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Amos Kwon

Amos is passionate about all things motoring. He is the former Automotive Editor for the popular men's lifestyle website, Gear Patrol. As a child, he watched every episode of Speed Racer, attended the Chicago Auto Show every year and plastered the walls of his room with posters of Ferraris, BMWs and Porsches.

This love started early and never really let up.

His first car in high school was a flaming red Pontiac Sunbird coupe, which he regrettably neutral dropped on more than one occasion – later owning a Honda Accord and a BMW 325Ci, both with manual transmissions.

He's pushed a Lamborghini Aventador to 175 mph on civilian roads, taken a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series on a racetrack, and ate his weight in shrimp cocktail in the Audi venue at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, He also thrashes around the track whenever he gets a chance, enjoys photography and travel and is known to attend events wherever cigars and single malt scotch are served.

Amos Kwon

As a former federal law enforcement officer, Amos enjoys tactical and close quarters combat training, marksmanship, hunting and whittling things with very sharp knives. He lives in Evanston, Illinois with his wife and two children, both of whom will learn how to drive a stick shift as soon as humanly possible.

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Lindsay Prossnitz / Senior Writer

Lindsay Prossnitz

Lindsay is a born-and-raised Midwestern girl, whose earliest automotive memories include riding in the rear-facing jump seat of a metallic blue '92 Ford Taurus station wagon, waving obnoxiously to strangers at stoplights. She started "driving" at the age of nine, sitting on her dad's lap and steering (sort of) through her grandmother's rural neighborhood. (Relax,

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Wade Thiel / Staff Writer

Wade Thiel

Wade's first vehicle was a yellow, off-road go kart complete with knobby tires and a roll cage. Although he wanted something bigger and faster, Wade's age prevented him from driving a street-legal vehicle. That, however, didn't stop him from driving the go kart on the street occasionally.

Still, the go kart helped him cope until he got his hands on a 1999...

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