Someone Should Build a Truly Great Stripper Car

Where is the really good bare bones car?

The level of amenities, features, and technology in cars is at an all-time high right now. But what if you didn't actually want all those things? What if you want a simple car that just drives well, is kind of fun, and gets you around with ease?

The Nissan Rogue Sells Like Hotcakes But Sucks To Drive

Crossovers are hot, but we're not sure why some feel so lukewarm

We've driven and reviewed the Nissan Rogue, and now we're behind the wheel of the new Nissan Rogue Sport, the smaller version of the Rogue that's derived from the global Nissan Qashqai. Both vehicles have a great exterior, a so-so interior, and the driving dynamics of a bar of soap. So, what gives? Why do they sell so well?

Most Car Grilles Tend to Look the Same These Days

The battle for brand recognition sometimes falls flat

Take a look at the cars on the road today. Everyone's striving for original styling, but everyone copies each other at the same time. Car grilles are a prime example. Across the gamut of manufacturers, it seems that most of them look pretty much the same, utilizing a wide ellipsoid shape with parallel top and bottom lines of the grille frame and angled outer edges.

Will the Smart Brand Survive Here?

It will be interesting to see if these tiny cars can keep rolling

The gas models are already done. According to USA Today, Mercedes-Benz said the gas-powered smart car will be no more after 2017. That happened back in February. The electric version of the car will soldier on. The real question is for how long? It seems that Smart as a brand is dwindling, not that it was ever really an industry behemoth.

Will Body-On-Frame SUVs Survive?

Can this aging design really stay relevant in the modern age?

SUVs both large and small used to have a body-on-frame design. As time has gone on, though, much of the industry has switched over to unibody construction for the majority of the vehicles on the road. This begs the question, will the antiquated body-on-frame design survive over the next several years?

Why Would Mercedes Build an Awesome Pickup and Not Bring it Here?

The three pointed star's truck won't come stateside

We don't know about you, but we're a little miffed with Mercedes-Benz. No pickup in America? C'mon the truck is as American as you can get! It's like KFC, Walmart, and guns rolled into one, and a swanky Mercedes truck would fit right in with the trend of trucks getting more and more luxurious. Still, those snobby lederhosen-wearing fellas at Mercedes won't bring their pickup here. We're mad, but then those logical, wiener-schnitzel-eating folks must see something we don't.

The Pros and Cons of the Wankel Rotary Engine

Once a Mazda wonder, will we ever see one again?

Much of the automotive news out there is focused on electric and hybrid powertrains, but the internal combustion engine is far from disappearing. While the majority of internal combustion engines utilize a design with cylinders and pistons, the Wankel rotary engine eliminates these components in favor of a spinning rotary design.

What it Was Like Buying My First Car

An equally exciting and protracted process, and I'd do it again.

After years and years of utilizing the "convenience" of public transportation, ride-share services, and bumming rides, I finally decided it was time to search for my first car. I fell into the category of needing one, which began me on my journey of purchasing a 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe.

The New Subaru Crosstrek is the Everyman's Crossover

Just because it's a stilted hatchback doesn't mean it's not worthy

Subaru doesn't yet make a large SUV. The B9/B9 Tribeca never really counted and didn't really last. What Subaru does better than anybody is provide all-wheel drive daily drivers to the masses like no other car manufacturer out there, and the Crosstrek might just be its crown jewel, not because it's pricey or particularly handsome but because it works incredibly well for what most folks will actually use it for

Can Mazda Really Make the Jump to Become a Premium Automaker?

The Japanese company wants to up its game but is that really possible?

Earlier this year, Masahiro Moro, CEO of Mazda North American Operations told us the company is happy with its market share, but that it wants to reach a higher echelon of car shopper. He said the company wants to take its offerings to premium brand levels. The question is, can Mazda actually do it?

5 Pontiac Cars We Desperately Miss

General Motors should bring these models back under a different brand

We believe that Pontiac died a tragic and needless death. The car brand may not have been well-suited for the fast coming crossover-pocalypse that was looming just after its 2009 demise, but it had so many excellent models throughout the years that we think had the brand be able to continue on, it would have carved itself out a profitable niche in the market. One that had a lineup of at least one good sports sedan, and a slew of crossovers and possibly even a midsize pickup truck.

Buy the BMW 2-Series Coupe Before the 6-Speed Manual is Gone Forever

BMW's best driving non-M car will soon lose its superb shifter

We don't exactly get BMW these days (and haven't for a while). They have hideous and pointless crossovers with the X4, X6, and the 5 Series GT. Well, now BMW has announced plans to reduce its equipment offerings in a move to increase funding for the company's R&D efforts.

Will Electrification and Hybridization Make Acura Cool Again?

Electrified powertrain technology is just the spark Acura needs

It's been said that Acura has lost its way. The company's brand means little these days, and the automaker is in the process of repositioning itself as a sporty and youthful car company. That may take some time, but we think with the help of hybrid and electric technology, Acura can become the company it needs to be to differentiate itself from the competition.

Bring Flip-Up Headlights Back

You never see them anymore and that's a shame

Many automotive design elements have come and gone over the years. Large tailfins, T-tops, hood ornaments are all things that have disappeared from the surface of most cars. Some of these design elements deserved to go, but others, like flip-up headlights we wouldn't mind seeing again.

What the Hyundai Santa Cruz Needs to Do to Kick the Ridgeline's Butt

It needs to be better than the Ridgeline at its own game

When Hyundai first announced the Santa Cruz pickup would actually be built, we had mixed feelings. On one hand, we were thrilled. There would be another fine pickup roaming American roadways. On the other hand, we were less than happy with the idea that the vehicle would be unibody and likely not a very tough truck. Then, after a while, Hyundai's move started to seem like a stroke of genius.