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The 2016 Lexus IS 200t F Sport Changes Its Tune

It's a Crowd Pleaser, not a Rubber Roaster

The 2016 Fiat 500X Likes to Dress More Than Play

Amping up the Fiat lineup by entering the small CUV fray.

The 2015 Ford Edge Titanium AWD Gets Fresh and Fierce

A thorough redesign gives the CUV a sleeker look and improved tech

The 2016 Audi A6 3.0T Is as Fast as it Is Fancy

A strong case for a best-in-class midsize luxury sedan.

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2015 Volkswagen Golf

These 5 Great Cars Make for Perfect Thanksgiving Transportation

When you absolutely, positively have to get there to stuff your face

Turkey day is just around the corner, and along with hordes of family and friends and enough food to feed an entire cast of Game of Thrones, you actually have to get to the site of the feast without incident. We've got the five perfect vehicles selected for the Thanksgiving Day festivities... guaranteed to get you where you need to go with style, substance and hopefully with enough excitement to combat that insidious Tryptophan.

7 Sporty Cars You Shouldn't Overlook

It doesn't have to be a true sports car to put a smile on your face

We all dream of owning a sleek, eye-catching sports car with more pavement-ripping power than we'll ever need, but unfortunately the practical realities of life keep us from a two-seater sports car's sexy curves. While your family, budget or disapproving spouse may keep you from the car of your dreams, it doesn't mean you have to completely forsake your need for fun and speed.

Volkswagen's Emissions Scandal Monster Grows Another Head

The EPA Investigates offending V6 diesel engines in the U.S. market

Just when you didn't think it could get any worse, Volkswagen's emissions scandal has taken on greater proportion. Earlier this month, the German automaker had little choice but to admit to understating the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of 800,000 cars in Europe.

The BMW Concept Compact Sedan Brings a Smaller Bimmer to China

BMW has their sights set on the semi-affluent

The Chinese auto market is a fertile field of opportunity where automakers are continuing to focus their efforts with new models created to lure the newly moneyed. BMW is amongst such manufacturers, and they've unveiled a special model at Auto Guangzhou 2015 that seems aimed right at the middle class and rising affluent 20-somethings. It's called the Concept Compact Sedan, and it's quite attractive.

The Cyntur Jumperpack Mini Makes Jumper Cables a Thing of The Past

A small lifesaver that does really big things

Jump starting your car is a royal pain. Jumper cables that can be confusing when figuring out what to connect first and in what order from live to dead battery, or vice versa. Plus, jumper cables are cumbersome and then you need to find someone who'll actually provide the jump for you, as well as your having to figure out if your car is positioned in a way that the battery can be accessed and jumped. It's a chore that we dread -- that is, until now.

Elio Motors Shows of Its Near Production P5 Wonder Car

Wicked Tech: A simple idea brilliantly executed for a mere $6,800

Is this the car that wants to be a trike or the trike that wants to be a car? Well, by federal government regulations, anything that has three wheels or less on the ground is technically considered a motorcycle. But Elio Motors' three-wheeled vehicle is more car-like than ever. The company just unveiled its latest fifth generation prototype - the P5 - at the LA Auto Show this week.

An Arcimoto Three-Wheeler that Finally Gets It Right

Generation 8 SRK loses the steering wheel and gains viability

Arcimoto, headed by Mark Frohnmayer, recently showed off the eighth iteration of its fully-electric, three-wheeled vehicle. Looking like a mashup of a Can-Am Spider and a UTV, the Arcimoto Generation 8 SRK is a huge improvement over the last seven versions. One key development helped make it possible - replacing the steering wheel with motorcycle-like handlebars.

7 Great Vans Left a Big Mark on Car History

There was nothing mini about the impact of these seven vans

While vans might not be the fastest, most exciting vehicles out there, a high-quality one can change your life forever. Whether you need a van for gear, family or the occasional long road trip, finding the right vehicle is paramount to a truly enjoyable driving experience. And though vans are far from adrenaline pumpers, they do fulfill important functions - namely hauling people and things with aplomb

A Look Behind the Development of Ford's Electric Bicycles

Ford is about more than just cars and trucks these days

Ford is about more than just cars and trucks these days. "We're a mobility company," said Bruce Williams, a designer and engineer for Ford. With that in mind, it may not seem so surprising to learn that while Williams was a creative force behind the company's popular F-150 pickup, his latest project has been developing an electric bicycle, the Mode: Flex.

The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Is an Italian Flavored Miata

The new Fiat 124 Spider ups the small Miata in a few ways

The new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata has already stolen our hearts with its spectacular driving dynamics, willing engine and flingable chassis, but there's a new roadster on the block, and it has more than a tangential relationship to the venerable Japanese convertible. The new Fiat 124 Spider just showed up at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and it does more than dress up the Miata's duds.

The 2016 MINI Convertible Is A Ragtop with Plenty of Choices

Making you pine for warmer weather way too soon

When spring of 2016 comes, you'll want to enjoy the sunshine and the new MINI Convertible will let you soak in all the rays you can handle. BMW's latest ragtop MINI retains the vehicle's signature look while letting the top come either half way or all the way down. Also, there are plenty of options to choose from to make the iconic little vehicle truly your own.

Car Ownership Is A Commitment. These Models Attract The Loyalists

Makes your dating history seem paltry by comparison

Buying a car is a pretty big decision most people will have to make at some point during their lifetime. It requires a substantial investment of time and money, and can feel a little like entering a long-term relationship. Of course, nothing is ever life-or-death-binding, so when an owner is ready to move on, they can easily trade-in or sell their old vehicle for another. But some owners take the commitment to their car to heart, and they're in it for the long haul.

The 2017 Mazda CX-9 Gets Three-Row Sexy

A worthy replacement for the aging Japanese SUV

Mazda has taken the veil off their three-row flagship SUV, the new 2017 CX-9, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and like the rest of the Mazda lineup - it's a looker. Mazda just might have the most attractive line of cars in the industry right now, at least amongst mass market manufacturers.

LEGENDS: The Original Mini Was a Tiny Car that had a Huge Impact

It makes the current Mini seem positively massive

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. After the oil crisis in the Middle East in 1956, European consumers were in need of small, fuel-efficient cars. Sir Alec Issigonis designed the first Mini to meet those needs, and ever since people have had a whole lot of love for the little car.