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Making well-rounded for the environmentally conscious

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A true driver's sedan gets some nice upgrades

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A soft, luxury, off-road ready SUV

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German power, speed and opulence that travels undercover

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The 5 Best Used Hatchbacks For Under $10,000

How to Avoid a Craigslist Car Scam

Don't let yourself get taken for a ride, a really bad ride.

Most of us have been there, looking for a car anywhere they may be. You search used car lots, chain dealerships, car shopping websites, and of course, the hit or miss site called Craigslist. The classifieds website that allows you to post and respond to ads about anything. Because of the nature of the site, open to just anyone who wants to post something, there's a pretty high chance you'll run into people trying to run a scam on those who aren't privy to such activities.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast Keeps the V12 Magic Alive

Screw turbocharging. This is the sweetest car music on earth.

We mourned what we thought was the end of the Ferrari V12 with the pervasiveness of turbocharging in the industry, as well as the use of turbos on Ferrari's new 488 GTB. Sure, with turbos, there's mad power, but something of purity is lost in the equation. The truly good news today is that Ferrari is bringing the successor to the F12 to market in the form of the 812 Superfast that has an even more magnificent V12 engine under the hood.

The Pagani Huyara Roadster Might Be the Sexiest Thing on Four Wheels

Forget about saving up for one. They're all gone.

No one in the world does cars like Horacio Pagani. Argentinian born, he made his way through the ranks of Renault and then Lamborghini. Eventually, he broke off and went his own way, forming Pagani Automobili S.p.A. in 1992. Their first car was the remarkable Zonda, which took a whopping seven years to complete, and then the insane Huayra. Now, they're showing off the open top version of their supercar, and it's gorgeous.

Mitsubishi Resurrects the Eclipse Name and Slaps it on a Crossover

A once great name finds a new automotive segment

The Eclipse sports car once defined the brand. That car disappeared back in 2012, and though no-one really lamented the disappearance of its once-loved sports car, it certainly hurt the brand's image. Mitsubishi has confirmed it's resurrecting the Eclipse nameplate to use it on a compact crossover. Chrysler re-used the Pacifica name from a big wagon to a minivan, so why can't Mitsu pull the same act?

Autonomous Driving's Two-Sided Effect on Organ Donation

Imagine a world where you can just get a new liver without wait times

The world is constantly reaching amazing heights as time goes on, while science fiction becomes science fact. In no time at all, the streets will more than likely be full of self-driving vehicles, ensuring safety and relative order on the roads. While we all know that is definitely a good thing, there are things that some may see as minor drawbacks because of the new technology.

Conceptually Awesome: Jaguar C-X75

From concept, to death, to front and center in a Bond movie

Back in 2010, Jaguar unveiled a supercar called the C-X75. It was the most technologically advanced car the company had ever produced. It featured a sexy exterior crafted from carbon fiber. The original concept was to use two micro gas turbines as generators for four electric motors attached to each wheel.

LEGENDS: Aston Martin DB5

Bond's car is much more than a silver screen icon

The Aston Martin DB5 is most widely known as the car that James Bond drives. When it made its silver screen debut equipped with all of Q branch's latest and greatest spy gadgetry, people in the audience swooned. Yes, some of them may have been swooning over then-young Sean Connery, but the car was certainly a demanding presence on screen.

7 Best Automotive Backseats To Make Valentine's Day Special

On that special day, find a dark, quiet place and get comfortable

Oh hell, who are we kidding? Valentine's Day is trite. But when you bring automobiles into the mix, everything changes, and we're not talking about falling in love with a sexy red convertible. Today, for Valentine's Day, we're focusing on romantic interludes in, where else? A comfy back seat.

9 Cars Made Famous by Movies

Not that all of these would've gone unnoticed without the film

Some movies take a relatively well-known car and catapult it to superstardom. This doesn't always happen, but it's surprising how much a film's influence can rub off on a car and vice versa. Usually, it's the film's success that rubs off on the car. When that happens, there's little chance the vehicle will slip into obscurity anytime soon. Here are nine cars that had their reputations boosted by the silver screen.

The Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet is an Apocalypse Vehicle for the Moneyed

When everything else just seems too boring, get this

Mercedes apparently thought their top-tier G-Glass wasn't good enough, so they went all Maybach-ian on it with the new Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. So, what in Zeus' underwear is this thing? Well, it's far more than just a convertible G-Class with a hefty price tag. It takes the best of the G-Class's ruggedness and infuses it with more size, more clearance and, well, more everything.

GM's Maven Car Sharing Service Offers a Car Ownership Alternative

A car-sharing service that solves city-life issues

Maven, General Motor's personal mobility solution, is helping to shape that future. It is changing the way people move about and live their lives. We got the chance to sit down and talk with Stefan Cross of GM and Deric Harwood, Maven's Chicago General Manager, at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show to get more details on the service.

Uber's Ties to Trump Pack a Wallop

Certain connections have been a problem for the ride-sharing company

In the still early days of the Trump Administration, there have been a lot of protests and backlash against companies who have ties to Donald Trump. Namely, Uber Technologies Inc. has been getting a lot of slack for their link with the President. Conversely, the luxury electric automaker who happens to be a rival at times, Tesla Inc. hasn't really gotten much if any criticism for their connections to the current administration. This is however, not for no reason.

A Gallery of Beauties from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

No Fiat 500L in this bunch, and for good reason.

This year's Chicago Auto Show didn't have any really huge debuts, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot to stare at. We're always surprised with how many great looking cars and trucks are on the market, and that means the whole gamut. Economy cars, crossovers, pickup trucks, sedans, hatchbacks and wagons (notice, we're purposely leaving minivans out of it).

The Crossovers Are Taking Over Chicago

These things are everywhere and in every vehicle lineup

While every automaker is showing off their crossover wares at CAS this year, there were a few new releases and a couple models that just stuck out to us. Here are the most engaging crossovers of the show. If you're going to the show, be sure to check them out. If not, take a gander below. You'll like what you see.