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2015 Audi Q3 Review

Audi's entry level crossover strikes the proper balance.

2014 Ford C-Max Energi Review

Purely electric roadtrips are still just publicity stunts.

2015 Subaru BRZ Series Blue Review

Blue Is the Funnest Color.

2015 Honda Accord Touring Review

Still the King of Cars, after all these years.

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2015 Buick LaCrosse

You Wish You Could Parallel Park This Well

China proves it's deserving of the world record for parallel parking.

You likely know somebody who believes that they're the best parallel-parker in the world. At the very least, you know somebody who won't stop talking about being the best, even if their pockmarked bumper leads you to believe otherwise. In the event you want them to shut their yapper, there's only one video you need to show them - the video wherein Han Yue breaks the world record for parallel parking in a spot only 3.4 inches larger than the car itself.

Jesse Ventura on Going Off the Grid in a Hummer

The controversial Statesman takes an H2 to Baja California.

The Baja California Peninsula is 55,000 square miles of land that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. "Baja" as it's called by most North Americans, is a pristine desert landscape. To former Minnesota Governor and often-controversial WWE Hall-of-fame wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura, it's called home. Ventura spends half the year living off the grid while navigating the remote desert landscape in his 2006 Hummer H2.

GALLERY: MINI Makes the Ultimate City Vehicle: A Scooter

The City Surfer concept is a Razor for grownups.

It's not surprising that one of the more interesting concept models at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show is an electric vehicle, but what is surprising is that it isn't a car. It's MINI's new portable electric scooter: the City Surfer, and if you think it's just an electric Razor scooter for adults, you're right, but what's wrong with that?

Autos 101: How to Change a Tire

Don't get stranded on the side of the road during a holiday roadtrip.

Having some basic auto knowledge is important for everyone, not just gearheads. Knowing a thing or two about what's under the hood and how your car functions will make you a safer, more confident driver. With the holiday season soon approaching we know many people will be traveling longer distances to see friends and family, so before you embark on a roadtrip, it's imperative that you know how to change a tire.

Year One: The 2015 Subaru Legacy's First-Year Ownership Cost

The price on the window sticker doesn't tell the whole story.

A car is an expensive thing to own. And the costs of ownership don't stop once you've settled on financing; between insurance, gas, and maintenance, you might end up spending several thousand dollars per year above and beyond the checks you send to the bank. In order to give you an idea of what these costs might be, we've compiled a list of additional expenses that owners are likely to encounter during their first year of vehicle ownership.

Britain's Poo-Bus: Your Waste Is Its Power

No buts about it, the eco-friendly ride runs on crap.

Have you ever wondered how far you could travel on a year's worth of your own waste? Oh, you haven't ... well, today you get to find out anyway - it's 37 miles. This fun math equation is brought to you by Britain's first bus powered entirely by human and food waste.

This Week in 1960, DeSoto becomes Defunct

The iconic Chrysler marque gets eaten alive by poor decisions.

This week in automotive history, Chrysler's DeSoto division ended its 33-year run which, produced more than two million vehicles during its time. Founded on August 4, 1928 by Walter Chrysler, the DeSoto marque became a serious contender in the mid-price sedan segment, breaking first-year sales records with 81,065. That record stood until 1960 with the introduction of the Ford Falcon.

Engine Check Thyself: OnStar Brings Diagnostics On-Board

OnStar will be used to warn you of potential issues.

Of all the technology in all the history of automotive travel, none has been more useless than the "check engine" light. This so-vague-it's-useless warning signal is meant to alert you to serious engine trouble, but it has come to be the default warning for any malfunction, from a loss of compression to an improperly screwed-on filler cap.

Bang for Your Buck: 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited

Checking out a new car's competition from the used-car market.

It's no surprise that buyers often compare both new and used cars. For a given price point, the market for potential cars explodes once you start looking away from new cars alone. Yes, you might give up the warranty, but if you're looking for something unique, used cars provide a good value ... provided you pick the right one. Bang for Your Buck takes a look at five used cars you could get with the money you'd spend on the new car we've tested recently - running the gamut from sensible to silly.

Volvo Sets Ambitious Sales Goal

Swedish brand hopes to save its place in the U.S. market.

Volvo is a brand in trouble, at least here in America. The Swedish automaker has had a hard time gaining ground in the United States, despite the fact that it's been selling cars here since the 1950s, and have gained a well-deserved reputation for making the safest cars on the road.

Lincoln's "Black Label" Recaptures the Brand's Exclusivity

Delivering high-class services with a palatable price tag.

Are you sick of the media and everybody else casting doubt upon the value of domestic luxury brands when compared to their European counterparts? Lincoln sure is, and the automaker is determined to show that upper-echelon American brands can bring a level of luxury to the market that most would associate with high-end cars from Germany, England, or Italy. Its ambitious program is called Black Label, and for a surprisingly low amount of money, you can feel like a king.

Ford Honored for 2015 Mustang Airbag Design

A new lightweight design using plastic, is making big waves.

This week, the Society of Plastics Engineers automotive division honored the engineering team of the 2015 Ford Mustang. Ford received awards for Engineering Team of the Year and won awards for five other categories, including safety and body interior. They also grabbed Grand Innovation of the Year for their innovative airbag design of the Mustang, which is also available in the Edge.

2014 LA Auto Show, Winter Crashes, Car's Record for Donuts

Web2Carz Presents Top 5 Kick Ass Car videos of the week.

It is no less than an exciting week in the world of car videos - from the serious and precautionary to the downright fun. From Dallas to Dubai and back again, Web2Carz brings you another installment in our weekly Top Five (truly) Kick-Ass Car Videos, which begins with some early reports of new cars unveiled at the 2014 LA Auto Show.

Which Cars Have the Best Resale Value?

ALG Residual Value Awards rank the cars that depreciate least.

One of the worst things about buying a new car is thinking about depreciation: the fact that your brand new, many-thousand-dollar car loses nearly 20 percent of its value the second you drive it off the lot. Most people choose simply to not think about depreciation when deciding which car to buy.