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2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4WD LTZ Crew Cab Review

A work truck that handles everyday rigors with ease

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Review

The Italians deliver power and driving purity in spades

2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van Review

The baby Sprinter van will happily haul your stuff

2017 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD Review

Really good at almost everything. Almost.

Will the Manual Parking Brake Soon Disappear Forever?

Say goodbye to your fun-loving old handbrake lever

While many people lament the impending doom of the manual transmission, another feature is actually dying a much faster death: the manual parking brake. The manual parking brake or handbrake as it's often called is a mechanical brake that most of the time goes unused. In automatic transmission vehicles, parking brakes are often never engaged. A person can simply put their car in park and leave it.

How Mazda Makes Some of the Best Car Interiors in the Business

Mazda doesn't make a single bad cabin. Here's how.

Here in our offices, we always talk about the Mazda brand. It's a cryin' shame that they don't get more sales and recognition in the industry and in automotive circles. Not only do they make some of the best-looking, best-driving cars for the money, they've also nailed the styling, functionality and design of their interiors.

Ford Fires Their CEO in the Wake of Declining Sales

Ford thinks they found the answer to their sales problem with new CEO

After less than 3 years, Ford has asked now former CEO, Mark Fields, to step down. The second largest American automaker has replaced Fields with Jim Hackett, the chairman of Ford's Smart Mobility division. The company ultimately came to the decision due to the plummeting stock price, dropping nearly 40 percent, as well as poor sales under Fields' leadership. The news broke late Sunday, announcing Hackett's rise in the company.

Are Rubber or Carpeted Floor Mats Better?

Choosing between looks and practicality isn't easy sometimes.

The floor mats in your car might not seem that important, but they're a protection device for your vehicle. They keep the actual floor of your car safe from damage. This can help your car's resale value, and keep your car looking and feeling nice. There are two types of floor mats out there: rubber or carpet. Your car will come with one or the other, but you can also purchase aftermarket floor mats. The question is, which one should you choose?

Price Announced for the 2018 Volvo XC60 Crossover

Starting at $42,495 isn't bad for this hot crossover

Volvo has announced pricing on the second generation of the XC60 crossover. Currently, the CUV is in production, and is set to start at $42,495 for the entry-level T5 model. The T5 will come with a 250-horsepower turbocharged inline-four engine. The T6 model should come with a 315-horsepower turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine, at the base price of $45,985.

Shelby Will Build the F-150 Super Snake Performance Pickup Truck

Would calling it a hillbilly missile be out of line?

And you thought the Raptor was the baddest Ford pickup on the block. Well, there's a new, beefy contender on the block, and it's done up by none other than Shelby. This muscle truck isn't so much for off-roading as it is for roasting the tires on the tarmac. It's the Shelby F-150 Super Snake, and it's one serious piece of haulin' ass.

The Elextra EV Supercar is Lightning Fast

Fast and powerful, but not without its limits

There have been a lot of exotic, unique, electric supercars coming out lately. Newest to the game is from Swiss company Elextra, who plans on launching their brand with a supercar EV. The electric car will be pretty exclusive, as only 100 will be made.

Why Do Coupes Fail To Sell?

People don't seem to want cars with two doors anymore

If there's one vehicle type we can point to that's becoming less and less popular, it's the coupe. These two door cars aren't highly sought after by car buyers. Most people want four doors, at least enough seats for five people and plenty of cargo room. Coupes don't offer these things. Because of this, if you look at the automotive industry, you'll realize, there aren't as many coupes as there once was.

Configure This: How We'd Spec the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

It's no Quadrifoglio, but it's still pretty damned good

As much as we love the Quadrifoglio high-performance version of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, the car is almost $80K optioned out, and that's a lot of coin. The standard Giulia is still a great car with plenty of grunt, so it's worth a look if you want a sporty sedan that's not German or Japanese. Pricing is more than competitive for the set, and the same level of aesthetic appeal and interior comfort come with the less pricey model.

The 5 Hidden Costs That Sneak in When Buying a Vehicle

There are always a few more costs than you expect

It would be nice if buying a car was as easy as paying the price the vehicle is listed at. That, unfortunately, isn't usually the case. There's always going to be a few hidden fees and costs that sneak in at the last minute. Some of these are negotiable. Others, not so much.

Here's What a $2 Million Dollar RV Looks Like

Newell Coach will sell you this bad boy or build one for you

When you think of recreational vehicles, you usually envision big white lumbering top-heavy wheeled oxen that have about as much polish as a glorified wood shed. But then there's coach built versions that have as much luxury as your top end home. Take one look at the Newell Coach models that boast all the creature comforts of home with the pillowy ride of a bespoke limousine.

Waymo and Lyft are Going After Uber

These two companies might get us into autonomous vehicles even sooner

In a sort of unspoken but potentially huge jab at Uber, Google's Waymo and ride-share company Lyft are going to be joining forces to speed up the availability of autonomous vehicles to the general public. The two tech companies will be collaborating to develop and test technology through joint pilot programs.

StoreDot's FlashBattery Charges Electric Cars in 5 Minutes

5 minutes to charge any battery seems miraculous, but a car?

With so many companies vying for a piece of the "electric car pie," it's clear that the game can be changed in many ways. Israeli tech company, StoreDot has developed fast-charging batteries for both mobile devices and electric vehicles. The new technology is said to charge an EV battery in five minutes, which is just about insane.

Why Can't Carmakers Build a Cool Minivan?

You'd think after all these years, someone would do it.

Minivans have one major flaw working against them. They're freakin' ugly. That's a big hurdle to overcome, and though automakers have done a much better job at making minivans less unsightly, no one's going to covet them for their looks. We get that they have to be truly utilitarian first, and minivans without decent room tend to fall by the wayside (Mazda5). But why in the hell can't a carmaker build a truly attractive minivan?