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A truly luxurious pickup that can still get the job done

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Near the end of life, it's still one great CUV

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited Review

An attractive, smart, green option from Hyundai

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The once great minivan resurges with authority

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Configure This: How We'd Spec the 2016 Audi TTS

The 4 Most Affordable Wagons

Here's how to get the extra space of a wagon for a low price

If you're not interested in the crossovers that have become widespread across the automotive industry but you need more space than a typical sedan can provide, you really have one choice: a wagon. Wagons are some of the most versatile cars on the road and you get driving dynamics that few true crossovers can match. Want to know the best part? Wagons are affordable too. Here are some of the best wagons with the lowest price tags.

Configure This: How We'd Spec the 2016 Audi TTS

It's time for the dreamers to dream in a blue hue

We fear that the spectacular Audi TT is not long for this world. Ever since its emergence on the sports coupe scene back in 1998, it's been a niche car. It transformed the world of modern car design with its bauhaus style curves and sloping greenhouse. It's since evolved into an edgier style but with the same excellent driving dynamics. The current TTS performance version boasts 292 horsepower, a bump of 72 horses over the base TT.

10 Best Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

No, beaded seat cushions and Pokémon Go are not on this list

Take a good look at the contents of your car right now. What do you actually keep in there that's of any use to you in an emergency. Sure, you might have an umbrella so you don't get wet walking 20 yards from your car to your office, but aside from that there's probably not much that's going to do you much good when things get bad out there on the road. You need to keep a solid inventory of emergency preparedness gear items in your vehicle in case something unplanned comes up.

Everything We Know About the Apple Car

Apple's next game changer looks like it will come on four wheels

With the hype and excitement over electric cars and their advancements, many already established carmakers are joining the race to make their own models. Of course, other types of companies have realized this opportunity, namely Apple. They have their hands in many industries, so it's no surprise that they're making some serious moves towards leaving their footprint in the automotive industry, however late to the game they may be.

Nissan Debuts Commercially-Focused Titan Single Cab

We're sure there will be takers, but it's a bit odd in proportions

Not everyone wants a double or crew cab pickup truck. Some are less concerned with hauling people and just want the pure utilitarian pickup truck that's all about hauling capacity, practicality, and cost-savings. The new Titan single cab has been recently debuted and will show up in both Titan XD and standard Titan models. It's the Titan's first single cab, ever.

Pre-Owned Pick: 2013 Hyundai Azera

Hyundai's big sedan is an all-around smart choice

Hyundai's 2013 Azera is an attractive large sedan with a powerful engine and an upscale interior. The Azera isn't a big seller for Hyundai, but that doesn't mean it's a bad car. Large sedans simply aren't in as high of demand as they once were due to the spike in crossover sales. Still, if you need a sedan that's powerful, efficient and packed with features, you can't go wrong with the Azera, and a going for a gently used one can help keep the impact to your bank account at a minimum.

Vintage Versus: Ferrari F355 GTS vs. Acura NSX-T

Back then, it was the Japanese upstart against the Italian stallion

Both the Aura NSX and the Ferrari F355 are impressive feats of engineering and design. Though they represented two very different companies, they were both excessively beautiful and powerful. Honda designed the original NSX to match or beat the Ferrari's offerings, so it's only fitting that we place the NSX-T next to the Ferrari of that time.

Six Cars With Painfully Short Production Lives

Getting the proverbial axe when sales hopes died a horrible death.

Not every car model has the gift of longevity like the Porsche 911 (53 years), the Ford Mustang (52 years) and the Chevrolet Corvette (63 years). In fact there are a number of cars at the opposite end of the spectrum, ones that only lived in showrooms for a handful of years.

The BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition Is all Balls and Brightness

When a regular M5 just won't feed the need for speed

A stock 2016 BMW M5 ($94,100 base MSRP) is already packed with power and amenities. The 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 is good for 560 hp and rockets to 60 mph in barely over four seconds. It has full leather seating, power opening and closing trunk, smart cruise control, navigation, and the rest of the list is as long as your arm. Now, BMW has come out with a limited-edition version known as the Pure Metal Silver Edition, and only 50 of them will be made

The Rumor Mill: Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

The real question is will it have wood paneling?

The Jeep brand has been one of the most successful for FCA, and the company plans to continue to build on that success with new versions of the heralded nameplates, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. Mike Manley of Jeep said that the new SUVs will be upscale luxury models place above the Grand Cherokee in an interview with Automotive News.

GEAR UP!: Candylab Toys Wooden Cars

Drop your smartphones and play all day with these low-tech toys

Call us kids, but we'll never grow tired of great toy cars. They bring us back to a more innocent time, peppered with summer afternoons at the local swimming pool, seemingly endless vacations and pretend worlds where we were kings for more than a day. Candylab Toys wants to bring us back there with their '60's-inspired wooden car toys that are simple, stylish and insanely fun.

Nissan's Autonomous Minivan

Nissan says, let the non-driving begin and let it be in a van

Nissan has a plan to offer 10 autonomous vehicles by 2020. We think that's a bit optimistic, but we like seeing the company light a fire under its own butt. It looks like the aggressive date for 10 autonomous vehicles has already spawned its first model. Nissan announced its first autonomous vehicle will be the Serena minivan and it'll hit Japanese showrooms in August.

Pokémon GO Player Hits Police Car While Driving

Stupidity and motor vehicles do not make good bedfellows

Pokemon Go has been all over the news and not in a good way. People playing the game have been hurt on accident or have been attacked in the process of playing the game. Needless to say, the popular smartphone app has caused more trouble than it probably planned on, and the melee continues thanks to an idiotic Maryland driver who collided with a police cruiser on the streets of Baltimore.

Green Autos: Electric Van Destroys Ferrari and Tesla on the Dragstrip

Making the case that it's about torque, not money

When it come to embarrassing supercars at the drag strip, it's now time for the Tesla Model S to step aside. There's a new kid on the block, and he's a freakin' van. Silicon Valley startup Atieva has created a docile-looking monster known as "Edna" to take on the some of the fastest cars on the map.