How Long Does it Take to Improve Your Credit Score?

Here's what to expect if your score has taken a hit recently

Learn how long your credit score will take to recover from bankruptcy, missed payments and closing a credit account.

How You Should Dress When You Go Car Shopping

Somewhere between sweats and a full-on tux

Most people don't think much about how they're perceived when it comes to wardrobe choices when car shopping. So, what are the best guidelines for what to wear when you go car shopping?

What To Do if You Can't Afford Your Car Payments?

Here's how you can avoid ruining your credit or losing your car

Unexpected life events may hurt your ability to make your monthly car payments. Here are the steps you can take to avoid damaged credit and repossession.

This is How Cosigning For a Car Loan Works

Understand the benefits and risks before picking up the pen

Learn the benefits of getting a car loan with a cosigner and how to tackle the question of whether or not to cosign a car loan for someone else.

Should You Buy a Car Before Interest Rates Go Up?

The Fed's recent rate hikes could be a sign it's time to buy

The recent and upcoming federal interest rate hikes can impact your car loan. See how they will affect fixed-rate and variable-rate loans and what you can do to lock in a lower interest rate.

How Do I Finance an Older Used Car?

Some financial institutions will be wary of older vehicles

Buying a used car is smart for your wallet and to truly get a deal, you need one that's more than a couple years old. See how you can get around the financing challenges that come with older cars.

How Will Buying a Car Impact My Credit Score?

If you keep up with car payments, your credit score will climb

Your credit score impacts your car loan and in turn, your car loan will shift your score. From applying for auto loans to paying off your car, these are the credit score trends you'll likely see.

What's the Best Car You Can Buy For the Average New Car Price of $36,000?

Here's a case where you get more than you pay for

When it comes to buying a new car, if you just have to have a new one instead of used, which one ticks all the boxes for under $36,000? There are a lot of choices out there, but we've selected one.

You Weren't Approved For Your Car Loan, Now What?

Understanding the root of the issue lets you attack it head-on

Identify the reason you weren't approved for your car loan. Based on your findings, you can take the following steps to get approved for the vehicle you need.

The 4 Criteria Lenders Consider When Approving Your Car Loan

Your credit score is just one piece of the auto finance puzzle

Your credit score is not the only important variable when you apply for an auto loan. See how your income, employment history, down payment, and the car's value will impact your loan.

Buying a Car You Can Afford Can Help You Balance Your Finances

Accepting your situation and having a plan are great starts

Here's why buying an affordable car can help you balance your budget and help you live within your means.

How to Get a Car Loan if You're on Disability

Understand the roadblocks and how to overcome them

A reliable vehicle is a source of stability and empowerment. See why it can be difficult to get a car loan while on disability benefits and the steps you should take to get approved.

How to Score Your Lowest Possible Car Loan Interest Rate

A couple percentage points can make or break your finances

You have more control over your car loan interest than you think. See what factors go into determining that number and the steps you can take to give yourself the best chance at a lower rate.

What's the Difference Between Financing a New Vs. a Used Car?

Your interest rate, loan terms and incentives will vary

You've heard you can save money by buying a used car, but financing it may not be as simple or cost-effective. Here's what you should know before going to buy your car.

Is the Median Income Enough to Buy The Average Priced New Car?

We examine if new car prices have reached unattainable levels

Learn what's driving up new car prices and whether the average US income is enough to cover a new car purchase.