A Big German Newspaper Might Rat Out Daimler on Diesel Cheat Device

Maybe now Volkswagen won't feel so lonely

Mercedes-Benz parent company, Daimler, has been accused of fitting some of its diesel-powered cars with illegal emissions defeat devices.

James Bond is Selling His Aston Martin Vanquish

This Vanquish's last mission is to make some teens' dream come true

For any James Bond or 007 fans, a glorious day is soon upon you. Actor Daniel Craig, best known for his portrayal of British superspy, is parting ways with his limited-edition 2014 Aston Martin.

President Trump Will Likely Change CAFE Standards

What does this mean for automakers and future emissions regulations?

The Trump administration is more likely to go ahead with easing future Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) targets soon.

Every Manual Transmission Car Available in 2018

You can still get a great car with a Millennial anti-theft device

With the number of cars being sold with manual transmissions dwindling down to practically nothing, you might think it tough to find a car with a stick. Well, here are all your choices for 2018.

Three Autonomous Car Companies to Watch

You may have heard of some, others probably not, but should watch for them.

In the world of self-driving car technology, the race to come out on top is an aggressive and exciting one. While there are some miles ahead of the competition, other contenders could pull ahead.

The 373-Mile Range Volkswagen I.D. EV is Going to Production in 100 Weeks

This long-ranged EV will be a real game changer for the brand.

Marked by an initial batch of specifications, Volkswagen has announced it will start producing the first member of its I.D.-badged family of electric vehicles in 100 weeks.

The Waymo-Uber Lawsuit Reaches a Dramatic Conclusion

Waymo now has a stake in the ride-hailing giant

The longstanding court battle between Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo and Uber Technologies Inc. has reached a satisfactory endpoint.

The Hyundai Kona Electric Will Outrange the Chevy Bolt

Outdoing the electric mileage king is some feat

The new all-electric Hyundai Kona will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but some pretty interesting details surrounding it have already surfaced.

The 2019 Ram 1500 Pickup Shows Off its Huge 12-Inch Touchscreen in Chicago

Big pickup. Big display screen.

The new Ram 1500 pickup truck has an optional 12-inch touchscreen with navigation, and the thing is just busting at the seams with slickness.

Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Send a Tesla Roadster into Space

We have liftoff... and a car

The new SpaceX rocket that launched into the sky Tuesday, became the world's most powerful vehicle in operation today.

Opinion: Should You Buy a Used Car That's No Longer Made?

If you're in the market for a used car, discontinued might be a good choice

When you make moves to buy a used car, there are a lot of things to consider. What kind will you get, where will you get it, how much can you spend, or will it answer all of your needs.

BMW's Drift World Record Was Almost Ruined by Bluetooth

Isn't losing your connection a pain?

We bet you've never been as annoyed by your Bluetooth disconnecting as BMW's driver Johan Schwartz was while setting the longest drift record.

Hyundai Does Level 4 Autonomous Testing at 70 MPH

The South Koreans do Olympic levels of self-driving

Hyundai has recently reached new heights as they've released three test vehicles on Korean roadways, operating completely autonomously.

Waymo's Autonomous Fleet is in the Lead During Testing

General Motors and the rest are going to have to step up their games

In the race to get an autonomous taxi fleet out to the masses, Waymo seems to be in the lead as far as testing is concerned.

Nuro Autonomous Delivers Startup Raises $92 Million

The world of delivery services is about to explode

A new startup out of Silicon Valley, Nuro, has just raised $92 million to launch a self-driving delivery vehicle. It will work in the same ecosystem as automakers, shippers, and smaller companies.