The Audi e-tron Crossover EV Takes Aim at Tesla With High Tech and Low Drama

The electric crossover wars are officially on

The new Audi e-tron comes at you from a different angle. Now, the vehicle in its production form is official, as you can see in the photos here. As far as style is concerned, it slots in between the r

This Solar Car Can Charge While You Drive

Sono Motors, new Scion may use solar cells to change the world

Have you always wondered why solar power isn't used on cars? Well, ponder this question no longer thanks to Sono Motors. The company is building an electric car that uses solar panels.

You Might Be Shocked at the Life Cycle and Longevity of an EV Battery

Here's your primer on electric car power sources

Do you know know how long an EV battery lasts or how much it will degrade over time? We take a closer look so you don't have to dig for the information

Honda's 2019 Insight is Ready to Battle The Toyota Prius

Honda's hybrid stacks up pretty well

Honda debuted the new 2019 Insight at the New York Auto Show. The car will compete with its old rival and world-beating success, the Prius, but it may actually have a chance this time.

The BMW i4 EV Will Be a Tesla Killer

Up to 435 miles of range? Yes, please

BMW's new fifth-generation eDrive system will boast up to 435 miles per charge in some models. One of those models will be the i4 EV car, and that kind of range makes it a Tesla killer.

No More Silent Runnings for Electric Cars by 2020

Noise technology could save thousands of lives

A major concern about the mass adoption of fully-electric cars was how quiet they are. Because of the battery-powered engines, they don't make noise in the same way as regular gas-powered vehicles.

Rimac is Going Hard After the Next Tesla Roadster With Its Newest Hypercar

The electric sports car wars are alive and well

Rimac Automobili is working on a new hypercar, the likes of which should make Tesla a bit nervous. Some teaser images have been released, and they look pretty serious. 

Will Chevy Exploit Tesla's Painful Wait for the Model 3?

Seems like the right time for Chevy to pounce

People have been sitting on a wait list for their Tesla Model 3s for more than a year now, and because of production hiccups and high demand, some will have to wait much longer than that.

Volvo Trucks Looks to Take on Tesla's Electric Semi

The gloves are off in the war of the eco big rigs

Who would've thought the electric semi segment would get hot so fast? Now Volvo Trucks has thrown themselves into the fray with Volvo Trucks.

You Can Expect Some Tesla Beer Trucks on the Road in the Future

Bringing you beer in a more environmentally conscious fashion

It's always good to see something of a large corporation try to reduce their carbon footprint in any way they can. Anheuser-Busch, the Budweiser beer maker has reserved 40 Tesla Semi trucks.

Why the Chevy Bolt Should Crush the Tesla Model 3

Chevrolet's competent EV offers a fantastic package

The Tesla Model 3 may dominate the headlines currently, but the Chevrolet Bolt is the car that will actually dominate on the showroom floor.

Fed's Verbal Approval for Musk's Hyperloop May Have Been Premature

A slight misunderstanding made for a little Twitter faux pas

When it comes to traveling long distances, everyone is all about getting there faster, but no one likes to be teased about the prospect.

Green Autos: Tesla's Myriad Woes Mount

Low production numbers and an unhappy workforce make for dark times ahead

Tesla has been having a rough go lately as they've failed to meet their production quotas for the Model 3. What's more, CEO Elon Musk recently backtracked on what he said about it before.

The Fisker EMotion EV Claims a 400 Mile Range

From first looks, this is one impressive EV supercar

Henrik Fisker's Karma may not have gone as planned, but that hasn't put the designer out of the game. The new EMotion EV looks to be quite the long range vehicle. If Fisker Inc.'s claims are true, the model will be able to go 400 miles on a single charge. That and the fact that it looks downright sexy has piqued our interest.

Green Autos: The Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

It's the most powerful Acura SUV with NSX DNA

The Acura MDX Sport Hybrid will be the best version of the model yet. It gets better gas mileage and has more power than other versions of the model. The attractive luxury three-row SUV utilizes a very similar hybrid powertrain system as the Acura NSX. However, it's a heck of a lot more useful to the everyday driver than the NSX is, although not nearly as fun.