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2017 Volvo S90 T6 AWD Inscription Review

Our favorite midsize luxury sedan, hands down.

2017 Lexus CT 200h Review

A sport-tuned hatchback for the environmentalist

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 4Matic Review

Small improvements make for an even better luxury chariot

2017 Mazda3 i Grand Touring Review

The Mazda3 sedan gets even better

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Is the Upcharge For a Hybrid Version of a Gas Car Worth It?

Volvo's Parent Company Geely Releases Lynk & Co. 01 SUV That Will Come Stateside

If you think it looks kinda like an XC90, you're not wrong

If you haven't heard of Geely, you're not alone. They're otherwise known as Volvo's parent company that's based in Hangzhou, China. The first vehicle that will sell under Geely's new Lynk & Co. brand is the 01 compact SUV. It's the first of four vehicles by Lynk & Co. that will all hit the market by 2021. Though the design is by no means revolutionary, it's not bad looking at all, combining styling elements from a few SUVs.

Will Plug-in Hybrids Eventually Outsell Gas-Electric Hybrids?

The times they are a-changin' and plug-in hybrids may be the future

The times are changing and we're nearing the day that plug-in hybrid sales will surpass gas-electric hybrids. The Prius will probably always sell well. It has a cult following and gas-electric hybrid cars are trusted by many consumers, but plug-ins are quickly gaining headway.

Tesla Debunks Myth That Autonomous Driving is a Decade Away

Every new Telsa vehicle is now equipped to go fully autonomous

Telsa just dropped a bomb on the self-driving car world with the announcement that every new Telsa rolling off the factory line now has all the hardware necessary to go fully autonomous. The news isn't about just a more robust Autopilot feature but rather Level 5 autonomous driving that allows the driver to completely take his eyes off the road and hands off the wheel and focus on other tasks like reading, eating and yes, even going to sleep.

Ford Suspends F-150 and Small CUV Production Due to Diminished Demand

Even the top-selling vehicle of all time is having issues

The best-selling model in the United States, the Ford F-150 is going to cease production, but only for a week. Not only are they going to temporarily stop production on those, but a few other vehicles, namely the Ford Escape, Fusion, Fiesta and the Lincoln MKZ. Sales of the F series are up in the US by 5.5 percent, but because many Ford dealers have a heavy 95 days' supply on hand already, deliveries have fallen by 2.6 percent in September.

5 Cars that Over-Promised and Under-Delivered Like a Politician

They held such promise and then everything just fell apart

Politicians are notorious for making promises they don't keep. Whether it's ending the war in the Middle East or ensuring job growth here at home, most politicians say the things they do to nab your vote and create a good soundbite. Unfortunately, automakers are prone to this type of promotion from time to time as well. They hype up a new model, saying it will be something special and then when it finally comes the car's a letdown.

The DeLorean Motor Company is Now Taking DMC-12 Orders

You can now go "Back to the Future" with these replica cars

The DeLorean DMC-12 has remained popular in the public sphere, and now the DeLorean Motor Company is back (without its long-deceased founder, John DeLorean, of course). Under new ownership, the company is now taking a limited number of pre-orders for its DMC-12 replica car.

Is the Upcharge For a Hybrid Version of a Gas Car Worth It?

Fuel efficiency isn't the huge draw it used to be

In 2011, there were around ten hybrid vehicles for sale, and now there are about thirty-six, which is a substantial jump over only a few short years. And then there's the rise of fuel efficiency for gas-powered cars, with numerous models hitting 40+ mpg highway. So, does it even make sense to purchase the hybrid version of a normally efficient gas-powered car?

The Evolution of the Production Gas-Electric Hybrid Car

It's hard to believe how far things have come in a short time

Hybrid cars are a common sight on roadways these days, but they haven't always been. The rate at which gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have improved and been accepted by consumers is somewhat astonishing. In about 20 years' time, hybrids have gone from a lofty dream to an everyday reality and continue to look like they will drive the future of the automotive market for years to come.

BMW's i8 Roaster Plug-In Hybrid Will Hit Showrooms in 2018

Four years later, it seems the anticipation hasn't waned at all

We're not quite sure what the hold up has been, but BMW has finally confirmed that they will produce the hybrid supercar roadster in 2018. Automotive News reported that BMW CEO Harald Krueger recently confirmed this at a press conference. Good things come to those who wait, apparently.

5 Hybrids That are Fun to Drive and Just Happen to Get Great Mileage

You don't have to sacrifice excitement behind the wheel

Thank goodness for the automotive world that the hybrid driving excitement factor has taken a turn for the better. No longer are you relegated to driving hybrids with lousy road feel, tepid acceleration and the steering precision of a tractor trailer. There are a handful of great hybrid cars out there that will satisfy all but the most serious of driving enthusiasts.

5 Large Hybrid Vehicles That'll Get Your Attention

These are the best and biggest hybrid vehicles available

Most automakers are producing small hybrid cars that are almost totally focused on fuel efficiency, but the thing about those cars is that they're already reasonably efficient and they offer limited utility due to their overall size and shape. SUVs, trucks and vans all offer a bit more in terms of cargo and passenger space and several manufacturers have now added hybrid versions of these vehicles. This is exciting because it means you can now get good fuel economy in a large vehicle.

Apple Temporarily Scraps The Idea of Building Their Own Car

You can abandon the idea of waiting in line overnight for this

Back in July, we reported on the latest news about the Apple car (known as "Project Titan"), and things looked pretty promising with Apple hiring droves of people in pursuit of the next big thing. Well, it seems the tide has turned, and now Apple is scaling back in big ways, indicating that the Apple car might not happen, after all.

Tesla Leads Luxury Car Sales Over Mercedes and BMW

An American car company that's humiliating the Germans

We all probably know that Tesla loves to challenge themselves. Often times, when you're good at what you do, that sort of practice pays off in a big way. Only having been in the car building game for less than a decade, Tesla now accounts for one third of all sales in the large luxury sedan segment of the US market. With the Tesla Model S topping the charts as the most sold in the category for this year (and last year), others on the list are having trouble keeping up.

First Drive: 2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo

A faster Sentra, but not much of a sports sedan

When we first saw the Sentra SR Turbo, we hoped it would be as amazing as the old Sentra SE-R, but that's not the case. The SR Turbo is a sportier, quicker Sentra and offers some fun but not loads of it. At a recent event, we were able to get behind the wheel of the Sentra SR Turbo and take it for a quick spin around the track at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. As good of a time as we had in the car, we have to say it's not the car we were hoping for.