The Best American Drifting Schools

Here's where you learn how to burn rubber and get sideways

Are you interested in making a lot of tires smoke, sliding sideways, and having a really good time? Yeah, drifting is fun, but you better learn how to do it properly.

5 Cars We Wish Were Rear-Wheel Drive

Making cars that drive well even better

Front-wheel drive is the go-to drivetrain for many automakers, and it is for good reason. Still, we feel that more cars need to be rear-wheel drive. Here are a few that should switch.

Amazing Supercars You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Just because it isn't a Lambo, Ferrari or McLaren doesn't make it unworthy

There are dozens of supercar manufacturers around the world. It can be hard to keep track of them all, so we thought it worth it to highlight a few supercars you may have missed.

6 Cars We Miss From Brands That Are Dead

Sometimes good cars just don't last

We've seen many great cars die off: the Dodge Viper, Chevrolet SS sedan, and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO are just a few. Sometimes, a good car not only dies off, but the whole brand goes with it.

Gear Up: Best Tire Patch Kits

Got a flat? Hopefully, you have one of these kits

Luckily, patching a tire yourself is quick and easy. All you need is a good tire patch kit and your tire that needs a hole plugged. Just follow the specific directions on the packaging and you'll be just fine. Here are three tire patch kits that you should consider for your car.

5 Great Things About the 2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota's all-new Camry comes with some serious improvements

When Toyota set out to redesign the Camry, the company knew it had to get it right. For years the Camry has been a stalwart when it comes to solid reliable transportation, but Toyota wanted to make the model more than just a useful appliance. It wanted to make the car memorable and more important than ever. One look at the new Camry and its clear the company succeeded.

Enthusiast Cars Still Exist in a World of Too Much Car Tech

There's still some new cars high on fun and low on tech

For most people getting in almost any new car renders them overwhelmed by technology. There's just a lot technological crap in cars these days, and it seems like 90 percent of the stuff the cars do you can just as easily do with a competent smartphone. While automakers try to connect cars seamlessly to the rest of our lives, there's a portion of consumers out there who just want to forget all that stuff and do the one thing that cars really need to do: drive well.

The 7 Best Cars of the Last Decade

These are the cars that will be sought after for years to come

Most vehicles sold today are good cars. Every once in a while, though, there comes a car that simply blows you away. These cars are the ones that offer exceptional performance and amenities. They're smart concepts that are expertly executed and they will be recognized as great vehicles for many years to come.

Used Car Checklist: What to Watch Out For When Shopping

Don't buy without taking a close look at these key items

Shopping for a used car definitely isn't easy. However, if you know what to look out for when shopping, you're going to have an easier time. When you shop for a new car, you really need to give it a good visual inspection. Remembering what all to look at can be difficult, so we've rounded up a list of items that you should take a few moments to check every time you go to look at a used car.

5 Cars That Should've Survived and 5 Cars That Need to Die

What's right in the world doesn't always happen

There are some things in this world that are completely unfair. This applies to everything in life, but it is often pertinent to the automotive industry. No matter how painful it is, good cars get canceled. Good cars can disappear due to lack of enough marketing, a car being too expensive to produce, poor sales, or any number of other reasons. Conversely, crappy cars can hang on for years, scraping by with just enough sales to make business sense.

5 Cars That Would Be Awesome With a Tad More Horsepower

All these cars need is a little extra oomph to be superb

Most new cars today come with a lot of power, too much in some cases. However, there are still some underpowered rides out there. These are generally sporty cars that could use more get up and go to become more interesting. With just a little more power, they'd be better than they already are. Here are five cars that would jump up a notch with a few more horses under the hood.

5 Car Waxes That Take the Work Out of Summer Car Care

No more swollen arm after buffing like a madman

Most paste car waxes require a tremendous amount of attention and arm strength, and then there's the dreaded sunglight issue that can ruin your car's paint job forever if you're not careful. But so much has changed over the years when it comes to car wax products. There are now polymers and liquid based waxes that are much less rigorous to apply and remove. Here are five waxes that will make this summer much more enjoyable by giving you time and freeing up those deltoids.

The 5 Hidden Costs That Sneak in When Buying a Vehicle

There are always a few more costs than you expect

It would be nice if buying a car was as easy as paying the price the vehicle is listed at. That, unfortunately, isn't usually the case. There's always going to be a few hidden fees and costs that sneak in at the last minute. Some of these are negotiable. Others, not so much.

What Vans Work for Conversions?

You have to start with a base vehicle and then customize

Conversion vans used to be a fairly common sight on American roadways in the 1980s and 90s. Now, you don't really see many of them owned by the average consumer. If you do, it's typically a survivor from the conversion van heyday. Despite this, these vans do still exist. It's just they're not as needed thanks to all the modern amenities that come in minivans these days. Still, if you wanted to outfit a van to your liking, you could.

The Five Levels of Autonomous Driving

It's not all hands-free, but it will certainly be someday

Full autonomous driving isn't quite a reality yet, but if you think there's absolutely zero autonomous driving tech out there, you're seriously mistaken. We hear the news about Tesla's Autopilot feature, driving assist technology that's pervading just about every brand and what manufacturers and tech companies are trying to do, even as you read this article. Here's a breakdown of the five (six, counting Level 0) levels of autonomous driving technology.