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2017 Volvo S60 T5 AWD Dynamic Review

A still great model is clearly showing its age

2017 Audi Q7 3.0T Prestige Review

Very competent, very good to drive. Essentially, very German.

2017 Toyota Camry XLE Review

A known quantity with good qualities

2017 Toyota 86 Review

Driving gems like this are few and far between

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The 3 Best Used Minivans For Less Than $20,000

Uber's President Jumps Ship After Company and CEO Gaffes

Who will be the next to go at the ride-sharing giant?

After a pretty consistent string of bad luck in the last 6-7 months, Uber is losing some of their key players. The President of Uber Technologies Inc., Jeff Jones has decided to quit his position with the company after less than a year, due to the large multitude of scandalous activities surrounding Uber. The workforce is getting pretty uneasy due to all the controversial mishaps they've encountered lately.

On a Sad Note, Lexus May Very Well Kill the GS Sedan

One of our favorite practical and premium cars bites it

We love what Lexus is doing, and it seems they're on a roll in re-branding themselves as something more enthusiast-oriented and a bit less geared toward retirees, thank goodness. All this is evidenced by their latest models that include the IS, NX, RX, LC and new, upcoming and very attractive LS flagship. It's that last model that is leading to the probable axing of the GS sedan line, we're sad to say.

First Drive: 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The future is here, and it's hydrogen powered

Honda's fuel cell technology has gone from being some silly science experiment to a producing a legitimate car for everyday use, the Clarity Fuel Cell. Honda recently flew a bunch of journalist out to Santa Barbara, California, to test the Clarity out. They invited us along and we graciously accepted the offer.

Gear Up: SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone

A low-tech car doesn't have to mean no-tech calls

In older model cars, you often don't have the phone connectivity options that many people are accustomed to today. However, just because your car isn't equipped with that technology, doesn't mean you've missed out entirely on making hands-free calls with your phone. The Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone allows you to bring your car into the new age.

The Lucid Motors Air is an Electrified Steal at $52,500

The fact that it's cheaper than a Tesla S isn't an accident

If there's a serious competitor to the Tesla Model S on the horizon, it's clearly the Lucid Motors Air, a brand new luxury electrified sedan that wowed at CES just a couple of short months ago. Pricing has just been revealed, and it looks like no accident that it undercuts the Model S.

Trump Budget May Trump Energy Grants and Auto Loan Programs

What will the future of the auto industry look like?

The partial 2018 budget plan released by the Trump administration online recently revealed plans for some pretty big changes in the coming future. It proposed completely eliminating Energy Department loan programs and some research funding for energy-efficient technology and electric vehicle development at three automakers, all while the auto industry shifts to more environmentally friendly and autonomous vehicles.

Green Autos: The Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

It's the most powerful Acura SUV with NSX DNA

The Acura MDX Sport Hybrid will be the best version of the model yet. It gets better gas mileage and has more power than other versions of the model. The attractive luxury three-row SUV utilizes a very similar hybrid powertrain system as the Acura NSX. However, it's a heck of a lot more useful to the everyday driver than the NSX is, although not nearly as fun.

5 Fake Styling Elements That Spread Like the Measles

Nobody needs these design elements on their car

Every few years, some kind of design element seems to take over the automotive industry. While this design proliferation can be good, often automakers copy design elements from high-performance cars in an attempt to spice things up on an otherwise boring model. The result? Stupid and fake design elements that have no real purpose whatsoever.

The Next Buick Regal Will Come in Wagon and Hatchback Sedan Versions

Buick is taking some chances by ditching the sedan

Say goodbye to the Buick Regal sedan as we've known it. The American sedan will undergo not just a redesign but will also take a fairly radical departure from the Regal we've known for numerous generations. General Motors is taking some big chances by introducing two new body styles to the Regal, one in the form of a five-door hatchback and the other a station wagon, the likes of which Buick hasn't done in two decades.

10 Cars with the Best Taillights are Beautiful to Behold from Behind

These are the cars you'll know just by the lights

It's amazing just how much small details can impact how you feel about a car. One detail that we've found can make a big difference are lights, specifically taillights. The taillights on a car are an important part of its identity. Just think about driving at night. Without being able to see the red glow of the car's taillights in front of you, not only would you likely get into an accident, but you'd have little chance of telling what the thing is.

Could a VW and FCA Merger Actually Happen?

Constant talk from Marchionne may spark a big partnership

After dealing with the huge mess of Dieselgatel, Volkswagen AG CEO, Matthias Mueller believes the company "is back on track." Despite the big crisis the company faced, he revealed 2016 wasn't necessarily the big nightmare that many foresaw them enduring. When speaking at the VW annual press conference here, he spoke of the need to "become more international, more entrepreneurial and more female."

Lexus Will Definitely Build The Crazy UX Crossover

This origami on wheels is aimed at younger buyers

Take one look at the Lexus UX Concept that showed up at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, and you realize it's about the furthest departure from what Lexus built their reputation on, conservatively designed luxury cars aimed at the upper middle class and middle aged. Lexus recently announced that they will aim at younger buyers with a production version of the radical UX, and it's probably not as far off as you'd think.

The First American Solar Roadway is Utterly Worthless

Looks like first time is not a charm, they've failed completely

The vast majority of people on earth are aware of the need for a sensible and affordable alternative energy source that can help to take down pollution. The idea of a solar panel roadway had been floating around for years, but it's finally been put to the test for the first time in the United States. To put it lightly, things didn't exactly go as planned. It was a total failure.

The Rumor Mill: The Volkswagen Microbus

The Volkswagen hippie van will return recharged

Volkswagen showed off the ID Buzz concept at the recent Paris Motor Show. The fully electric microbus certainly got people talking, and VW let the world know that it was going to focus more on electric vehicles with hopes of selling 1 million EVs per year by 2025. A big part of that is expected by many to be some kind of microbus like the ID Buzz concept.