The Impending Death of the Lexus IS Means Americans Don't Care About Driving Fun

The GS has to make room on the chopping block for baby brother

Rumor has it that Lexus might not continue their IS. Despite the fact that it can't hold a candle to its European brethren may point to the fact that owners care more about image than driving.

Why The Nissan Frontier is Still a Smart Choice

We put this capable dinosaur to the test

The Nissan Frontier might be an old truck, but it's still a great vehicle. We had a chance to take a model on an off-road course in Wisconsin to test its true grit.

Lexus, Please Don't Stop Making Your Excellent GS Sedan

Get your hands on one while they last

The Lexus GS might not last much longer since Lexus is considering getting rid of it at the end of this current generation. Here's why we think it's worth to keep and/or redesign. 

Will Tesla Survive or Drown in Its Own Ambitions?

The automaker still isn't profitable and keeps experiencing issues

With all of the issues that Tesla is having to deal with, many people are beginning to wonder if the electric carmaker can really pull through and become profitable.

Why Does Subaru Make the WRX and BRZ When the Rest of Its Cars are Boring?

Two truly engaging cars in a field of snoozers

So, why does Subie make the WRX rally car and the BRZ sports coupe when the cars that sell the best are the ones that don't provide any driving fun at all? Time to decode this conundrum.

Is it Smart to Buy a Used Car at Auction?

Getting a great deal takes serious effort

If you've considered buying a used car from an auction, make sure you know the risks before taking the leap. We break down the types of car auctions and their pros and cons.

The New Ferrari SP38 Actually Looks Like a 2018 Ford GT

Looks like the old Le Mans rivals are still fighting

As much as we love the sleek look of the new Ferrari SP38, we can't help but think it resembles the current Ford GT supercar, which certainly isn't a bad accusation. 

The 2019 Honda Insight Should've Been a Crossover Instead of a Sedan

Perhaps the right idea in the wrong body

The 2019 Honda Insight just goes to show that Honda can't make up its mind about the hybrid. Now, with the 2019 Honda Insight, it looks like the brand has changed its mind again.

Who Decided That Fake Exhaust Pipes Were a Good Idea?

The calf implants of the automotive world

We try to keep up with automotive trends and make sense of them if we can. One trend that makes no sense to us is fake exhaust tips. What's the deal?

Are Crossovers With Added Third Rows Worth Buying?

More of an afterthought than you'd imagine

More automakers are adding a third row of seating to their crossovers. This opens up the vehicle to new customers, but are you better just buying a real-deal three-row crossover?

The New 2018 Honda Accord May Be Great to Drive, But It's Butt Ugly

We depart from the mainstream on this one

The new one actually doesn't look like what've come to recognize as an Accord at all. Perhaps it was high time it changed, but we don't like it at all. 

What Car Should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Drive at the Royal Wedding?

She may be American, but the ride will be British for sure

What car will the royal couple drive after they get through the litany of tasks and rituals that come with being part of the royal family?

Volkswagen is Changing Their Logo, But is it a Good Move?

Is there ever a good time for a bad change?

Volkswagen hasn't really changed their logo much at all since 1967 , but the question is whether or not it's time for a change.

The Impending Death of Most of Ford's Cars is Depressing News

A sign of the times, and a harbinger

Ford has decided to cancel production of all cars, and the news is not completely unexpected but still upsetting to the market.

Subaru's New DriverFocus Safety Tech is Right for the Times

Now your car will read your facial expressions

Subaru has a new, innovative safety feature called DriverFocus that uses facial recognition to help keep you comfortable and safe. Here's how it works.