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The 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE is Efficiency for All

It'll cart you around seemingly forever on one tank

The 2016 Ford Explorer Is a Luxury CUV Value

The Explorer that brings it all to the table

The 2016 Lexus ES 300h Is a Different Kind of Sleeper Car

Fuel economy rather than luxury or speed is the name of the game

2016 Dodge Journey is a Solid Minivan Alternative

This SUV works for the whole family

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Why You Should Own a Classic Car at Least Once

Kahn's Land Rover Defender End Edition Is Fearsome

Menacing limited-edition model gives the Defender a proper goodbye

British tuner Kahn Design is giving the Land Rover Defender the proper goodbye it deserves, creating the most menacing limited-edition model it could dream up. Appropriately called End Edition, this vehicle is the epitome of killer looks. Everything from its lifted suspension, to its 20-inch satin black alloys, and custom grille screams off-road badass. Coat it all in a flat-black paint job and this is one Defender to fear.

How to Drive a Car with a Manual Transmission

Here's your introduction to a lost motoring art

If you're one of the few people who want to use a manual, you have opted for a more enjoyable (at least in our minds) and pure experience. For those of you who have seen the light, but don't know how to proceed, we would like to present to you the basics of driving a manual transmission.

5 Modern Family Cars Faster Than a Ferrari 348

Family-friendly does not have to be synonymous with tame

When Ferrari introduced its 348 TB in 1989, it blew people away. The long-awaited successor to the 308/328 series, it was a dramatic departure from its predecessor. It took styling cues from the Testarossa, with side-mounted radiators, and a longitudinally mounted engine that mimicked the layout of Ferrari's F1 cars at the time. The rear-wheel drive, two-seater sports car was powered by a 3.4-liter V8, putting out a respectable 300 hp. It was a hot sports car in its time.

5 Best Cars for Those Who Hate Driving

These cars can help you get through your drive

Some people just don't like to drive. We get it. You want to get where you're going comfortably and safely and don't want to spend a lot of time and energy behind the wheel. Hopefully, the five cars listed below will make your driving experience more enjoyable.

This 1957 Ferrari 335S Sold For a Whopping $34.9 Million

It didn't beat the 250 GTO, but you still can't afford it

Run-of-the-mill, brand new production Ferraris will cost you a pretty penny -- the cheapest one, the California T, is a hair under $200K. But that's nothing compared to what a collectible, coveted Ferrari 335S will run you. This 1957 beauty just sold for $34.9 million when the gavel dropped in Paris.

GEAR UP!: The Mini-Factory Car Frost Guard Saves Time and Pain

No more scraping off the white stuff when you're in a rush

If you're sick and tired of spending fifteen minutes and copious amounts of arm strength to get ice and snow of your car's windshield, you're not alone. Mini-Factory has something else in mind that we're sure will change your winter morning chore. Just drape it across your windshield, roof and side windows and mirrors, and the Car Frost Guard will deliver quick snow removal with zero hassle

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA Changes Shape While Driving

Wicked Tech: Changing appearance to improve efficiency

Shape-shifting sounds like the stuff of vampire romance dramas, but it's actually a concept being employed in the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz created the Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) as an exploration of how a vehicle could change shapes. This is no illusion, but actually two cars in one.

A Vintage Lotus Esprit Is Reawakened

This mysterious sports car is revived with 1980s flair

The Lotus Esprit is a bit of an enigma. To most onlookers its exotic wedge-shape is reminiscent of a vintage Ferrari or Lamborghini. But, this British sports car has a unique history of its own, dating back to its first production in 1976. The Lotus Esprit is a rare and beautiful automobile, and one that is not often fully understood.

Honda Is Selling Hybrid Odyssey Minivans in Japan

The automaker's premium seven-seater goes green

Despite the slump in oil prices, most automakers have continued to invest in hybrid and EV technology, developing cleaner, more efficient vehicles. However, Honda's hybrids have taken a backseat for 2016, at least in the U.S. But, the sophisticated hybrid powertrain of the Accord just found a new home - in Honda's Odyssey minivan.

Why You Should Own a Classic Car at Least Once

Zen and the Art of Actually Caring About Your Car

Robert M. Pirsig once discussed in his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance the importance of really caring about whatever it is you do, whether that be working on a motorcycle or just sitting still. Whatever you choose to do, do it well, and you'll become a more virtuous person. This can extend to any part of your life, even car ownership, and there's no better type of car to help you improve yourself and make you care more than a classic automobile.

LEGENDS: Toyota 2000 GT Was Japan's First Supercar

It's long lean and almost as sexy as the Jag E-Type

When most people think of Toyota, they think of the Camry and all that it represents - the reliable and long-lasting, but forever boring family car. What those people forget is that Toyota makes cars that compete in some of the most exciting motorsports on earth, and the company has been doing this for years. Case in point, the 2000GT.

7 Best Family Car Features

Make sure to add these to your family car checklist

When shopping for a family car, there are a lot of things you shouldn't go without - plenty of seating, ample cargo room, additional airbags - but oftentimes some of the more non-essential amenities get overlooked when they shouldn't. We've rounded up a number of features that you'll really want to have on your next family car.

10 Best Car Names of All Time

They sound so good, you can't get them out of your head

Naming a car is like naming a child - choose wisely. Automakers want the name to impart some sort of spirit or ethos about the brand or particular model, but you have to find the right balance between straight-forward and obscure. If a car's name brings up a strong emotional connection for you, then the automaker has done a nice job. When you can't remember a car's name, well, that says it all. Here are our 10 best car names of all time.

The Chevrolet Corvette is a Supercar for the Masses

You get a whopping amount of power for the price

Most people can't afford to own a supercar. The insurmountable price of a car from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Noble, Koenigsegg or Pagani will keep many drivers from the ridiculous speeds that they crave. However, there is light at the end of the sad supercar tunnel and that light is wearing a Chevy bowtie - the Corvette.