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2017 Dodge Durango GT Blacktop AWD

The Durango goes dark and lights up our week

2018 Genesis G80 AWD 3.3T Sport Review

A sports sedan that actually makes good sense

2017 Chevrolet Malibu 2LZ Premier Review

The golden bowtie makes one of the best family sedans on earth

2017 Jaguar F-PACE 20d Prestige Review

A great driving crossover has a couple of big demerits

Used Car Checklist: What to Watch Out For When Shopping

Don't buy without taking a close look at these key items

Shopping for a used car definitely isn't easy. However, if you know what to look out for when shopping, you're going to have an easier time. When you shop for a new car, you really need to give it a good visual inspection. Remembering what all to look at can be difficult, so we've rounded up a list of items that you should take a few moments to check every time you go to look at a used car.

What are the Best Places to Buy Used Cars?

There are tons of used cars available form a variety of sources

Shopping for a used vehicle isn't exactly easy. There are so many used cars and you have to look out for a lot of different red flags. If where you live is like most places in the U.S., then there are used cars for sale all over the place from private sellers to used car lots to your typical dealership. Knowing what's best isn't easy, so we're going to take a closer look at all your options.

House to Vote on Measure to Help Bring Autonomous Cars to Market

We could have self-driving cars on the roads soon than we think

Today, a U.S. House committee is voting on a significant proposal to allow automakers to release up to 100,000 autonomous vehicles on the roadways without meeting existing auto safety standards, while also barring states from imposing driverless car rules. With automakers eager to get their self-driving cars on the road, this could greatly speed up the process without having to wait for regulator's extensive safety approval.

The New Subaru Crosstrek is the Everyman's Crossover

Just because it's a stilted hatchback doesn't mean it's not worthy

Subaru doesn't yet make a large SUV. The B9/B9 Tribeca never really counted and didn't really last. What Subaru does better than anybody is provide all-wheel drive daily drivers to the masses like no other car manufacturer out there, and the Crosstrek might just be its crown jewel, not because it's pricey or particularly handsome but because it works incredibly well for what most folks will actually use it for

Tom Hanks Gets His Dream Car From a Huge Fan

This is even more surprising than David S. Pumpkins!

Two-time Academy Award winner, Tom Hanks has given us multiple motion picture gems over the past four decades. From classic comedies like Splash, Big, and a League of Their Own, to genre defining dramas like Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, or Captain Phillips and many more, he's provided us with so many wonderful on-screen performances. One super-fan decided to show her appreciation for actor by restoring and gifting him a 1978 Fiat 126p.

Volvo's Polestar Performance Brand Might Go Exotic

They're taking their own direction, and it's pretty special

Volvo isn't what it used to be. Just look at their current line of cars, as well as what's coming around the bend. We named the S90 sedan our Car of the Year last year, and the XC90, XC60 and V90 Cross Country are fantastic. Now, they're going even bolder with their spinoff performance division known as Polestar that was born out of automotive racing. It looks like their first car will be a 600 horsepower coupe, according to Autocar.

Can the All-New 2018 Honda Accord Survive the Crossover Tsunami?

More dramatic and more powerful, but can it thrive?

It's official. The 10th-gen just got revealed, and it looks fresh and ready to rock its Civic-derived dramatic sheet metal. The Accord has always been a great-selling car, but now it faces an uphill battle against the new Toyota Camry and the growing popularity of the crossover segment, as evidenced by the number one selling passenger vehicle, the Nissan Rogue.

How Often Should You Have Your Brakes Serviced?

You need to be able to stop your vehicle above all else

Brakes are probably the most important part of a car. Without them, driving is impossible. You have to be able to slow and stop whenever you need to on the road. This ensures you'll get to your destination safely. Your brakes have to function correctly, which means they need to be in good condition and stay in good condition. But how often should you have then serviced?

Gear Up: The 5 Best Portable Tire Inflators

One of these could really save your butt out on the road

We've all been there, you're driving along and suddenly you hear the unfortunate repetitive thumping noise of a flat tire. What comes next is the removal of that tire and either the addition of your spare vehicle or the process of patching your punctured tire. No matter what you do, a portable tire inflator comes in handy.

Tesla Will Repair Your Model 3 Where You Are

This will be like next-level roadside assistance

In a world where instant satisfaction and readily available conveniences are popping up everywhere, Tesla is upping their game by offering a repair van for their Model 3. The company believes about 80 percent of repairs don't even require a visit to an auto shop, so they've decided to double down on its mobile repair services, increasing their mobile van technician fleet by 350 this year alone.

Can Mazda Really Make the Jump to Become a Premium Automaker?

The Japanese company wants to up its game but is that really possible?

Earlier this year, Masahiro Moro, CEO of Mazda North American Operations told us the company is happy with its market share, but that it wants to reach a higher echelon of car shopper. He said the company wants to take its offerings to premium brand levels. The question is, can Mazda actually do it?

Why Are Fancy Car Grilles Made Out of Plastic?

That plastic grille on your car is probably better than you think

When it comes to differentiating factors in a vehicle, many things are considered when making one distinctively unique. Whether it's color, body style, wheels, or what have you, certain things of varying qualities will make you know a vehicle is what it is. One of those things happen to be the grille.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is Insane Exclusivity and Speed

It'll drain your bank account and then rip your face off

If you're rich enough, special enough and fast enough to get to the front of the Aston Martin privileged customer list, you might be able to get your hands on the Valkyrie, formerly known as the RB-001, and now with its official name, the car get its closest-to-production reveal yet. Not only is it light, but massively powerful thanks to a hybrid powertrain thats certain to go up against the likes of the Ferrari La Ferrari, Porsche 918, and the McLaren P1.

How Does a Vehicle's Ride Height Affect Its Safety?

Should you go high or low with your next car?

With the crossover crazy in full swing more and more people drive vehicles with higher ride heights. While sitting up higher may seem like a good thing, that isn't necessarily the case. Ride height just like everything else is a tradeoff. When you bring a vehicle's center of gravity up, there are some adverse effects. To really see how ride height impacts safety we've highlighted three areas that it impacts.