The 2019 Toyota Avalon Completely Ditches Its Geriatric Past

"You say you want a revolution..."

You could almost call the 2019 Toyota Avalon "radical" if you compare it to the models that came before it. Take a look back at the Toyota Avalon over the years...

The Buick Enspire EV Shows Us the Near Future of Vehicles

Efficient, slick, and seriously quick

A debut concept vehicle should forge the way for Buick's next generation of vehicles. It's the Enspire EV crossover concept that will show up at the Beijing Auto Show.

Four Rules of the Road Reminders For Drivers Who May Have Forgotten Them

A free refresher driver's ed course

Here's are five reminders of traffic laws that you're either ignoring, forgot about, or maybe lack the brains to execute. Consider this your opportunity to get it together.

Five Ways to Make Your Car Shopping Experience Easier

Following these tips can reduce headache, time, and money

Car shopping doesn't have to suck, but most people equate the experience to going to the dentist for a root canal. It's one of those things that just has to be done.

Gear Up: The 5 Best Rated Child Booster Seat

Keep your child safe and comfortable in one of these booster seats

Finding the right child booster seat for your car isn't easy. We combed through the different products to bring you five of the highest-rated car booster seats.

The Best and Worst Car Key Fobs in America

Why do we only care about them when they're lost?

Customers look at virtually every aspect of vehicles they're shopping for, but not much attention is paid to the key fob.

General Motors Wants to "Airbnb" Your Car

We're not sure if this is brilliant or idiotic

If you thought the idea of taking an Uber or Lyft was the only way ride-sharing could work, you've got another thing coming. Think Airbnb, but for your car.

Motorists and Pedestrians are Attacking Autonomous Chevy Bolt EVs

A sign that we may not be ready for autonomy

With autonomous vehicles gaining more freedom to operate on open roads in California, some pedestrians and fellow motorists aren't exactly welcoming.

Tesla Shareholders Push to Stop Award to Musk

Musk might need an alternative award to stay interested in Tesla

Shareholders of Tesla Inc. have expressed concerns over a very hefty award to be granted to CEO Elon Musk.

Rare 1957 Porsche 356A Barn Find is Rusty But Exciting

Restoring this car back to working condition will be a wonderful task

Those rare and exciting moments when one finds a hidden or long lost treasure always manages to bring about a feeling of great elation and wonder. This Porsche 356A is no different.

Fully Autonomous Car Testing Approved for California Roads

This brings automakers one step closer to their true autonomous car dreams

California streets are about to find themselves with more cars without drivers very soon. Starting in April, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will allow unattended autonomous car testing.

Honda Will Make a Three-Row CR-V and a Hybrid Version

More space and efficiency are great things to add onto this crossover

Honda has some pretty exciting new things coming out soon. The automaker has announced it will be making a CR-V with an optional third-row of seats, as well as when we can expect a hybrid version.

A Fascinating Look at How Waymo Sees the World

They're leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, even in virtual reality

Waymo is making huge strides, as they've just clocked another one million miles on the road in the last three months. The company's test fleets have seen places all around the U.S.

More Drivers Are Buying Dash Cams to Protect Themselves

Your eyes will be on the road in every direction, and then some.

As modern technology grows more advanced with each passing day, more and more people are incorporating these convenient trend-setting gadgets into their lives. Dashboard cameras have gone mainstream.

The Fastest Depreciating Cars of 2017 Mean Great Used Car Deals

You could get a pre-owned one for a seriously good price

Cars depreciate in value, plain and simple. If you work it right, you can use this to your advantage and buy a car that has already seen heavy depreciation, meaning you get a great car for the money.