These 5 Cars are Illegal in the U.S.

It's human nature to want what we can't have

Whether it's due to extreme speed or unusual design, some foreign cars are illegal to own and drive in the U.S. Learn why a vehicle would be banned, and see a sample of cars that are off-limits.

Leaked Photos of the Nissan 400Z Reveal It Remains True to the Stunning Concept Car

The past and the future of the Z in perfect harmony

Now, images of the production 400Z (which will be the official name) have hit the interwebs, and the car looks pretty much like the concept. Hell, we think it looks even better. 

The 2021 Genesis GV80 Aces Crash Tests to Claim an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

Now we know how Tiger Woods survived his horrific crash

Last month, the Genesis GV80 was in the news after a major accident involving Tiger Woods. Now it passes a more formal crash test to be named a TOP SAFETY PICK+ by the IIHS.

The Most Popular Vehicles in America

Buying the right car isn't a popularity contest, or is it?

These are the top 5 vehicles that dominated the market last year. See which one was most popular in your state.

Sales Numbers Show Genesis is Gaining Ground in the Luxury Segment

Has Genesis finally reached the big leagues?

As Genesis adds two crossovers to its lineup, gains some love from the media, and shows an upward trend in sales, it looks like the tide may finally be turning for the automaker.

Can You Buy a Car That Doesn't Have a Title?

See what to do if the seller won't fork up the car title

Learn how you can buy a car without a title, the risks involved, and what to do if you already purchased a vehicle with no title.

What Does the Chip Shortage Mean for Car Manufacturers?

Something so small has a big impact

A global semiconductor shortage is costing automakers billions. Here's why it occurred and what the auto industry can do to prevent future disruptions.

Stellantis Calls Off The Ram Dakota's Revival

At least we're used to things getting canceled by now

Reports indicate the resurrection of the Dodge Dakota as the midsize Ram Dakota has been canceled by parent company Stellantis. Here's what we know so far.

Cadillac Makes a Super Bowl Car Commercial Highlighting an Actual Vehicle

It's nice to see one that just focuses on the car

At least Caddy did something lighthearted that brings back movie memories and also points to the future. The American luxury car brand released "Edgar Scissorhands".

Volvo is Giving Away $2 Million Worth of Cars in 'Safety Sunday' Sweepstakes

Suddenly, we don't care about touchdowns

To showcase its unwavering commitment to driver safety, Volvo is putting $2 million dollars worth of cars on the line for the big game on Sunday. See how you can enter to win.

Save Even More on the Slow-Selling Kia Cadenza and K900 Now That They've Been Canceled

Two more great sedans eat crossover dust

Now might just be the best time to get your hands on a great sedan. Kia just announced that they're ending both the K900 and the Cadenza for the 2021 model year.

The Ford Mustang Could Be Electric-Only By the End of the Decade

Will the iconic muscle car lose its gas engine for good?

In place of the Mustang's current gas-powered engine options including several V8s, rumors are swirling that the pony car may only be available with an electric powertrain setup by 2028.

Dodge, Fiat, Chrysler are Spared in the Stellantis Merger

These underperforming brands aren't on the chopping block

No major changes including cuts to brands, factories, or jobs will happen as a result of the deal. Instead, leadership will focus on making struggling brands profitable.

We Took a Road Trip Over 2,000 Miles in the 2021 Mazda CX-9 Signature and Came Out Smiling

Who says size is the only thing that matters?

We were a bit worried since our press vehicle was a 2021 Mazda CX-9 Signature, but our concerns were not with drivability, build-quality, or technology.

Sony Begins Road Testing its Vision-S Concept EV

Will this high-tech car go into production after all?

Sony is testing a high-tech EV that immerses occupants in futuristic entertainment and safety technology. The only question is, will it ever go into production?