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2016 Ford Edge Titanium FWD Review

Ford's big boy crossover is one tech-laden, comfy ride

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A comfortable and luxurious tall-standing wagon

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Great driving and serious capacity are the name of the game

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The often forgotten midsize sedan that deserves some love

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The 5 Best Body-On-Frame SUVs for Towing and Off-Roading

5 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for the Commuter

Perk up the daily drudge with some holiday car cheer

Commuting can be a real pain, but it's a reality most of us have to live with (excluding you independently wealthy, of course). Getting to the car, sitting there in seemingly endless logjams, dealing with lousy drivers, and terrible construction are all things that nobody really wants to deal with. While you can't make the trip any shorter, you can make it more enjoyable for yourself or for the drained commuter in your life.

Tiny Crossovers are the Automotive Equivalent to 100-Calorie Snack Packs

They claim to be enough, but they're never satisfying

CUVs lure drivers in with inviting interiors and roomy cargo space and then trap them in a vehicle that's not very engaging to drive. The bottom line is that crossovers, in general, aren't as interesting or fun to drive as sedans and coupes, and we think it's better to enjoy your drive.

Should a "Used" Porsche Cayenne Diesel Be Your Next Luxury SUV?

For this kind of deal, you should embrace diesels

Sure, VW announced it was halting diesel sales in the U.S. last year, but there were still quite a few Porsche Cayenne Diesels remaining on dealer lots--to the tune of 1,500 brand new units. Now, Porsche actually plans on selling them as used vehicles, despite the fact that they've never been sold before. In fact, they're only a year old. The kicker is this. Porsche can't sell them until a fix is found for the diesel cheat.

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for the Driving Enthusiast

The kind of presents that will make them want to get out and drive

Getting a car enthusiast a Christmas gift can be a tricky thing since most times, the accoutrements desired are model specific. But that doesn't mean you, as the benevolent gift giver, has to know what kind of car the recipient drives in order to get the proper gift. We've selected five of the best holiday gifts for the car enthusiast in your life. Just wait until they peel back that wrapping paper and smile like a little kid.

First Drive: The 2017 Honda CR-V

Honda should continue to dominate the CUV segment

The Honda CR-V is the best-selling CUV in America, and during the couple days we spent driving the new CR-V along the beautiful California coast, Honda didn't let us forget it. The new 2017 Honda CR-V is better in basically every way. On paper, it is definitely better than the 2016 version, but we were curious to see if what's true on paper transitions to the road.

Faraday Future's Future is on the Line

Out of the gates blazing, only to come to a halt

Sometimes, delays in construction projects happen. In the case of the EV manufacturing plant in Nevada, Faraday Future is putting a temporary stop to their factory building plans. Now, the future of the company could be in jeopardy, as Faraday is in deep with millions of dollars in overdue bills that need to be paid.

LEGENDS: Jeep Wrangler

A war-time necessity turns into an adventure 4x4 icon

The Jeep Wrangler is perhaps Jeep's most iconic vehicle. The Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are well-known nameplates, but those models have changed considerably over time. The Wrangler has evolved a little but not much. For the most part, it's still the rugged off-road-ready, four-wheeler it always was. It's the peoples' go-to vehicle for crawling over rocks, tearing down dirt roads and powering through a muddy field.

The Five Best Holiday Gifts for the Automotive DIY-er

For the self-proclaimed grease monkey in your life

Do you know someone who loves to tinker with his or her own car, whether it's for fun, for self-education or just to save money? Well, that person can be hard to shop for since they're probably pretty picky to begin with. But if you know a thing or two about what it means to have the right tool for the right occasion, all it takes is a tad bit of generosity and our home auto mechanic holiday buying guide.

Will Chinese-Made Volvos and Caddys Turn Green in the Rain?

They make American flags, why not American cars?

You decide on a 2017 Volvo S90 T6 AWD flagship in Magic Blue Metallic, and once you take delivery of it, you're in automotive heaven. But then you read the fine print: it was made in Daqing, China! A serious case of buyer's remorse has suddenly set in and not because anything has gone wrong with the car... yet.

The Kia Stinger GT Should Elevate the Brand Now

One of the world's best brands needs to go prime time

Kia has been killing it the last few years, but that doesn't change the fact that it needs the Stinger GT in its lineup. Each and every year, the company's cars get better looking inside and out, more comfortable and more interesting to drive. On top of that, Kia ranks high for reliability and quality, and it offers one of the best warranties available. It's doing everything right except that there's no iconic Kia ride. The company has no halo car.

Telsa and SolarCity Power an Entire Island with Solar Panels

The electric carmaker throws its net both far and wide

We read a lot about Tesla and SolarCity, but this one takes the cake. In a rather, um, ambitious effort, they recently powered the entire Somoan Island of Ta'ū using solar panels that span the island's 17 square miles. Talk about a serious undertaking.

VW's Transform 2025+ Plan Counters Dieselgate

For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction

Though it doesn't quite qualify as the 3rd Law of Newtonian physics, VW's big plan to make e-mobility front and center in its brand efforts is a big way to make up for the tsunami of Dieselgate. Call it a reaction because that's what it is. It recently announced what's known as Transform 2025+, or a plan to make electric cars and connectivity its core competencies.

The Nio EP9 is the World's Fastest EV

NextEV doesn't mess around when it comes to going fast

Chinese car company NextEV has a new brand and a new electric supercar that recently broke the Nürburgring lap time by completing it in just seven minutes and five seconds. That means the new Nio EP9 is faster than almost all cars out there. It beats the Nissan GT-R Nismo, Dodge Viper ACR and the Lexus LFA. If you thought Chinese cars weren't going to be a big part of the future you've been sorely mistaken.

The Best Black Cars for Black Friday

We forego the insane malls to gape at these beauties

Shopping on Black Friday is for the birds. Who wants to wake up and go shopping at 6 am, only to get shoved around to get your hands on a cheap flat screen television? Not us. We'd rather look sit at our kitchen table with the laptop, a hot cup of black coffee and some really great automotive eye candy. You feel the same, dontcha?