When you hear “steering wheel covers” do you think of the fuzzy ones that some drivers put around their wheels that, coincidently, match the fuzzy dice hanging from their rearviews? Luckily, keeping your steering wheel and your hands cool in the middle of summer doesn’t require any faux fur or tackiness. These are the top 5 discreet, high-quality steering wheel covers that make handling the wheel more comfortable and still allow you to maintain a firm grip (and your dignity).

1. Rueesh Steering Wheel Cover 

rueesh steering wheel cover

The Rueesh microfiber steering wheel cover ($15) is a sporty and durable option to keep your steering wheel and your hands protected from the elements. It is made from a heavy microfiber to survive years and miles of use. The material is designed to be heat resistant, cold resistant and wear-resistant to get you through countless summers, winters, and road trips. The anti-slip design on the cover gives you a better grip on the wheel when you're tackling the winding roads. This cover measures 15 inches and will fit most standard steering wheels. If you're not certain about the size of your wheel, just bust out the tape measurer before ordering. 

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2. SEG Direct Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover 

SEG steering wheel cover

The minimalist design of the SEG Direct microfiber steering wheel cover ($16) stays incognito in pure black. If you like a little more flair, you can order it in 7 different colors to complement your car's interior. The microfiber fabric looks premium at an affordable price point and is resistant to the heat and cold. The material gives you a non-slip grip on the wheel and a sense of control on the sharp turns. This cover provides a snug fit over your wheel, and though it can take a little elbow grease to put on, it's not going anywhere once secured. The SEG cover will fit most standard steering wheels between 14.5 - 15.33 inches in diameter. 

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3. BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover

Bokin Steering Wheel

The BOKIN steering wheel cover ($15) is made from a combo of materials for ultimate comfort and a confident grip. The dark microfiber material is designed to feel like genuine leather and is very resistant to scratches and the wear and tear that results from years of driving. The microfiber is easy to clean and is antibacterial for when the temps really heat up and cause your hands to sweat. The complementary material to the microfiber is a viscose fabric that keeps the wheel cool in the dog days of summer. The 10 colors options let you keep a toned-down look with black or gray or add a pop of color to match your exterior. 

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4. Plush Steering Wheel, Handbrake and Gear Shift Cover

plush steering wheel cover

If you want something with a little more cushion to outfit your steering wheel, this plush steering wheel cover ($21) delivers. It provides the soft material you're looking for without the risk of being mistaken for a stray animal that crawled into your car. If you struggle with a hot gear shifter in the summer, you'll like the fact that this steering wheel cover comes as a 3-piece set with a gear shift cover and handbrake cover to prevent you from burning your hands on any of the car's hot surfaces. The quilted pattern lets you keep a safe grip on the wheel and is easy to clean with the wipe of a wet cloth. This plush cover fits standard 15-inch steering wheels. 

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5. Horse Kingdom Steering Wheel Cover

horse kingdom leather steering wheel

The Horse Kingdom steering wheel cover ($15) is a tasteful addition to your vehicle's interior. It is made from a polyurethane material that can be mistaken for genuine leather. The diamond accent stitching is not only eye-pleasing but also provides a grippy surface for better steering control. The high-quality fabric is soft yet sturdy and will keep your hands comfortable in any climate. You can also put this cover to use by covering up a used car's steering wheel if it's in less than mint condition or put it on a brand new wheel to keep it looking that way. 

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