The Only Ugly Cars Left in 2017

We won't call them hideous, but they're far from handsome

It's not like decades ago when we had fuglys like the Nissan Pulsar NX, Pontiac Aztek, Renault Fuego, Ford Tempo and the Chevy Citation. But that also doesn't mean that all the ugly cars are gone. Now that 2017 has kicked off, we take a look at the worst ones that are still on dealer lots and, sadly, still driving around on the open road for everyone to gawk at.

How and Why Mazda Should Build the Next Mazdaspeed 6

The goods already exist. All that's missing is the will.

Mazda sales are on the rise with their new cars, but they need an injection power sooner than later. Ford just created the powerful all-wheel-drive Fusion Sport, and the existing 184 hp Mazda6 is excellent but lacks power to back up the steering and handling. A new Mazdaspeed 6 would be just the right car.

Will Anyone Buy a Hybrid Mustang?

Even if the car is good, it could be a hard sell

Ford wants to build a hybrid Mustang. This move makes sense. Hybrid and electric powertrains are the future. However, gasoline powered cars still outsell hybrids and probably still will by 2020. A hybrid Mustang has us a bit worried. Will anyone actually buy the thing?

Does the Demise of the 3-Series GT Signal the End of Ugly BMWs?

Apparently, pregnant BMWs aren't that appealing

It remains a mystery to us why the BMW GT models ever made it to the market. Sure, they're more capacious than the cars from which they're birthed (3-Series and 5-Series), and the convenient hatchback allows for easy access and gear storage. Too bad they're as ugly as a love child between Sandra Bernhard and Manuel Noriega.

New Year's Resolution: Drive at or Barely Above the Speed Limit

It makes driving more relaxing and more efficient

Any idiot with a heavy foot can drive fast. Hell, you see these morons out there on the road every day. They don't allow any room between cars, speed up at every opportunity and exceed the speed limit on highways beyond what's reasonable (more than 10 mph). Oddly, they don't actually get to their destination that much faster, as studies show. In fact, it's been proven that only car trips that go more than 500 miles benefit from driving faster.

New Year's Resolution: Watch for Idiot Red Light Runners at Intersections

Never assume that a green light means you should go

This week, we're focusing on some driving resolutions for the new year that will have you safer, wiser and pretty much just better off on the road. Today's resolution is easy but crucial. If you've ever seen a distracted or careless driver go right through a red light (not a yellow but clearly red), then you know how dangerous it can be.

The 6 Cars We Hated in 2016

These turds are worthy of some serious automotive ire

We've heard people say that there are no truly bad cars anymore. Well, those folks are wrong. Crappy cars are still rolling off assembly lines, and we drove a few duds this year. To be fair, there weren't many. Most cars, CUVs, SUVs and pickup trucks are actually very good. Even models we weren't ecstatic about proved to be rather enjoyable. Despite this, it didn't stop us from hating a number of vehicles.

Why Every Major Automotive Brand Should Have a Midsize Pickup

A little truck from everyone makes a lot of sense

The midsize pickup category has seen some interesting activity recently, with the new Ridgeline, GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma kicking butt all year long. All in all, things are moving in the right direction-towards a future reality where every brand out there has a midsize pickup in its lineup. This is good. This only makes sense. Here are some reasons why.

The Web2Carz 2016 Automotive Design of The Year: The Jaguar F-PACE

The right proportions and that Jaguar ethos hit the mark

acy sport utility vehicles are here to stay, as evidenced by the burgeoning segment. No longer does the label only exist with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. Now, there are other players in the fray, including the Maserati Levante and the Jaguar F-PACE. And no longer is great design relegated to just cars. Premium manufacturers have come to realize that they've got to style their SUVs with just as much panache, or even more so, as their cars.

Configure This: How We'd Spec the 2017 Audi A5 Sport

Audi's slick coupe gets the sinister treatment

It's a testament to the design of the A5, that it doesn't even look remotely dated after double the amount of time when cars usually get redone. So, in its last year of the first-generation car, we chose to give it the full configuration beans in the way we would order it. Check it out below.

The Web2Carz 2016 SUV of The Year: The Mazda CX-9

Mazda builds a premium SUV for less than a premium price

Though it's not hard to stuff a sport utility vehicles with these requirements, when you add things like a sexy body, a beautifully appointed interior, and excellent driving dynamics, the competition becomes more of a decathlon than a one-dimensional footrace. But the all-new Mazda CX-9 takes the podium because it conquers virtually all SUV aspects with total competence.

Why are Mitsubishi Cars So Bad?

Oh, how far this once mighty automaker has fallen

It's no secret that Mitsubishi is having trouble in today's increasingly competitive automotive industry. No matter how you look at the company's line of offerings, you have to admit that it has fallen behind other automakers. Sure, the company's vehicles don't look to bad, and most of them come with available All Wheel Control, but beyond that, they're not too interesting. Mitsubishi's vehicles don't offer much that sets them apart, other than low MSRPs.

The Web2Carz 2016 Car of The Year: The Volvo S90

The Swede flagship sedan takes the brand into the stratosphere

Competition in the modern world of automobiles is as fierce as it's ever been, and the game is changing faster than it ever has, so carmakers are constantly striving to not just build great cars that drive well and look captivating but also ones that have everything else going for them. These are all tall orders, and our choice for Car of the Year nails them all, and then some.

Automakers Suck at Packaging Options

It's unnecessarily difficult to get what you want

We recently had the 2017 Lexus ES350 in as a tester (a review is coming). While we liked the car, there was something that we really didn't like: no heated seats or heated steering wheel in the car we drove. The rest of the ES was excellent. It was just the omission of the heated seats proved irksome over these last several cold days.

Why the New Acura NSX Might Just Be the World's Best Supercar

Makes heroes out of the ham-fisted, and it's "affordable"

What defines a supercar? Of course, it has to be fast enough to make you soil your pants and, at the same time, laugh like a schoolkid. It also should be edgy in its styling, possess cutting-edge materials and cost more than a college education. And then there's the badging. Italian or German, right? Well, not in the case of the new Acura NSX, a car that the world seemed to have been waiting for again and again, until finally...