Chevy Knocks Almost $9,000 Off the Price of the Bolt EV

With these savings, now might be the time to go electric

Except for the Tesla Model 3, electric cars might not be all the rage just yet, but that might change with the most recent pricing for the nimble, long-range Chevrolet Bolt.

The Onslaught of Electric Vehicles is Coming But Not Quite Yet

Credit the Tesla Model 3 with the bump in sales figures

Though more and more automakers are investing in electric vehicle technology, the actual popularity of them doesn't quite live up to the publicity over the notion that EVs will be everywhere soon.

Say Goodbye to the Smart Car

The little car that couldn't

News just broke announcing the end of Smart sales after 2019, and we're guessing no one will notice as the coffin lid creaks closed on this car that was anything but smart.

Will the Once Futuristic Plug-In Hybrid Soon Become a Vehicle of the Past?

The part where the EV kicks its ass is here

The problem is no one's buying PHEVs. So, what's going on? Aren't these vehicles a glimpse of the future? Let's take a closer look at what the problem(s) could be. 

The Tesla Model Y Electric Crossover Looks Like a Swollen Model 3

It's supposed to be the sales leader for the brand

The time is right for Tesla to bring a small crossover into their lineup, and frankly, we're surprised they didn't do it sooner given the state of the car market and its love of crossovers.

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Could Be America's Best Luxury SUV

It has so much going for it, and Lincoln needs it

Lincoln doesn't have much in its arsenal. Its sedans don't sell very well. Can the brand do right with the Aviator?

The Volkswagen Electric I.D. Buggy is Nostalgic Fun For the Future

It harkens to the past while aiming ahead

I.D. Buggy concept is at the Geneva Motor show, and it's creating quite the buzz. We just hope it gets made.

The Honda e Concept Bows in Geneva, and We Want It Badly

The coolest EV to come along in a while

See the new e Concept in the flesh in Geneva and wait to find out if it's coming here. This could very well usher in a new design language for Honda (or at least for its future EV line).

A Driver's Death and the Loss of an Important Recommendation Make for a Bad Week for Tesla

Tragedy and reputation damage plague Musk

Tesla has done well lately, but it's not all rosy. Though the sales stats haven't changed, Tesla will have to weather recent bad news.

Toyota Pulls the Humble Prius c From Its Lineup

The most sensible Prius says goodbye

And now, after killing the Yaris hatcbhack, the Toyota Prius c is being canceled altogether as a member of the Prius family. It was the most affordable (and most unnoticed) version of the Prius.

Is Amazon's Big Investment in Rivian Bad News for Tesla?

Talk about a prime deal

A few weeks ago, EV startup Rivian announced both their radical R1T pickup and R1S SUV to the amazement of the automotive industry and the car-loving pubic, in general. Amazon took notice.

The All-Electric Porsche Taycan Sports Sedan is Going Hard After Tesla

An exotic upper cut to Elon

The soon-to-be-released Porsche Taycan will usher in a new generation of electrification for Porsche as it prepares to unseat Tesla as the king of electric super-sedans. 

Does the Layoff of 200 Employees Signal the Demise of the Apple Autonomous Car?

The tech juggernaut lets 200 workers go

Apple's Project Titan started back in 2015. Now it seems Project Titan may be dead since the company just released 200 employees who were tied to the project.

Will Anyone Buy an Electric Muscle Car?

Blending vintage style and futuristic power may not work

Just about everyone in the automobile industry seems to think electrification is the next major stage for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The Nissan IMs EV Crossover-Sedan Should Be the Brand's New Design Language

Efficient, futuristic, but mostly great to look at

The Detroit Auto Show might have been skipped by some manufacturers this year, but we're glad Nissan came through. Their new IMs concept is an EV crossover that should get your attention.