What's the Best Car You Can Buy For the Average New Car Price of $36,000?

Here's a case where you get more than you pay for

When it comes to buying a new car, if you just have to have a new one instead of used, which one ticks all the boxes for under $36,000? There are a lot of choices out there, but we've selected one.

You Weren't Approved For Your Car Loan, Now What?

Understanding the root of the issue lets you attack it head-on

Identify the reason you weren't approved for your car loan. Based on your findings, you can take the following steps to get approved for the vehicle you need.

The 4 Criteria Lenders Consider When Approving Your Car Loan

Your credit score is just one piece of the auto finance puzzle

Your credit score is not the only important variable when you apply for an auto loan. See how your income, employment history, down payment, and the car's value will impact your loan.

Buying a Car You Can Afford Can Help You Balance Your Finances

Accepting your situation and having a plan are great starts

Here's why buying an affordable car can help you balance your budget and help you live within your means.

How to Get a Car Loan if You're on Disability

Understand the roadblocks and how to overcome them

A reliable vehicle is a source of stability and empowerment. See why it can be difficult to get a car loan while on disability benefits and the steps you should take to get approved.

How to Score Your Lowest Possible Car Loan Interest Rate

A couple percentage points can make or break your finances

You have more control over your car loan interest than you think. See what factors go into determining that number and the steps you can take to give yourself the best chance at a lower rate.

What's the Difference Between Financing a New Vs. a Used Car?

Your interest rate, loan terms and incentives will vary

You've heard you can save money by buying a used car, but financing it may not be as simple or cost-effective. Here's what you should know before going to buy your car.

Is the Median Income Enough to Buy The Average Priced New Car?

We examine if new car prices have reached unattainable levels

Learn what's driving up new car prices and whether the average US income is enough to cover a new car purchase.

What's the Longest Car Loan You Should Get?

The benefits of stretching out a car loan don't outweigh the risks

Car shoppers are taking out long-term car loans at staggering rates but there are serious risks involved. See what you should consider before you buy your car and decide on your loan terms.

5 Costly Car Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Awareness and a little prep work can save you hundreds

Avoid these 5 common car loan mistakes when you go buy your car and feel confident that you're not overpaying in interest for years to come.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

Consider your driving habits and finances before diving in

While leasing a vehicle is becoming more popular, it's not right for everyone. You need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of leasing and buying to determine the right avenue for your driving ha

This is What Your Credit Score Really Means

It's not just some random 3-digit number

We help take the mystery out of what a credit score is, what the ranges look like, how your score affects you and how to keep your score high. 

How Much Should I Pay For a Used Car?

There's no magic number, but here's how to know what's fair

Buying a used car comes with more price ambiguity than buying used. Here's how to determine what a fair price looks like and what will work with your situation.

Why You Should Get Pre-Approved for a Car Loan

It's worth the money and hassle you'll save at the dealership

When it comes time to finance a large purchase like a car, shopping around for the best interest rate opens the door to serious savings in the long run. Getting pre-approved for a loan will help.

Can You Buy a Car Without Proof of Income?

Understanding what lenders look for will improve your odds

While proof of income helps when applying for a car loan, it isn't the only determining factor for getting approved. We'll guide you through buying a car without proof of income.