The Cadillac EV Crossover Shows Us the Brand's Future

Another gorgeous concept we dream gets made

Their new EV crossover concept that just got released in renderings is purely electric and supposedly points to the company's future. There are scant details about the new crossover.

Finally, the 2020 Toyota Supra is Official, and It's Spectacular

We love everything about it, but where's the stick?

At long last, the Supra is here. One of the longest waits to see a production vehicle is over, and the covers were just pulled off at the Detroit Auto Show. And it doesn't disappoint.

The 2020 Volkswagen Passat Gets Wheel Teased

Don't write off sedans just yet

VW is hoping the decrease will level off, and they just tweeted the fancy wheel of the next-gen Passat. It might be a small glimpse, but it's a lustworthy one. Check it out below.   

The New 2020 Ford Explorer Keeps The Look But Gets Rear-Wheel Drive

The SUV/Crossover soldiers on with fresh clothes

The 6th generation Explore is almost here, and here are some great photos of the new crossover. Ford was smart not to mess too much with the exterior, and it still retains the Explorer look we've come

Nissan Brings the Longer Range LEAF e+ to CES 2019

Making the LEAF prominent again

The new LEAF e was just unveiled at CES this week, and it should be a great draw for those looking for more EV range than the regular 150-mile version. 

The Cars We Want to Drive in 2019

New year excitement behind the wheel

Automakers improve their wares with every successive generation, and the results are often significantly better than the previous models. That's what we hope for 2019.

The Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Shows Off the No-Grille Look

A future of solid facias is coming

Now, Infiniti has released images of its upcoming QX Inspiration that shows off its wholly grille-less front end for all the world to see. It's solid, bold, and emblazoned with their logo and name. 

These are the Best Photos of the New Toyota Supra So Far

This might just be the production version

Once again, the folks at SupraMkV has gotten a hold of two full body shots of the front and rear three-quarters in bold red. The car looks showroom ready.

The Toyota Prius TRD Makes a Slow Car Look Kinda Fast

Toyota wants a bit more excitement for the hybrid

Toyota's about to set loose a TRD (Toyota Racing Development) version of the Prius. And though that might sound like an oxymoron, that doesn't prevent it from being true.

Nissan Turns an Aging Sports Car Into a New Snow Monster With the 370Zki

The farthest thing from practical

Nissan took the droptop version and built the snow-ready Nissan 370Zki concept to hammer the ski slopes of Idaho for one of the most ridiculous builds we've seen in, well, ever.

The Only Existing BMW 1600 GT Convertible Gets Perfectly Restored by a Bunch of Kids

They'll tell their grandchildren about this

Today, we're pointing you to a fully restored and singularly rare BMW 1600 GT that's now in perfect condition... and just happens to be the only 1600 GT on the planet. 

The Chinese Qiantu K50 Electric Sports Car Will Be Made in America

Talk about a total reversal

If you've never heard of Qiantu, you're not alone. The company is actually owned by CH-Auto and is partnering with California-based Mullen Technologies to produce the K50.

Just How Good is the New Ford Ranger Pickup Truck?

To call it capable would be an understatement

Ford is bringing back the Ranger after a very long hiatus, but the time is right. Now that journos have tested it, the reviews are in, and they're nothing less than glowing.

We Drive the Refreshed 2019 Honda Pilot

The mountains of Montana are calling

The mid-cycle refresh for the 2019 Honda Pilot brings some significant improvements which we test out in Whitefish, Montana. See what's new.

The Volkswagen I.D. Neo Hatchback Starts Testing a Year Before Production

Maybe the Chevy Bolt should start sweating

Volkswagen has released photos of the new all-electric I.D. Neo hatchback on roads in South Africa. Though it's cloaked, it's easy to tell from the shape that it's the EV hatchback.