The 7 Things That Get Car Shoppers to Buy

Price is a no-brainer, and we break down the rest

We all have friends who buy their cars based on looks, reliability or price alone, but most people tend to aggregate needs/desires together when they're shopping for their next car. Though most criteria for car shoppers haven't changed all that much, some have certainly grown in importance over the past decade, and there's definitely been some shift for others. Here are the eight factors that weigh heavily into car shopping.

5 Fake Styling Elements That Spread Like the Measles

Nobody needs these design elements on their car

Every few years, some kind of design element seems to take over the automotive industry. While this design proliferation can be good, often automakers copy design elements from high-performance cars in an attempt to spice things up on an otherwise boring model. The result? Stupid and fake design elements that have no real purpose whatsoever.

10 Cars with the Best Taillights are Beautiful to Behold from Behind

These are the cars you'll know just by the lights

It's amazing just how much small details can impact how you feel about a car. One detail that we've found can make a big difference are lights, specifically taillights. The taillights on a car are an important part of its identity. Just think about driving at night. Without being able to see the red glow of the car's taillights in front of you, not only would you likely get into an accident, but you'd have little chance of telling what the thing is.

These Five Supercar Crashes Show Us That Money Can't Buy Skills

The phrase, "Look, Ma! No Skills!" applies here.

We wonder why some supercar owners have more balls than skills, and many times there's video evidence of rich dudes (mostly) who wreck while showing off. It's tragic to see such wonderful cars become the victims of vehicular unforced errors. Check out the five videos below and tell us these nightmares weren't avoidable. We still won't believe you.

4 Upcoming Supercars That Will Blow Your Mind

Just when you thought things couldn't get better

We get to drive some pretty cool cars as automotive journalists. However, supercars tend to be in such high demand that the blessing of getting in one is a rare occurrence. That doesn't stop us from marking down models on our list that we'd like to throw around a turn or two.

5 Supercar Concepts That Should've Been Made

Some truly great ideas never make it to fruition

There are plenty of ludicrous concept supercars out there. Atrocities that we would never want to see produced. However, every once in a while, an automaker hits the mark just right, and suddenly we find ourselves in love with a technologically advanced and exceptionally fast machine we can't actually have.

The 10 Biggest Hurdles to a Self-Driving Reality

An autonomous future will happen eventually, just not immediately

It seems like everyone is talking about the impending arrival of thousands of autonomous cars to U.S. roads and for good reason. Just about every major automaker out there is trying to come up with a serious self-driving car. The issues with autonomous cars are many, but as technology progresses and problems identified, automakers will inch closer to self-driving cars being an everyday reality.

The 5 Biggest, Baddest Muscle Cars From the Past

The horsepower wars were strong in the '60s and early '70s

Horsepower is still important these days. Cars like the Ford Mustang GT350, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and the soon-to-come Dodge SRT Demon prove it. However, the muscle car heyday is behind us. Performance cars aren't going away, but rabid V8 power is getting a little scarcer. Because of this, we think it's worth it to take a step back and appreciate the muscle cars from the past.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Dodge Charger R/T

This is one Dodge muscle car you don't want to miss

Most muscle cars are two-door high-horsepower machines. This means they aren't very practical for the everyday family man. That doesn't make them any less enticing. If you feel that you just can't live without a little V8 power in your life don't worry, there is an option out there and it's one that comes with a well-known name. It's the Charger R/T, and it's here to give you everything you want and need.

10 of the Most Memorable Batmobiles From the Big and Small Screen

The Dark Knight has had a lot of really sweet rides

From the classic TV show, to cartoons, movies and video games, the Batmobile has undergone numerous transformations. Some a sleek and sexy, while others are utterly futuristic or military in nature. Whatever form the Batmobile may have taken, it will continue to evolve on the small and big screens. Here's a rundown on some of the best Batmobiles we've ever come across.

7 Best Automotive Backseats To Make Valentine's Day Special

On that special day, find a dark, quiet place and get comfortable

Oh hell, who are we kidding? Valentine's Day is trite. But when you bring automobiles into the mix, everything changes, and we're not talking about falling in love with a sexy red convertible. Today, for Valentine's Day, we're focusing on romantic interludes in, where else? A comfy back seat.

9 Cars Made Famous by Movies

Not that all of these would've gone unnoticed without the film

Some movies take a relatively well-known car and catapult it to superstardom. This doesn't always happen, but it's surprising how much a film's influence can rub off on a car and vice versa. Usually, it's the film's success that rubs off on the car. When that happens, there's little chance the vehicle will slip into obscurity anytime soon. Here are nine cars that had their reputations boosted by the silver screen.

The Devil's in the Design Details at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

It seems that the finer touches matter more and more

It used to be the case that you could just build a car that looked good as a whole with some nice details here and there, but current automakers are taking things seriously far when it comes to very specific design details that take make a car or truck truly special. From headlights to vents to grilles, these design details are changing the way cars are perceived today.

The Craziest Cars You Can't Buy at the Chicago Auto Show

Amid the shiny production cars, these are just show ponies

Every auto show we attend, there are a handful of cars that aren't production cars, nor are they really concept cars. They're present as eye candy, and they get plenty of attention from the media and the general public. We've gathererd a handful of our favorites, both cool and a bit weird.

6 Great Things About the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Chevy's mighty, off-road midsizer has a lot to love

Every once in a while, a truck comes along that you can't help but be excited about. The Ford Raptor is one of those trucks. The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is one of those trucks. But the truck we've been most excited about lately is the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. It's the naughty, off-road, wild-child sibling to the standard Colorado pickup. It takes a truck that we already love and turns up the heat. Here are some things that have us sweating in anticipation.