Lexus has updated the IS to make it even more noticeable and arguably more handsome. The newly revised car just bowed at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Is the Attainable Sports Car of Your Dreams

Porsche 911 Targa style without the six-figure price

The sporty roadster draws praise from every corner of the auto world, with its lightweight chassis and go-kart like handling that makes driving it such a thrill. It has a beautiful, award-winning exterior design with svelte curves all over. There's no such thing as a bad angle with this vehicle, and now, the MX-5 is going another step further -just when we thought that wasn't even possible - by offering a targa-roof fastback.

The 2017 Audi TT RS Comes Back With More Power

The Audi TT Coupe and Convertible get an upgrade with the RS

We've always been fans of the Audi TT, but were ready for the company to take the car to the next level (again). Well, now they have with the 2017 TT RS. Unveiled in both coupe and convertible versions, the TT RS packs more of a punch, looks more aggressive and makes the regular versions of the car and the TTS version look a little wimpy.

5 Fastest Cars Under $30K

Performance and power at just the right price point

Do you have $30K burning a hole in your pocket and a lead foot? If the answer is yes to both, you'll be happy to know that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to get a vehicle fit for a driving enthusiast. While there was once a time when your options would have been limited, thankfully the demand for affordable sports cars has led automakers to produce some real gems that offer insane power and performance at a price point that won't break the bank.

7 Cars In Desperate Need of a Redesign

We're sure the new ones are just around the corner, right?

When should a carmaker actually perform a redesign, since they cost a ton of money? But if you wait too long, a design can become stale. The Volvo XC90 SUV is a prime example. Most manufacturers give their cars a refresh 2-4 years into a design and then do something completely new after a few more years. These handful of cars we've selected below might not be pushing XC90-like longevity on the market, but they are (in our opinion) due for a total redesign.

Want This, Buy This: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor vs. Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Ford doesn't have a monopoly on kickass off-road trucks

When Ford created the first Raptor, they opened the door for other manufacturers to build high-performance off-road pickup trucks. Now, Ford has a bit more competition for its newest version of the Raptor. One of those competitors is the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

Why the Compact Crossover Is the Fastest Growing Segment

All the smarts of an SUV, in an efficient, affordable, compact package

When it comes to the modern family vehicle of choice, it's not roomy sedans, the once-beloved wagon, or classic soccer mom minivan that tops the charts - it's crossovers. Part car, part wagon, part SUV, the crossover s an amalgamation of various segments. Crossovers blend the handling of a car with the ride height of an SUV and the design of a wagon, making them an incredibly useful and versatile vehicle that tick off most boxes on a majority of consumers' lists.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze First Drive

Chevy's global car redesign notches things up pretty much everywhere

When the first Chevy Cruze hit the showrooms back in 2009, it was a small salmon swimming against the massive tide that is the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla. A monumental challenge, no matter how good the car is. Both Japanese tiny titans have ridden the wave of huge success thanks to reliability, reputation and positively evolving design. The Cruze had its work cut out for it from the get-go, and it proved itself more than capable of taking on the big boys

Autos 101: What is Hill Descent Control?

Going down a steep hill? No problem with hill descent control

Going downhill in most regular road situations creates no issues at all for the average motorist. If, however, you're driving over rough terrain or down a steep snowy incline, it can pose serious safety issues. When traveling down a steep hill, it is best to try and control the speed of the vehicle. Ideally, you want a slow, smooth trip down the hill and onto more level ground, but this can be more difficult than it seems.

Ford's F-150 Police Truck Is Now Reporting for Backup

The aggressive pickup just might scare you into not breaking the law.

If you've got a lead foot, take note, what might look like an inconspicuous Ford F-150 could now be an unmarked police vehicle. Ford is introducing a Special Service Vehicle package on its popular F-150 pickup truck for use by government and fleet customers - including roadside assistance providers and law enforcement.

Versus: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. Ford Mustang GT350

See how these two muscle cars match-up side by side

The Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang have been the muscle cars of choice for decades. The recent iterations, namely the Camaro ZL1 and the Mustang GT350R, of these two iconic nameplates are some of the best in both lines of vehicles in history, and because of this, it only makes sense to set these two giants of the automotive industry next to each other and really take a closer look. Here we go:

The Lexus LS 600h L is the Priciest Japanese Steed

The ultimate luxury cruiser is also a 438-hp hybrid

Lexus has built a loyal brand following with its strong reputation for reliable, luxurious vehicles that are supremely capable. The tour de force of Lexus luxury is the LS 600h L model, which forgoes a V12 or turbocharged V8 customary in other luxury automakers' top-of-the-line offering for a gas-electric hybrid duo that deserves some serious respect with its 438-hp output.

The Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Hybrid Commits Highway Robbery

Whoever thought of this needs to be promoted immediately

Volvo's XC90 T8 SUV is their most powerful vehicle ever made, with 400 horsepower thanks to the combo of four-cylinder turbo mated a plug-in electric motor. What they did with a recent marketing effort is pure genius. They occupied a small section of California Highway and set up a special Volvo platform whereby cars driving over a strategically placed rubber mat on the highway cause water in concealed tubes to run a generator that charges the XC90's electric motor's battery.