Why a Hatchback Makes the Perfect Millennial Vehicle

Too there's no automaker with a "Millennial Falcon" in its lineup

Settling for an economy car isn't what it used to be. Times have changed since those with shallow pockets had to buy shitty cars like the Yugo. That sucker didn't come with air conditioning, power windows or even a radio. But hatchbacks now are better than ever before. Better styled, improved ergonomics and even more practical than before. For folks like millennials who don't like to drive or even own a car, affordable hatchbacks have the greatest appeal, and here are five reasons why.

Why Station Wagons Had to Adapt or Die

We won't say the segment is thriving, but it's gaining traction

Wagons have adapted brilliantly to the modern needs, desires, and the automotive industry's landscape. They've gone from dowdy and long to sporty and even truly sexily-skinned. Take one look at how wagons have changed over the past few decades and morphed into beautiful machines that no longer evoke your dad in his highwater polyester golf pants. Wagons have had to adapt or die, and it seems they'll at least survive a few more generations, at least we hope.

Does a Station Wagon Make You Instantly Uncool?

We take a closer look at the stigma attached to wagons

Despite the fact that minivans and SUVs have long since taken over as the go-to vehicle for boring families with two or three booger-eating kids, station wagons still carry the stigma of the uncool family car. This dates back to the 1970s and 80s when the big station-wagon-boats like the Mercury Colony Park and Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser roamed American roadways in droves.

Should You Put Your Wipers Up or Down Before a Snowstorm?

What to do before Snowmageddon descends on you

With a near-spring blizzard making its way across the country today, it's high-time we re-addressed the wipers up/down controversy that keeps folks awake at night wondering what to do. Though no laboratory tests have ever been conducted to support either side of the argument, it doesn't mean that the issue can't be resolved here and now.

The Car Consultant Will Help You Find Your Next Car Purchase

Give us your needs and wants, and we'll narrow it down

Finding your next car isn't easy. Sure, there are a handful we'd select right off the bat, but then there are a host of other questions that have to deal with budget, practicality, reliability, efficiency, etc. So, if you're on the quest to find your next new/used vehicle, we're here to help. Depending on reader response, we'll write a column on a semi-regular basis giving advice to a reader (chosen at random) to help guide them to the right car.

Configure This: How We'd Spec the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Look out for this very angry Italian, just not in red

The German super sports sedans have been put on notice. BMW, Mercedes and Audi now have to look over their shoulders for more than the Japanese (Lexus GS F) and the Brits (Jaguar XF R). There's an Italian moving into the neighborhood, and he doesn't like to play nice. It's the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and he's a serious beast that also looks and sounds the part.

Is a Certified Pre-Owned Car Worth the Extra Money Over a Regular Used Car?

We delve deeper into this common used-car dilemma

On the surface, it may seem like a no-brainer. Certified pre-owned (CPO) all the way right? Well, the reality is a little more complicated because CPO cars come with a significant price hike. The question you have to ask yourself is if it's really worth it.

It's a Sad World When the Lexus GX 460 Outsells the Mazda CX-9

Badge and street cred apparently trump automotive excellence

In this world of crazy reasons to buy things, we take a closer look at sales figures for two well-known Japanese SUVs. The luxurious Lexus GX 460 ($51,680 base MSRP) and the sporty Mazda CX-9 ($31,520 base MSRP). Not only are they separated by the cost of an entire Honda HR-V (around $20K), they look, feel, and drive completely different from each other.

How Buying a Used Car For the First Time Changed My View About Car Shopping

A former "new only" devotee takes a sharp left turn

There was no question that I wanted to buy new, never considering for a second to buy a used car. I had grown up with my parents only buying new cars. They weren't extravagant people, but they insisted on never buying a used car because they simply didn't trust them. Buying a used car was tantamount to the dreaded "loaner swimsuit" in gym class.

Why the First Generation Audi Q7 Still Rocks

The new one is less exciting than we expected

It's not often in the car market when a newer model looks worse than one before it, but it does happen. Here are some examples: the 3rd-generation Ford Taurus, the 3rd-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the 8th-generation Chevy Impala. Well, we sort of expect that from time-to-time with average priced cars but not from a premium German brand like Audi. It seems, however, that this is exactly what they did with the new Q7.

Autos 101: The Right Shoes Matter When You Drive

Think before you put on those stilettos or huge hiking boots

Race car drivers wear thin-soled shoes that are well-fitted so they can feel the pedals under their feet and maintain optimal control over the vehicle. The heels of their shoes are also well-suited to move from throttle to brake and back with minimal interruption and maximum flexibility. Consider the shoes you drive in and evaluate whether or not they're appropriate for driving.

The Only Ugly Cars Left in 2017

We won't call them hideous, but they're far from handsome

It's not like decades ago when we had fuglys like the Nissan Pulsar NX, Pontiac Aztek, Renault Fuego, Ford Tempo and the Chevy Citation. But that also doesn't mean that all the ugly cars are gone. Now that 2017 has kicked off, we take a look at the worst ones that are still on dealer lots and, sadly, still driving around on the open road for everyone to gawk at.

How and Why Mazda Should Build the Next Mazdaspeed 6

The goods already exist. All that's missing is the will.

Mazda sales are on the rise with their new cars, but they need an injection power sooner than later. Ford just created the powerful all-wheel-drive Fusion Sport, and the existing 184 hp Mazda6 is excellent but lacks power to back up the steering and handling. A new Mazdaspeed 6 would be just the right car.

Will Anyone Buy a Hybrid Mustang?

Even if the car is good, it could be a hard sell

Ford wants to build a hybrid Mustang. This move makes sense. Hybrid and electric powertrains are the future. However, gasoline powered cars still outsell hybrids and probably still will by 2020. A hybrid Mustang has us a bit worried. Will anyone actually buy the thing?

Does the Demise of the 3-Series GT Signal the End of Ugly BMWs?

Apparently, pregnant BMWs aren't that appealing

It remains a mystery to us why the BMW GT models ever made it to the market. Sure, they're more capacious than the cars from which they're birthed (3-Series and 5-Series), and the convenient hatchback allows for easy access and gear storage. Too bad they're as ugly as a love child between Sandra Bernhard and Manuel Noriega.