Tesla Fires 400 Employees When It Needs to Ramp Up Model 3 Production

It could be due to performance issue, it could be budgetary...

Tesla has let go of a huge amount of people, this last week. No one from the associate level to supervisor level, and possibly beyond that, was safe.

The Right Time to Install Your Snow Tires

Let the first real temperature drop be your cue to get it done

Putting off actually installing snow on your car is part in parcel of the denial we employ when we don't want to deal with winter, but you don't want to get stuck the morning after the first snowfall

Rumor Mill: Will The Nissan 390Z Be a Sports Car or a Crossover?

Is this the end of a long era for the brand?

Nissan is known by many for its Z sports cars. These small coupes offer plenty of fun in a rear-wheel-drive sports car package. Nissan may change that and offer a Z crossover.

The 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Sporty S Appearance Package is For Batman With a Beer Belly

A fully black outfit doth not cool a minivan make

FCA has made a new S Appearance package available for the Pacifica, and it is, in a word, dark. The rather affordable $595 S package adds a bunch of blackness.

California May Allow Autonomous Car Testing Without Drivers

Can we expect these new practices to truly be safe?

Many Californian companies are only allowed to test their autonomous vehicles with a human behind the wheel in order to take control if something goes awry. That is likely about to change.

The Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept is a Minivan We Just Can't Hate

The best kind of four-wheeled bread box

Our friends who own minivans keep trying to convince us that we must buy a one we now have three kids. We refuse. That is until we saw the Tj Cruiser. We're now in full minivan lust.

The Hyundai Shopper Assurance Program is Brilliant

It looks like the carbuying game is changing.

Hyundai just announced what's known as Shopper Assurance, a new program whose goal is to make the rather antiquated car shopping experience into the 21st century. 

Even With the latest Safety Tech, Traffic Fatalities Are Higher than Ever

You can't just rely on gizmos for road safety, apparently.

The stats are in, and they're not good. The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the statistics on traffic fatalities for 2016, revealing it's been an especially deadly year in traffic.

We Drive the 2018 BMW X3

Pretty good but not quite the Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW's crossovers and SUVs are serious products for the brand. For 2018 BMW reworked its X3 crossover, giving it new engines, new technology, and better looks. Is it enough?

Gear Up: Aftermarket Backup Cameras

Upgrade your ride and make it safer

Backup cameras will be standard on all new cars starting in 2018. However, if you can equip your old car with a backup camera if you want. Check out these aftermarket products.

Car Tech: Cutting Edge Infotainment Only Distracts More from Driving

Could all the conveniences of your infotainment system be bad for you?

All of those cool new gadgets that are showing up in newer model cars might lead to more accidents down the line.

How We'd Spec The 2017 Ford Focus RS

America's hottest hot hatch is still muy caliente in gray

The 2017 Ford Focus RS is a machine to be reckoned with. If we didn't have a crap load of little kids in our family, we'd head out right now to buy this bad boy, no questions asked.

Mitsubishi Reveals e-Evolution Concept Details

This is the most advanced Mitsubishi yet

Mitsubishi will debut a new concept car called the e-Evolution at the Tokyo Motor Show with artificial intelligence technology. Is this the future?

Tesla Model 3 Production Isn't Exactly Robust

Due to bottlenecks in production, Tesla is behind on the affordable EV

Despite a pretty good rise in deliveries in their third quarter, Tesla is pretty behind on their planned ramp-up of the new Model 3 mass-market sedan.

The Insane Markups of Honda Civic Type Rs

How much would you be willing to pay?

Dealers have marked up Civic Type Rs on their lots by several thousand dollars. Some are charging people just to get on a waiting list for this highly-sought after hot hatch.