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Stephen Eldridge

Stephen Eldridge was born in London. When he was two years old, he came to the United States with his father, his mother, his sister, and his father’s red Lotus convertible. Shipped across the Atlantic at great expense, his father’s Lotus was a beautiful piece of British engineering… until it caught fire and became a beautiful, burned-out husk.

But so prized was this cherry-red sports car that that blackened shell still sits behind the

garage of his childhood home in New Jersey, awaiting the day that the wasps are driven out, the tarp is taken off, and a new… well, everything can be installed to bring the Lotus roaring back from the grave.

Stephen, however, has moved on with his life. Although he became a staunch defender of public transit while attending Emerson College in Boston, he currently carts around his family in a green (technically “silver pine mica”) Toyota Prius. He likes it much better than the 20-year-old Honda that tried to kill him while he was driving on Route 287 in New Jersey.

Stephen Eldridge

Stephen has also worked as a writer and editor for non-fiction books, textbooks, websites, and online magazines. In the process he’s learned a lot about crime scene investigation, calculus, modern and historical air conditioning techniques, American History, education reform attempts, classic radio drama, and, of course, cars.

David Merline / Senior Writer

David Merline

Given that David was born and raised in the Motor City (or rather one suburb north) to parents whose romance blossomed when they both worked at the GM Tech Center, you might say that cars are in David's blood. You'd be wrong, of course, but there's a good chance that there's probably a trace of them in his leukocytes, or in his albumin at the very... Read More

Andrew Krok / Senior Writer

Andrew Krok

Andrew Krok's first memorable experience behind the wheel took place at the ripe old age of fifteen, when his uncle took him into the mountains of southern Arizona. Upon reaching the peak in his uncle's 1984 Ford Escort, a monsoon swept over the mountain, dropping visibility to zero. It was at that point that Andrew was given the keys and told to drive back...

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Lindsay Prossnitz / Staff Writer

Lindsay Prossnitz

Lindsay is a born-and-raised Midwestern girl, whose earliest automotive memories include riding in the rear-facing jump seat of a metallic blue '92 Ford Taurus station wagon, waving obnoxiously to strangers at stoplights. She started "driving" at the age of nine, sitting on her dad's lap and steering (sort of) through her grandmother's rural neighborhood. (Relax,

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Steven Karras / Staff Writer

Steven Karras

After spending five years putting 300 miles a week on his 2005 Hyundai in Los Angeles, Steve Karras comes to the Web2Carz editorial team with cars very much on his mind.

Steve is a product of Northbrook, Illinois' mean streets. He can still vividly remember the thrill of accompanying his parents to the Z Frank Chevrolet dealership in West Rogers Park and...

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