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2017 Lexus RC 350 Review

The Japanese grand tourer is alive and well

2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury Review

A masterful replacement for the LR4 finally arrives

2017 BMW M760i xDrive

The triumvirate of power, luxury and exclusivity reign supreme

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review

The Swedish Crossover Wagon delivers style and substance

The Chevy Equinox Diesel Proves Diesel's Not Dead Yet

Chevrolet hasn't given up on this venerable engine type.

If you thought Volkswagen's diesel debacle finally killed the engine type in the U.S. you are sorely mistaken. The Chevrolet Equinox is here to save the day. Well really it's just one of the models doing it but it's nice to see another good diesel join the ranks of the ever growing crossover segment. The newest design of the highly popular crossover will say to hell with all the diesel doubters and soldier on with a 1.6-liter diesel four-cylinder engine under the hood.

FCA Could Become a Chinese-Owned Company

How would you feel if your Dodge was built in China?

Over the past few years, we have seen Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne make it known that he's interested in a merger with another major automaker. After failed attempts at trying to get GM CEO Mary Barra and Volkswagen to hear him out on the matter, several Chinese automakers have expressed interest in FCA. While this may be what Marchionne has been waiting for, he isn't necessarily jumping at the opportunity.

LEGENDS: 1st-Generation BMW M Coupe

This sporty, angry frog of a car is still one of the best out there

BMW has made some amazing cars recently, but none of them stand out the way the M Coupe did, which was built back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was a cool oddity then and is a rarity today.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Gives You 707 Horsepower for a Mere $85,900

It'll crush almost everything and then kinda go off-roading

If you like the idea of being able to go 0-60 in under 4 seconds, while also having the room to tote around a gaggle of kids or cargo, then the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is probably for you. Fiat Chrysler just announced pricing on the new SUV, saying the Trackhawk qill being at $85,900, almost $20k more than the lesser Grand Cherokee SRT, which runs at $66,895.

The Infiniti Prototype 9 Racer is Vintage Cool and Electric Modern

This car will thrill everyone at Pebble Beach this year

Infiniti showed off its newest concept car ahead of its official debut at the Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance. The car blends classic race car aesthetics with modern electric powertrain technology. It features a beautiful Infiniti logo hood ornament, a flowing double-arch grille and sleek lines down its side the remind us of a 1930's Mercedes-Benz race car in some ways. The tail elegantly tapers off to a dull point.

Gear Up: Random Orbital Motion Buffers

When you really want to do that polish job right

Waxing or polishing your car is a great way to preserve or even repair the paint on your car. With the right polishing compound, you can ensure that your car will continue looking great for years to come. While you don't need to wax your car often, if you do it about every six months as many professionals suggest, you may want to invest in a power rand orbital motion buffer machine.

The Nissan Rogue Sells Like Hotcakes But Sucks To Drive

Crossovers are hot, but we're not sure why some feel so lukewarm

We've driven and reviewed the Nissan Rogue, and now we're behind the wheel of the new Nissan Rogue Sport, the smaller version of the Rogue that's derived from the global Nissan Qashqai. Both vehicles have a great exterior, a so-so interior, and the driving dynamics of a bar of soap. So, what gives? Why do they sell so well?

eBay Find: 1976 Porsche 914 Targa

A flop 40 years ago makes for a cool oddity today

Buying a 914 won't make you cool like the guys who have 911s, but it is a conversation starter and not a bad little sports car for a sunny Saturday afternoon. The Porsche 914 Targa we found on eBay has very low miles, and appears to be in excellent condition. While you'll never get for this car what you would for a 911, a beautifully maintained, low-mileage one is likely to only go up in price.

Uber and Lyft Drive Down Car Sales

Services like these are disrupting the industry in many ways

Ride share services like Uber and Lyft keep getting more and more popular as the days go on, and that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It has become apparent that the rise in popularity of these services have lowered car sales in areas that are served by them. As consumers use the services, they're less likely to buy cars and take trips.

5 Great Used Cars With the Fewest Recalls

These cars were well-built with solid components

It's important to think about recalls when you purchase a vehicle. Obviously, you can't do much with new cars, but when shopping for a used model you need to see what kinds of recalls have been issued and performed to a specific car. You can check all this at the NHTSA website. To make the shopping experience easy for you, we've rounded up the five 2015 model year vehicles with the fewest recalls.

Want This, Buy This: Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier

When you can't get the Taco you want, check out the Frontier

A midsize truck offers a lot of utility and capability in a smaller, easy to manage package. The Toyota Tacoma is a stalwart of the segment. It's well-known and well-loved by many and its price reflects this. If the Tacoma's higher price tag is a turn-off for you, there's another option out there, the Nissan Frontier. Let's take a look at these two mid-sizers and see how they stack up when compared.

The Lina Biodegradable Car Gives New Meaning to Green Wheels

You may not be able to compost it, but it's pretty earth-friendly

The folks at Autonews recently reported a serious breakthrough in the green car world. It takes the form of the Lina biodegradable car, created by a group of students in the Netherlands. It's not made of soy, kale, bamboo or the tears of Al Gore, but it is quite revolutionary.

How the Car You Want Could Financially Handcuff You

Don't be a slave to the high priced car of your dreams

We've all got that ideal car. That vehicle that excites and entices us, but the thing is, most of the time, that's not the car you should buy. The world is rife with people who bought a car that they simply can't afford. You know that cool neighbor guy down the street with the new Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350? Yeah, he's locked in for 72 months paying over $800 each month.

Faraday Future Shifts Gears and Also Gets Funding

The automotive startup could be getting a fresh start

Faraday Future has had a lot of ups and downs in getting themselves off the ground. Recently, they've scrapped their plans to build a billion-dollar factory in Nevada in exchange for signing a lease for a new manufacturing facility in Hanford, California. Due to their financial troubles, they had to resort to this option, but it may just yet be the right move for them.