Are COVID-19 Car Deals a Bait-and-Switch for Shoppers with Subprime Credit?

The promise of 0% APR doesn't apply to everyone

To counter the lower demand during COVID-19, automakers are offering financing incentives to encourage shoppers to buy, but these offers may be misleading for customers with compromised credit

Can You Negotiate a Lease Buyout?

Your leasing company may be able to cut a deal

Buying a leased car can be a smart move, but getting the best price takes some preparation. Here's what you should do before having the buyout conversation with your leasing company.

Auto Finance: Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit vs. No Credit

Learn how to overcome either challenge when car shopping

The two most common obstacles for car loan approval are bad credit and no credit. Learn the difference and how to overcome each financing roadblock.

Auto Finance: Automakers Offer 84-Month Financing Incentives But Should You Bite?

A long-term car loan may not be in your best interest

Car sales have dropped significantly during COVID-19 and automakers are offering 84-month 0% APR financing to draw in customers. Is this incentive worthwhile or is it too good to be true?

The Used Car Market Could See Record Price Drops During COVID-19

Demand may be lower than during the great recession

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there is an oversupply of used car inventory leading to dropping values. Here's what it means if you're in the market for a used car.

How Can You Prevent Repossession of Your Car During COVID-19?

Communication with your auto lender is crucial

Don't let the financial burdens of COVID-19 lead to your car getting repossessed. Here's what you should know if you can't make your car payment because of a job loss.

Which Automaker Lets You Defer Payments the Longest?

See who will have your back if you lose your job

In response to the volatile economic conditions, these automakers are offering longer than average payment deferral plans to remove some of the hesitations.

Should You Use Your COVID-19 Stimulus Check to Buy a Car?

Now might be the best time to replace your aging ride

One question that emerges in the minds of some Americans is whether or not they should use the money to purchase a new vehicle, or should they reserve the money for other needs.

Now is a Great Time to Refinance Your Car Loan

Interest rates are dropping and so can your car payment

Amid so much uncertainty, refinancing your auto loan may offset the burden of your car payments or help lower your interest rates. 

These Auto Lenders are Offering Assistance During the Coronavirus Crisis

Contact your lender if you're out of work due to COVID-19

Without a steady source of income, making car payments can become difficult which is why several manufacturers and lenders are offering assistance and car payment deferrals.

Auto Finance: How Much Should I Pay for a New Car?

Prices are rising but that doesn't mean you should overspend

Figuring out how much you should pay for a new car can be challenging. Use this guide to budget for a new car, get acquainted with dealer pricing terms, and learn how to negotiate at the dealership.

Do You Need Credit Protection Insurance for your Auto Loan?

Preserve your credit rating in a financial hardship

Is paying extra for credit protection insurance for your auto loan worthwhile? See what it is, the pros and cons, and some alternative options.

Auto Finance: Can I Get a Car Loan Without a Cosigner?

For first-time buyers or the credit compromised

One way to bypass the challenges of bad credit when buying a car is to enlist a family member or trusted friend to cosign on the loan with you. See if this scenario is the right course of action.

How Much Will My Auto Loan Cost Me Up Front?

Don't let auto financing costs sneak up on you

To help you budget for all expenses of buying a car, we break down the potential costs you'll incur by taking out an auto loan. 

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Confidence in your used car purchase comes at a price

We break down what CPO means, define the difference between dealer and manufacturer certification programs, and provide examples of several CPO programs from mass-market and lux