New Toyota Supra Leaked in Japan, and It's Awesome

Finally, Toyota brings back the sports car we've longed for

Feast your eyes on the new Supra that was leaked ahead of its official debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. This is Toyota's new sharp end of the stick.

The 2019 Mercedes Maybach S-Class Gets Previewed in Its Two-Tone Glory

Far better than the first attempt at a Maybach revival

The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is essentially an even more premium version of their already superb S-Class sedan.

Versus: Volkswagen Atlas vs. Dodge Durango

The Germans and Americans go to war again

The Volkswagen Atlas and the Dodge Durango are two of the most formidable three-row SUVs out on the market right now. They're different approaches to the same vehicle type and are both commendable.

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 is a Speedy Powerhouse of an SUV

Half bank vault, half SUV, all ballistic missile

Well, now Mercedes has pulled the covers off the more powerful, more luxurious G63 version from the AMG division.

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon Makes Its Stunning Debut in Chicago

Replacing the CC in a seriously breathtaking way

Volkswagen has replaced the CC with the Arteon. We got an up-close look at the Chicago Auto Show. Here's what you need to know about this attractive and feature-packed sedan.

Pickup Trucks are a Dominant Force at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

Crossovers may be popular, but trucks demanded attention, too

The Chicago Auto Show was just for crossovers. Trucks were a big part of the equation, and Toyota started things off with its TRD Pro lineup. Still, Chevrolet, Ram, and Ford brought the goods.

The Kia Elan Actually Beat the Stinger GT as the Brand's First Performance Car

Why, oh why, was it not sold in the U.S.

Kia bought the Elan design from Lotus, made some minor changes to it, and sold it as its first performance car. Now we have the Stinger GT, but this one's worth remembering.

A Massive Onslaught of New Crossovers Hits the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

This popular segment is packed full of new models

The 2018 Chicago Auto Show is full of crossovers. While trucks and a couple cars managed to steal the spotlight for parts of the day, crossovers seem to be the main focus.

The Cadillac Escala Concept Sedan Wins the Beauty Pageant at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

This is the direction the brand needs to go, hands down.

When a concept car that's effectively almost two years old is the most beautiful vehicle at an auto show, that says something, and that's exactly what the Cadillac Escala concept sedan is... stunning.

Hyundai Pulls the Cover Off the New 2019 Santa Fe

It's certainly bolder than we thought it would be

It's time that Hyundai upped its crossover game, especially since they just introduced the new Kona and also redesigned the Tucson recently. The new Santa Fe looks fantastic, as far as we can tell.

Ford Ranger Raptor is Coming, But Not to the U.S. Yet

Unfortunately, us Americans will have to wait

Ford revealed the new Ford Ranger at NAIAS in Detroit just about a month ago, and one of the big questions everyone had is, "will there be a Raptor version." Ford just showed it off.

The Best Damned Superbowl LII Commercial, Period

Less is sometimes more, and this is a fine example.

Jeep's Superbowl LII commercial was the best of all the advertisements out there. It was simple, concise and got all the information it needed to across to viewers.

5 Things You Should Know About the BMW X2

BMW's smallest and sportiest crossover has a lot to offer

BMW's 2018 X2 takes what people love about the X1 crossover and modifies it further by shrinking it down and making it more sporty. Here are five interesting things about this unique model.

The Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird is an Ariel Atom for Darth Vader

It's only missing weapons and the power of flight

Rezvani takes the super-quick UK-built Ariel Atom with 700 horsepower and gives it "SR-71 Blackbird" styling in the carbon fiber body to create the Beast Alpha X Blackbird. 

Hyundai Releases Renderings of the 2019 Santa Fe

The automaker pulls elements from the new Kona

Hyundai's Santa Fe wasn't all that exciting from a visual standpoint, and the automaker understood that. For 2019, the automaker chose to spice things up a notch. Here are some renderings.