News Roundup: VW Mobility Van, Nissan Autonomous Taxis Test, Lamborghini's New SUV

This is a busy time of year for the auto industry

With the holidays heating up, it's no wonder that you didn't have time to check out all the crazy automotive news you crave. Luckily, we chose to round up all our new stories from this week.

The Best Car Gifts of 2017

Great automotive gifts they'll actually use all year-round

We've assembled ten great car gifts ranging from a mere $9 all the way to $300, and each one is bound to give the recipient automotive smiles galore.

Nissan Will Test Autonomous Taxis in Japan in 2018

Everyone is putting their irons in the fire for self-driving taxis

The U.S. and Europe aren't the only ones who have their sights set on getting autonomous taxi services on the road. Nissan has plans to test fully-autonomous taxis on the roads of Japan in 2018.

Gear Up: The Best Travel Coffee Mug on Earth

It's all about keeping things hot and well-contained

Dollar for dollar, there's only one travel mug to rely on when you want a hot cup o' joe and dry pants. It's the rather lengthy-named Zojirushi SM-KHE48BA, and it's fantastic. 

John Cena Sells His Specially-Made Ford GT, Gets Sued by Ford

Whoever bought the car from Cena sidestepped that Application Program

Ford's Application Program for the new Ford GT put the car in an exclusive space only a select few could hope to enter. The high-end clientele club Ford had established was not without its hurdles.

Volkswagen's MOIA Mobility Division Unveils a 6-Passenger EV Van

Volkswagen is moving quickly toward the electric future of ride-hailing

Volkswagen is banking on the future of mobility, not just with their Moia mobility division but with a brand new electric van for its ride-hailing service that will come in 2018. 

Gear Up: The Best Tablet Caddies

They keep your passengers quiet. 'Nuf said.

Having your tablet in your car can be helpful. It allows you to easily stay connected even if your car doesn't have a modern infotainment system.

GM Will Launch Autonomous Car Fleets in Major U.S. Cities in 2019

GM is proving to be a different beast in this robo-taxi race

The race to get a fully autonomous robo-taxi fleet on the road is well underway. GM just announced its plans for launching a commercial fleet of self-driving ride-share vehicles in urban areas.

Tesla's Hurried Approach is Clearly Hurting Them

Not focusing on quality initially might end up being their downfall

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has vowed that the company will one day become "the best manufacturer on Earth." While this is possible, there are some major flaws in the manufacturing process.

The 2017 Chevy Corvette Z06 Gets Price Slashed by a Whopping $9,107

The biggest bang-for-your-buck exotic performance car today

You can walk into your local Chevy dealer and start asking about that seriously big Z06 discount that amounts to $9,107.

The Best 2017 Black Friday Car Deals Going on Now

Forget the OLED TV. This is where your focus should be.

The auto industry isn't immune from the buying insanity, and there are some great deals out there. There's no indication how long some of these deals will last, so you'd better get yourself out there.

The 2018 Toyota C-HR is our Automotive Turkey of the Year

Stuff it, rack it, and roast it. Just don't be thankful for it.

One that comes to mind is the new 2018 Toyota CH-R. Except, in this case, we absolutely hate it. It's our least favorite car of 2017 for a number of reasons.

The Best Affordable Sports Cars

All these cars offer a lot of fun for little money

Looking for a sports car that won't break the bank? These six models are some of the best sports cars out there and they're easily affordable, too.

Volvo Scores Big With Uber's Autonomous Fleet

Riding in these XC90s is going to be an upgrade for a lot of UberX riders

Falling in line with the direction of where the automotive industry is going, Volvo has signed a framework agreement with Uber on a three-year contract to supply cars.

Man Finds His Car 20 Years Later in the Same Spot He Left It

Some people have the memory of a goldfish. This is one of those people.

There are times when we all can become forgetful, but there comes a time when that can just be a bit excessive. We've been in that all-to-common situation where we have parked in giant parking lot.