The Metropolis II 1,100 Toy Car Kinetic Sculpture is What We Want This Christmas

No planes, but definitely trains and automobiles

There are truly those who never outgrow their love for cars. Case in point, late artist Chris Burden and his Metropolis II kinetic sculpture that's truly epic. Take a look at the video below. 

The New Bentley Continental GT Convertible is Achingly Gorgeous

Evolutionary yet so much better than ever before

The GT is easily Bentley's best-selling model since it was introduced back in 2003, and the current generation convertible version has been unveiled for the L.A. Auto Show.

GM is Making Painful Cuts to Products and Personnel

Another one of the Big Three jettisoning the chaff

In the biggest automotive news in recent memory, General Motors is cutting staff, eliminating products, and shuttering factories. In terms of business decisions, this about as big as it gets.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car During Winter?

It's more than just about getting the car shiny

You know you should wash your car this winter, but that's about it. So, what are some tips for car washing? How often should you do it, and what's the best way?

The Refreshed 2019 Honda Pilot Ditches Some of Its Minivan Looks

The cavernous crossover gets a makeover

The Pilot has been accused of looking like a minivan, which isn't great since buyers tend to flock to big three-row crossovers in order to avoid minivans. Well, it looks like Honda's changed that.

We Desperately Want This Dodge Super Charger With Its 1,000 HP Hellephant Engine

There might not be a cooler car on the planet

One look at this standout at this year's SEMA show, the 1,000 horsepower Dodge Super Charger, and both Dominic Toretto and Mad Max might pee their pants out of sheer excitement.

The 2016 Subaru Forester is a Used Car Best Buy

An urban crossover that can take it to the hills

A great used vehicle the whole family will love is the 2016 Subaru Forester. It's attractive, comfortable, truly practical, and more affordable than you'd think. 

The World's Most Perfect Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Has a Fascinating Backstory

It can be yours for a cool million bucks

Okay, so the current VW Beetle is on the chopping block after 2019. That doesn't mean we can't revel in its history and take notice of a pristine 1964 Volkswagen Beetle with 23 miles on it.

Man's Precious Ford Model A Gets Creamed By Distracted Drunk in a Corolla

Cell phones, drinking, and driving don't mix

We've all had a fender bender or two and some of us have totaled a car, but few have experienced losing their coveted 1931 Ford Model A. That's exactly what happened to this man.

Insane Siberian Tuners Made a Mercedes G-Class Replica With 6 Tons of Ice

Just don't ask to turn on the heat

Ever wonder why automakers don't build cars out of ice? Neither have we, but thankfully this brave tuner has. Here's a G-Class SUV replica built out of ice.

Rumor Mill: Dodge Dakota

Will FCA finally get into this competitive segment?

The Dodge Dakota used to be a pretty great offering for a midsize truck, but FCA killed the model in 2011. Now we're hearing rumors that it could come back, and it makes a lot of sense.

What Makes Second-Row Captain's Chairs So Great

The preferred setup to the classic bench seat

Second-row captain's chairs can turn the middle seats in a three-row SUV or crossover into the most desirable place to be. While many crossovers and SUVs have bench seats, captain's chairs are better.

Chevrolet May Cancel the Volt by 2022

GM has some interesting ideas for replacements

Chevrolet is looking to the future. Surprisingly, this could result in the Volt plug-in hybrid being kicked to the curb. Rumors are swirling that the Volt's production life could end in 2022.

Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Shows Tesla and Porsche at the Top

Porsche is no shock, but Tesla is kind of surprising

Every year Consumer Reports does an owner's satisfaction survey to show which automotive brands are doing the best. This year, Tesla and Porsche were at the top.

A Restored Lamborghini LM002 Garners Big Bucks at Auction

The original "Rambo Lambo" sells just as the Urus gets announced

Just on the heels of the new Lamborghini Urus release, a super-rare 1990 American-spec Lamborghini LM002, otherwise known as the "Rambo Lambo," was sold at auction for $467,000.