6 Products That Will Help Uber Drivers Nail that Magic $90,000 Salary

The $20 million lawsuit doesn't mean it can't be done

We're guessing that this quest for the almighty Uber dollar most likely involves foregoing things like real sit-down meals and civilized bathroom breaks. At the end of the day, it's all about efficiency and maximizing driving time. May we humbly recommend a few key items to get you through your fledgling but very promising shuttling business.

Cars We Can't Wait to See at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show

For us, it's like a Christmas list after Christmas is over

The Detroit Auto Show is just around the corner, and these are ten of the releases we're excited about, covering nearly the whole range of automotive segments. It looks like most, if not all of these, will see production, and that looks to be a very good thing.

4 Cars We Predict Will Die Soon

Wave farewell to these four dated but not dead rides

Every year automakers roll out new products and either revise, redesign or scrap the old. It's a natural occurrence. Some cars become too dated to continue on and are tossed aside like last year's trendy fashions. While some of the moves automakers choose to make catch people off guard, generally, its pretty easy to tell what will be leaving the lineup soon.

The 7 Best Driving Cars We Helmed in 2016

Yes, an SUV and a plug-in hybrid qualified with flying colors

So, we've picked a handful of the review cars we've driven over the past twelve months that we were excited to get into time and time again. Each car here delivers driving delights that make us ignore any shortcomings, and they represent why we got into this business in the first place.

20 Cars We Want to Drive in 2017

These are the new vehicles we can't wait to take out

Our list of 2016 cars we wanted to drive covered 16 cars, and we got to helm 12 of them. We've compiled our annual list of cars we desperately want to drive next year, in hopes that the manufacturers will see it (fingers crossed). Though we know we won't get to drive all of them, we're damned happy that we'll get to helm quite a few of them.

Sports Cars Make Some Unconventional Christmas Tree Haulers

Don't get upset by the pine needles embeded in Alcantara

For those of you who love Christmas (and we count ourselves among you), there's nothing like a real pine tree in the house. The look, the smell, the festiveness are second to none. But then there's the part where you have to get the 6-footer home, and you may not have a pickup truck or SUV to manage the load. So, what does a person do if the only transportation you have is a slick sports car?

5 Great Car Toys for the Holidays That Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

It doesn't have to be full-sized to be full of fun

Car toys are way better now than they were when we were small, so all the more reason to tap into our bank accounts. Whether it's to play with the the toys ourselves or watch our kids act out their automotive fantasies, all of these selections bring out the best in childhood. We've chosen five of the best car toys in 2016 to get the mini-petrol heads going in all of us.

10 Last-Minute Car Gifts From Amazon Prime

For those of you who wait 'til the 11th hour...

Yes, you've waited long enough, but you're not alone. When it comes to holiday gift shopping, we all go through the challenge of finding the right gift for those special people. Here are ten last-minute automotive holiday gifts that are now available on Amazon Prime, and they're all pretty affordable. Now that we've selected them, we actually want them all for ourselves. Hmmm...

5 Great 4x4s For Dashing Through the Snow

You really don't need a one-horse open sleigh

Winter and 4x4s go hand in hand. If you have snow, it's a good idea to have four-wheel drive. This is especially true if you want to have a little fun once the snowflakes fall. You can't do much in a front- or rear-wheel drive car except get to the roads that are plowed the best and try not to slide too much. In a 4x4 you have more control. That can make romping through a snowdrift or powering down an unplowed road a real treat.

5 Great Snow Sleds Bring Blissful Winter Speed

It only takes a hill, frozen white stuff, and white knuckles

With winter in full swing all across the country, many people are dreading the idea of stepping foot outdoors. However, despite the literal bone-chilling temps out there, there are some who brave the weather in hopes of enjoying the various winter and snow related activities that this time of year often provides. Something most everyone, everywhere loves, is sledding.

Uber Community Rules Means No Flirting

There will be no more trying to hook up from either seat

There are plenty of things you already know you shouldn't do during an Uber ride, however, there are now some new rules both passengers and drivers are going to have to abide by. Gone are the days when you could order an Uber to score your next hookup, or just make someone feel uncomfortable, awkward, and ultimately unsafe. Added to its list of rules, there will be a sort of "no flirting" policy, which basically means no touching or flirting with anyone in the car.

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for the Driving Enthusiast

The kind of presents that will make them want to get out and drive

Getting a car enthusiast a Christmas gift can be a tricky thing since most times, the accoutrements desired are model specific. But that doesn't mean you, as the benevolent gift giver, has to know what kind of car the recipient drives in order to get the proper gift. We've selected five of the best holiday gifts for the car enthusiast in your life. Just wait until they peel back that wrapping paper and smile like a little kid.

The Five Best Holiday Gifts for the Automotive DIY-er

For the self-proclaimed grease monkey in your life

Do you know someone who loves to tinker with his or her own car, whether it's for fun, for self-education or just to save money? Well, that person can be hard to shop for since they're probably pretty picky to begin with. But if you know a thing or two about what it means to have the right tool for the right occasion, all it takes is a tad bit of generosity and our home auto mechanic holiday buying guide.

It's Time to Give Thanks to Bird-Inspired Car Names

These cars have all since flown to automotive heaven

Oftentimes, automakers turned to birds for inspiration for a good car name. The idea of flying and of freedom comes to mind when you think birds and those are often the kinds of things an automaker wants you to associate with its car. We've rounded up seven of the best cars with bird-inspired names for your enjoyment. Give thanks to these models and their creative names, it's unlikely that we will see so aptly named vehicles in the future.

2016 Automotive Turkeys That Should Be Slaughtered

Some of the the least enjoyable vehicles on the road

Sometimes we hear people in the automotive industry say there are no bad cars anymore. We wish this were true. Those folks need to rethink what comes to mind when they think "bad car." The days of exploding Ford Pintos and flame-prone Pontiac Fieros may be behind us but there are still some automotive turkeys out there. We've got a whole list of them. These cars aren't dangerous, but in a world where most vehicles are seriously good, they stand out as undeniably bad.