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2015 Lincoln Navigator 4WD Review

Kickin' it old school.

2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch Review

It's a real-life Canyonero.

2015 Ford F-150 4X4 Lariat Review

Meet the new King of the Road.

2015 Lexus NX 300h AWD Review

Bringing typical Lexus sensibility to a new market.

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2015 Dodge Charger

The 2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography is About the Fanciest SUV Your Money Can Buy

Your phone's autocorrect will never get used to the name.

It's time for a bit of spring cleaning at Land Rover. They're following the "out with the old and in with the new" mantra this week. Out goes the Range Rover Autobiography Black, the marque's highest trim level, and in comes the SVAutobiography, a slightly more complicated name that, for Land Rover fanatics, hints toward a little extra performance in the brand's ritziest roller.

Miley Cyrus is Cadillac's New Spokesperson for Its 2016 CT6 Flagship

GM makes announcement made at New York Auto Show

The highly anticipated debut of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 Flagship at the New York Auto Show has been officially upstaged today, as GM announced that Miley Cyrus is its new spokesperson for its flagship Cadillac brand. Cadillac's catchy ad campaign slogan, "Only those who dare drive the world forward," debuted with the rollout of its Twin-Turbo Hybrid,

Subaru Speaks Out Against Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Automaker is the first to publically comment on controversial law.

In case you haven't heard, everyone is kind of mad at Indiana right now, thanks to their newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, now including Japanese automaker Subaru. Indiana's Governor Mike Pence claims the law is simply intended to protect the free exercise of religion.

The 2016 Smart ForTwo Beats Its Own Record for Smallest Turning Radius of Any Car

The new-gen Fortwo gets wider and fancier but remains a city car.

The Smart ForTwo, in many circles, is a very misunderstood vehicle. It's the butt of many an automotive joke, preyed upon like the shortest kid in class. However, if you need a no-nonsense car for purely urban driving, it's tough to beat the diminutive ForTwo. Smart's rolling out an all new generation for the 2016 model year, and even though it's wider and a bit fancier, it somehow has an even smaller turning radius than before.

Top 10 Least and Most Expensive Cars to Insure for the 2015 Model Year

Which cars have the most claims and are the most expensive to repair.

If you're the proud owner of a Jeep vehicle, you're most likely also benefiting from the low cost of insuring one. Three of the least expensive cars to insure are all made by Jeep, according to a recent study by, an independent consumer insurance website.

The Lincoln Continental Concept Brings S-Class Luxury to a Domestic Audience

We didn't see this one coming, but we're glad it's here.

Lincoln is in the middle of reinventing itself, along with both Cadillac and Chrysler. All three American luxury brands are upping their efforts to deliver cars that can go toe-to-toe with the best that Germany has to offer. Cadillac is bringing an all-new flagship to the 2015 New York International Auto Show - and now it appears that Lincoln is, too. It's the 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept, and it looks astounding.

Ford to Release Self-Slowing Car: S-Max to Feature Intelligent Speed Limiter

Guess what folks, your self-driving cars won't speed either.

One of the aspects of driverless cars that you might not have taken into consideration is that they will be consistently, frustratingly, law-abiding. No more blowing through stop signs (not even rolling stops), no more illegal right turns on red, and definitely no speeding. Ever. But thanks to Ford, the super annoying aspects of robotic cars can be yours now, at least if you live in Europe.

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class: An ML by any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

There's even a plug-in hybrid variant for all the well-heeled hippies.

You can trace the history of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class visually; many design cues, like its wraparound rear window, have remained on the vehicle across multiple generations. That said, the current M-Class is getting a bit old in two important ways - its looks, and its name. As Mercedes-Benz moves to a sleeker front end and a new naming scheme, the brand rolled all those changes into one, and now we have ourselves the new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class.

Subprime Auto Loans Can Help You Rebuild Your Crappy Credit

Finding a lender isn't an issue, but that interest rate might be.

In the interest of full disclosure, you should be aware of two things before you read this article. First, Web2Carz offers services to connect our readers to auto lenders. We keep a firm wall between our editorial content and our business operations, but we also can't claim to be totally disinterested in this topic.

Bang for Your Buck: 2015 Lexus ES 300h vs. the Used-Car Market

Checking out a new car's competition from the used-car market.

It's no surprise that buyers often compare both new and used cars. For a given price point, the market for potential cars explodes once you start looking away from new cars alone. Yes, you might give up the warranty, but if you're looking for something unique, used cars provide a good value ... provided you pick the right one. Bang for Your Buck takes a look at five used cars you could get with the money you'd spend on the new car we've tested recently.

GM Is Working to Develop Headlights that Move With Your Eyes

Just don't stare at that cutie on the sidewalk for too long.

Nighttime visibility remains an issue that we haven't fully sorted out yet. Sure, we have brights for when it gets really dark, but those brights can over-illuminate parts of the road or, worse, blind oncoming traffic. There has to be a better way to light up everything important, right? That's what GM's European brands believe, and they're hard at work on a lighting technology that uses your eye movements to figure out what needs to be lit up.

Pope Orders Pizza, Taser Blows up Car, Impatient Dog Honks Horn, Car Pulls Girl By Hair

Top Five (truly) Kick-Ass Car videos for March 27th

It is no less than an exciting week in the world of car videos - from the serious and precautionary to the downright fun. From Dallas to Dubai and back again, Web2Carz brings you another installment in our weekly Top Five (truly) Kick-Ass Car Videos.

This List of 5 Cars Will Make You Realize How Useless Today's Spoilers Really Are

What was once an aid to aerodynamics, has become something else.

There's a very good chance you've owned a car at one point that had a spoiler. There's an equally good chance you never bothered to really look at it, perched on the rear trunk lid like some useless sixth digit. Do you know why that car had one? Or why cars continue to employ these accessories in their design schemes? Here's a brief history of the spoiler and an explanation as to why they're pointless.

Man Gets Ticket for Driving with "World's Most Interesting Man"

Or, People Do the Darndest Things to Use the HOV Lane

In areas with carpool lanes, it can be very frustrating to see open lanes when the rest of the traffic is going at a crawl. This causes people to try many creative solutions (anything short of actually carpooling) to get away with driving solo in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.