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2014 Jaguar F-Type S Convertible Review

A journey through space and time with Jaguar's best car in years.

2015 Honda Fit EX-L Review

Still a good Fit after all these years.

2015 Lexus RX 450h Review

Lexus hybridizes its midsize crossover.

2014 Audi A7 TDI Review

Why, again, are commuters buying hybrids?

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2015 BMW M4

Autospeak Explained: Hofmeister Kink

Simplifying car jargon and techspeak for ordinary people.

Although it may seem like a minor touch - having a car's C-pillar bend forward just at the point it approaches the belt line - the Hofmeister kink, as this design cue has come to be called, is one of the most recognizable and long-lasting bits of BMW design DNA.

Wicked Tech: Protect Your Tires with Bluetooth

Monitor your vehicle's individual tire pressure 24/7.

Before tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were installed, flat tires or blowouts accounted for 78,392 car crashes annually, according to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA). Cars are now required to have TPMS installed but there are many cars on the road manufactured before this regulation. With FOBO Tire you can monitor each tire's pressure, individually, 24/7.

Maserati 250-F at 60 and Lizard Found Under Car Hood

The Web2Carz Top 5 Kick Ass Car videos of week

News is news, no matter how serious or silly, regional, or international. That is why we at Web2Carz are inclined to report on all things auto related. This week's videos run the gamut but we'll start with the most timely one. An Ohio motorcycle customizer and his company, Darkside Scientific has managed to extend the half-life of glow-in-the-dark car paint.

Product Review: Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

Yes. Another scratch removing product that claims to work wonders.

There's nothing worse than getting burned on a bad product. If you've ever found yourself watching TV while the rest of the world slept, you've seen the onslaught of infomercials offering everything from garden hoses to burger stuffers. Or maybe you've been standing in line at your local auto parts store and noticed a stack of products claiming some enormous feat of automotive ingenuity. We're going to put these products to the test.

What's Good About the U2 Urban Utility Concept

It's absurd, innovative, and maybe the wave of the future.

If the Toyota's Urban Utility concept vehicle (scheduled to debut on September 20 at the World Maker Faire, a sort of festival/conference showcasing hobbyist, inventors, and artists in New York City) reminds you of the Honda Element, that's probably because, like the Element, it represents yet another attempt to reach the ever-elusive youth market. And because it's basically a box on wheels.

VIDEO: Driving the 2015 Lexus RC F at Monticello Motor Club

We hit the track in the brand's latest sports coupe.

The 2015 Lexus RC F doesn't go on sale until later this year, but Lexus invited us to upstate New York in order to test-drive the car before it hits dealerships. We spent time with both RC trim levels, on a mixture of winding roads, highways, and (obviously) the track at Monticello Motor Club. We brought along our GoPro, and after runs in two different models of RC F, we've returned with some video for you.

Hellcat Sales, Subaru Sales, and Dodge Troubles

Your auto news roundup for the week of 09/05 - 09/12.

If you're looking to pick up the small-batch, 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, good luck finding a dealer. Chrysler has instituted a series of requirements before any dealership can procure and sell Hellcats, and most of the metrics are related to sales performance of other Dodge-brand vehicles. Once the initial round of Hellcat sales is over, Chrysler will look at Hellcat dealers and adjust allocations based on how long the Hellcats sat on the lot before being sold.

The Coolest Details of the 2015 BMW M4

You don't even have to look hard to find something interesting.

The BMW M4 is, technically, a completely new vehicle. It's new in the sense that it's the first year of the newest generation of hopped-up BMW sports coupes; it's also new in the sense that this is the first generation of BMWs to use the 4-Series badge for its two-door offerings. That means the M4 represents the newest of the new; of course, BMW knows this, and so they really pulled out all the stops in order to bring customers a car that's less of a car and more of an experience.

Why Your City Needs a Highway Garden

Expressway greenery boosts people's moods and the environment.

If you've ever lived in or traveled to Chicago, you've probably made two observations: One, the Windy City loves to eat; and two, there are some beautiful gardens along the expressways. Okay, so maybe that second thought wasn't going through your head, but regardless of if you stopped to notice the beautiful greenery along the highways, it's there, and for good reason, too.

The 2015 Lexus RC: Got That Ambition, Baby

Lexus is bringing sexy back, as well as excitement.

When Lexus unveiled its all-new IS sedan for the 2014 model year, strangely absent, was the IS Coupe that had been a mainstay of the previous generation. Now, one model year later, we have an answer - an answer that, frankly, goes above and beyond the question that was asked of it. The RC is the replacement for the IS Coupe, and it's an ambitious car that hopes to reinvigorate the exciting side of a typically staid brand.

GALLERY: Brown is the Warmest Color

Giving the world's least popular color a second look.

When it comes to car colors, people are really, really boring. For years, black, white, and silver (for brevity's sake, let's call them BWS) have been the most popular car colors, despite the fact that none of them are actually colors. It's not just that these colors are more popular than all others, however.

Recall Roundup: One Small Automaker, Three Small Recalls

Let's see what's new in automotive recalls this week, shall we?

More often than not, you only hear about hypercars (e.g. LaFerrari, McLaren P1, etc.) in glowing prose on the pages of a buff book. However, problems do arise with all manufacturers, even small-batch ones like Koenigsegg. The Swedish manufacturer had to issue a recall for exactly one vehicle, a 2013 Koenigsegg Agera, because an error with the tire-pressure indicator light means the car does not conform to a federal safety standard.

The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Will Haunt You (and Jaguar)

M-B comes out swinging with its SLS AMG successor.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was a fantastic grand tourer. As the successor to the 300SL Gullwing (mostly in spirit), the SLS AMG reminded automakers and buyers everywhere that Mercedes does more than shove big engines into its standard offerings. Now, with the SLS AMG in our rearview mirror, there's a power vacuum in the M-B lineup; thankfully, the automaker came to the rescue with the Mercedes-AMG GT, a raucous grand tourer that's sure to bite into F-Type and 911 sales.

The Colorful World of Paint Jobs

Why have a boring car when it could be chrome or zebra printed?

When it comes to car colors, there are literally endless possibilities. New colors are introduced to the market every year, from "Starfire Pearl" to "Silver Pine Mica" - the names are ridiculous, but so is the selection. Granted, customizing your car is more expensive than just sticking with the normal factory color, but, if you do want to give your car a makeover, there are several options you can go with, some less permanent than others, and also much cheaper.