What the Hyundai Santa Cruz Needs to Do to Kick the Ridgeline's Butt

It needs to be better than the Ridgeline at its own game

When Hyundai first announced the Santa Cruz pickup would actually be built, we had mixed feelings. On one hand, we were thrilled. There would be another fine pickup roaming American roadways. On the other hand, we were less than happy with the idea that the vehicle would be unibody and likely not a very tough truck. Then, after a while, Hyundai's move started to seem like a stroke of genius.

The Genesis G80 Sport is the Best Affordable Sports Sedan on Earth

The Hyundai luxury arm takes a good car and makes it great

Unless you're made of money and can afford three or four cars, a good sports sedan should also be your daily driver, but that's where most sports sedans fail. Too much power, too raw, too firm in the suspension. But then there's the new Genesis G80 Sport, which might just be the best all-around sports sedan out there.

The Demise of the Lexus GS Makes Painful Sense

We totally get it. We just don't like it one damn bit.

There aren't enough V8 sedans in the world. In an age where even facts are debated, we think this is a statement that every automotive enthusiast can agree on. However, the vast majority of people buying cars aren't enthusiasts, and therefore, the GS sedan doesn't really need to exist. That's why there are rumors of the model's imminent demise.

Why Are Some Cars So Ergonomically Awful?

Sometimes designers forget they're making cars for real humans

The vast majority of automakers today do a darn good job of making a car that is ergonomically correct and easy to use. Still, not every model is perfect. Every once in a while, we get a vehicle in for a review that has a few things just downright wrong.

How Mazda Makes Some of the Best Car Interiors in the Business

Mazda doesn't make a single bad cabin. Here's how.

Here in our offices, we always talk about the Mazda brand. It's a cryin' shame that they don't get more sales and recognition in the industry and in automotive circles. Not only do they make some of the best-looking, best-driving cars for the money, they've also nailed the styling, functionality and design of their interiors.

Why Do Coupes Fail To Sell?

People don't seem to want cars with two doors anymore

If there's one vehicle type we can point to that's becoming less and less popular, it's the coupe. These two door cars aren't highly sought after by car buyers. Most people want four doors, at least enough seats for five people and plenty of cargo room. Coupes don't offer these things. Because of this, if you look at the automotive industry, you'll realize, there aren't as many coupes as there once was.

Why Can't Carmakers Build a Cool Minivan?

You'd think after all these years, someone would do it.

Minivans have one major flaw working against them. They're freakin' ugly. That's a big hurdle to overcome, and though automakers have done a much better job at making minivans less unsightly, no one's going to covet them for their looks. We get that they have to be truly utilitarian first, and minivans without decent room tend to fall by the wayside (Mazda5). But why in the hell can't a carmaker build a truly attractive minivan?

Is BMW Still the Ultimate Driving Machine?

Some less than savory decisions have sullied the brand

Just a short fifteen years or so ago, BMW could easily pride itself on building some of the best driver's cars out there. The E46 3-Series, the E39 5-Series and even the X5 were superb to helm. Go even further back, and you find the distillation of driving excitement in the legendary E30 M3 and E36 M3. The slogan, "The Ultimate Driving Machine" was accurate, and Bimmerphiles could not have been more happy with the German product offerings.

Where the Hell Did the Crossover Come From, Anyway?

The vehicle type's had a fast rise to prominence, or so it seems

Talk to anyone in the automotive industry and you're bound to hear about the fact that crossovers are what's hot. The vehicle type is extremely popular with average consumers, and just about every single automaker has jumped on the crossover bandwagon from mainstream carmakers to high-performance exclusive companies.

What's the Point of the Small Crossover Segment?

We've driven them, and we still don't quite get them

As we say about twice a week, the crossover segment is going like gangbusters, and that means every automaker is trying to think of ways to tap into it like snake oil salesmen trying to come up with new formulas. There's no stopping the crossover for the foreseeable future. The fact that the Nissan Rogue is now the best-selling automobile in America now is evidence enough.

Why a Hatchback Makes the Perfect Millennial Vehicle

Too there's no automaker with a "Millennial Falcon" in its lineup

Settling for an economy car isn't what it used to be. Times have changed since those with shallow pockets had to buy shitty cars like the Yugo. That sucker didn't come with air conditioning, power windows or even a radio. But hatchbacks now are better than ever before. Better styled, improved ergonomics and even more practical than before. For folks like millennials who don't like to drive or even own a car, affordable hatchbacks have the greatest appeal, and here are five reasons why.

Why Station Wagons Had to Adapt or Die

We won't say the segment is thriving, but it's gaining traction

Wagons have adapted brilliantly to the modern needs, desires, and the automotive industry's landscape. They've gone from dowdy and long to sporty and even truly sexily-skinned. Take one look at how wagons have changed over the past few decades and morphed into beautiful machines that no longer evoke your dad in his highwater polyester golf pants. Wagons have had to adapt or die, and it seems they'll at least survive a few more generations, at least we hope.

Does a Station Wagon Make You Instantly Uncool?

We take a closer look at the stigma attached to wagons

Despite the fact that minivans and SUVs have long since taken over as the go-to vehicle for boring families with two or three booger-eating kids, station wagons still carry the stigma of the uncool family car. This dates back to the 1970s and 80s when the big station-wagon-boats like the Mercury Colony Park and Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser roamed American roadways in droves.

Should You Put Your Wipers Up or Down Before a Snowstorm?

What to do before Snowmageddon descends on you

With a near-spring blizzard making its way across the country today, it's high-time we re-addressed the wipers up/down controversy that keeps folks awake at night wondering what to do. Though no laboratory tests have ever been conducted to support either side of the argument, it doesn't mean that the issue can't be resolved here and now.

The Car Consultant Will Help You Find Your Next Car Purchase

Give us your needs and wants, and we'll narrow it down

Finding your next car isn't easy. Sure, there are a handful we'd select right off the bat, but then there are a host of other questions that have to deal with budget, practicality, reliability, efficiency, etc. So, if you're on the quest to find your next new/used vehicle, we're here to help. Depending on reader response, we'll write a column on a semi-regular basis giving advice to a reader (chosen at random) to help guide them to the right car.