All You Need to Know About Auto Refinancing

If you're in a bad car loan situation, refinancing can be smart

Auto refinancing can be a smart option, but it doesn't make sense for everyone. In order to find out if refinancing is right for you, we've pulled together a lot of information.

How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

Your car doesn't have to be bad just because your credit is

Someone with bad credit may think it's impossible to get a car. That, however, is not true. Even someone with poor credit can get approved for a loan on a great car.

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Don't let your low score rule your life

A bad credit score can really limit your options when it comes to buying a ca. So, if you want to get a car you love, you should really follow these five steps to improve your score.

What's The Smallest Car Loan Amount You Can Get?

For when you just don't quite have enough to pay cash

Some used cars aren't that expensive. Still, dropping a lot of cash on a vehicle isn't ideal. This begs the question, what's the smallest loan amount lenders will give you?

How Long Term Car Loan Interest Rates Can Kill Your Finances

A long term loan generally isn't a good idea

The combination of a high interest rate and a long loan period can spell disaster for your finances. It doesn't have to be that way.

How the Car You Want Could Financially Handcuff You

Don't be a slave to the high priced car of your dreams

You know that cool neighbor guy down the street with the new Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350? Yeah, he's locked in for 72 months paying over $800 each month.

Should You Buy a $30,000 Car on a $40,000 Salary?

There's a lot more to consider than it may seem

According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price for a new car in 2016 was $33,666. That's quite a lot of money, for most folks.

The 5 Hidden Costs That Sneak in When Buying a Vehicle

There are always a few more costs than you expect

There's always going to be a few hidden fees and costs that sneak in at the last minute. Some of these are negotiable. Others, not so much.

Do the Math: The Stupidity of an 84-Month Loan

If you take a look at the final numbers, it's downright painful

See a price tag on a brand new TV, and it says, "$1,200" and we just might walk away. But when it says, "Low monthly payments of $59.99" and you're hooked like a hapless fish.

How to Get a Car Loan With No Credit History

It's not easy, but it's absolutely possible. Here's how.

We get asked a lot of questions about car financing, and one of the most prevalent questions is, "How can I get a car loan with no credit history?"

Auto Financing Series: Dealer vs. Lender Financing

Which financing solution is better when it comes time to buy?

Generally, you can choose to get financing through the dealership, or take out a loan with a bank or credit union. There are pros and cons to each. Here's what you need to know.

What Happens When You Can't Make Your Car Payments on Time?

How to avoid trouble and the possible repercussions when things go bad

Unless you pay cash for your automobile, you have a monthly car note that you're responsible for, or the lender will come calling for you and for your car.

How To Get a Car After Filing for Bankruptcy

Here's how to get wheels when things seem a little bit bleak

Purchasing a car may be a big part of that reality, but getting a car without getting killed financially becomes more of a challenge as a result of being in bankruptcy.

Is It Wise to Make a Bigger Down Payment When Buying a Car?

Much of it depends on your financial situation, but here's our advice

It's tough handing over a big chunk of your hard-earned cash to a new or used car dealer when first purchasing the vehicle.

Auto Financing Series: How Interest Works On a Car Loan

We decode the mess of numbers and terms for you

As with any loan you take out, you have to pay the lender for giving you the money up front, and this is called interest.