Cars We Miss: Audi A6 Avant

One of the best wagons is now just a distant memory

Americans have an odd aversion to wagons. It is this dislike of the vehicle type that drove the Audi A6 Avant from our shores. Now we can only admire it from afar.

Why Does the Second Row Middle Seat have to Suck so Bad?

It's earned a curse word as a nickname for a reason

The vast majority of five-passenger cars, CUVs, and SUVs can really only be used regularly for four passengers. Why? Because the second-row middle seat in just about every vehicle out there sucks.

Can the Nissan LEAF Once Again Dominate the Electric Car Segment?

The industry has evolved, and the LEAF has, too

The Nissan LEAF captivated every electric car enthusiast when it first came out eight years ago. Nissan has a new LEAF for 2018, and the company hopes it to be just as successful as its predecessor.

The Crossover Segment is Confusing as Hell

It's made classifying vehicles a whole lot trickier

Like gender roles, sexuality, race, and culture, vehicles are becoming harder and harder to fit into preselected categories. This is due mostly to the crossover utility vehicle.

Will Chinese Companies Rule the Future of the Automotive Industry?

China's buying up the automotive industry piece by piece

Chinese firms are buying into the automotive industry quickly and one day, the automotive industry will be less about American, Japanese, and European companies and more about Chinese investors.

Opinion: Should You Buy a Car on Facebook or Craigslist?

Which one can you really trust?

If you've ever done car shopping online, you've probably ventured over to the Craigslist classifieds in search of something interesting. But have you tried Facebook?

The Brilliance of a Hybrid Diesel

Why aren't hybrid diesel powertrains everywhere?

Automakers seem to build either electrified vehicles or diesel vehicles, but why not put those two things together? It would be extremely efficient and put regular hybrids to shame.

Is Upgrading to a Luxury Vehicle Worth It?

We compare two similar vehicles to find out

Everyone wants to drive a nice car, and if you have the money a luxury vehicle could be in your future. However, mainstream models come with a lot of equipment. Is a luxury vehicle worth it?

Will Convertibles and Coupes Disappear Someday?

These segments are suffering but not dead

The talk around the automotive industry water cooler seems to be the slow sales of sedans, but there are two vehicle types that we've noticed fewer and fewer of in recent years, coupes and convertibles. These two-door models seem to be fading faster than the ink on some old newsprint. With the popularity of crossovers and SUVs continuing to be at an all-time high, it seems that people have all but forgotten about these two sleek car body styles.

Someone Should Build a Truly Great Stripper Car

Where is the really good bare bones car?

The level of amenities, features, and technology in cars is at an all-time high right now. But what if you didn't actually want all those things? What if you want a simple car that just drives well, is kind of fun, and gets you around with ease?

The Nissan Rogue Sells Like Hotcakes But Sucks To Drive

Crossovers are hot, but we're not sure why some feel so lukewarm

We've driven and reviewed the Nissan Rogue, and now we're behind the wheel of the new Nissan Rogue Sport, the smaller version of the Rogue that's derived from the global Nissan Qashqai. Both vehicles have a great exterior, a so-so interior, and the driving dynamics of a bar of soap. So, what gives? Why do they sell so well?

Most Car Grilles Tend to Look the Same These Days

The battle for brand recognition sometimes falls flat

Take a look at the cars on the road today. Everyone's striving for original styling, but everyone copies each other at the same time. Car grilles are a prime example. Across the gamut of manufacturers, it seems that most of them look pretty much the same, utilizing a wide ellipsoid shape with parallel top and bottom lines of the grille frame and angled outer edges.

Will the Smart Brand Survive Here?

It will be interesting to see if these tiny cars can keep rolling

The gas models are already done. According to USA Today, Mercedes-Benz said the gas-powered smart car will be no more after 2017. That happened back in February. The electric version of the car will soldier on. The real question is for how long? It seems that Smart as a brand is dwindling, not that it was ever really an industry behemoth.

Will Body-On-Frame SUVs Survive?

Can this aging design really stay relevant in the modern age?

SUVs both large and small used to have a body-on-frame design. As time has gone on, though, much of the industry has switched over to unibody construction for the majority of the vehicles on the road. This begs the question, will the antiquated body-on-frame design survive over the next several years?

Why Would Mercedes Build an Awesome Pickup and Not Bring it Here?

The three pointed star's truck won't come stateside

We don't know about you, but we're a little miffed with Mercedes-Benz. No pickup in America? C'mon the truck is as American as you can get! It's like KFC, Walmart, and guns rolled into one, and a swanky Mercedes truck would fit right in with the trend of trucks getting more and more luxurious. Still, those snobby lederhosen-wearing fellas at Mercedes won't bring their pickup here. We're mad, but then those logical, wiener-schnitzel-eating folks must see something we don't.