eBay Find: 1966 Ford Bronco Half Cab

A beautiful and rare version of the iconic 4X4

The Ford Bronco is one of the most legendary 4x4's an American automaker has ever produced. Our eBay find is one of the unique and rare Bronco Half Cabs that's undergone a restoration.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is Glorious at Pebble Beach

If there ever was a land yacht, this certainly qualifies

Just when we thought Mercedes couldn't one up itself after last year's Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 with its huge red body and matching wheels. Well, they not only went a step beyond at this year's Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach, they used the same car and chopped off the top. This Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is even more beguiling thanks to its long drop top, huge turbine wheels, and stunning interior. 

25 of the Best Rally Photos and Videos We Could Find

If these don't make you want to go out and race, nothing will.

One of the most exciting motorsports out there is rally racing. These types of races take place on a point-to-point course instead of a circuit course. Basically, you see who can drive the fastest from one spot to the other. To demonstrate just how amazing and beautiful the sport is, we thought it best to round up a bunch of photos and videos for your enjoyment. 

Mazda Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Rotary Engine

Hopefully, a new rotary engine is not very far away

Mazda's love affair with the rotary engine is well-known. The first Mazda car with a rotary engine went on sale May 30, 1967. It was the Mazda Cosmo Sport, a car that has now gained legendary status among sports car enthusiasts. The Cosmo Sport was just the start of what would be a long and successful run of cars with rotary engines, including the RX-7, RX-8, and the 1991 Le Mans winning Mazda 787B.

The Millionth Porsche 911 is Complete

A major milestone to reach after 54 years of sports car heaven

Porsche recently finished building the millionth 911. The model has been zooming around roadways around the world for 54 years. Many of those models are still on the road due to the fact that Porsche claims more than 70 percent of all 911s the company has ever made still drive from time to time.

The Lucid Motors Air is an Electrified Steal at $52,500

The fact that it's cheaper than a Tesla S isn't an accident

If there's a serious competitor to the Tesla Model S on the horizon, it's clearly the Lucid Motors Air, a brand new luxury electrified sedan that wowed at CES just a couple of short months ago. Pricing has just been revealed, and it looks like no accident that it undercuts the Model S.

10 of the Most Memorable Batmobiles From the Big and Small Screen

The Dark Knight has had a lot of really sweet rides

From the classic TV show, to cartoons, movies and video games, the Batmobile has undergone numerous transformations. Some a sleek and sexy, while others are utterly futuristic or military in nature. Whatever form the Batmobile may have taken, it will continue to evolve on the small and big screens. Here's a rundown on some of the best Batmobiles we've ever come across.

Conceptually Awesome: Jaguar C-X75

From concept, to death, to front and center in a Bond movie

Back in 2010, Jaguar unveiled a supercar called the C-X75. It was the most technologically advanced car the company had ever produced. It featured a sexy exterior crafted from carbon fiber. The original concept was to use two micro gas turbines as generators for four electric motors attached to each wheel.

A Gallery of Beauties from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

No Fiat 500L in this bunch, and for good reason.

This year's Chicago Auto Show didn't have any really huge debuts, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot to stare at. We're always surprised with how many great looking cars and trucks are on the market, and that means the whole gamut. Economy cars, crossovers, pickup trucks, sedans, hatchbacks and wagons (notice, we're purposely leaving minivans out of it).

The Dodge Durango SRT is a 7-Passenger Missile

It can tow, carry the family and drag race all at once

While VW turns to electric cars in the wake of its diesel scandal and Ford contemplates the fate of the Mustang by stating the probability of a hybrid Stangy future, Dodge (and really all of FCA) seems to be focused on living in the moment. And right now that means putting high horsepower engines in just about anything. Most recently, this has taken shape of the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT.

The Land Rover "Reborn" Series Makes the Old Range Rover New Again

Serious coin gets you some serious Brit retro

Land Rover has a special "Reborn" program that restores and sells classic vehicles with a factory warranty. In the past, the program restored several Series 1 models. This time around they went with the classic Range Rover. The Reborn Range Rovers will be 100 percent original and Land Rover's special program plans to build 10 of the classic SUVs.

Conceptually Awesome: 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Bertone Carabo

It just might have been inspired by an axe head

As much as we love modern concept cars with their technological advancements, it's the ones from way back that get us going the most. Here's one that's not on everyone's radar, but it stands as an icon for the supercar that it inspired. The 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo by Bertone was one of the premier "wedge" cars of its time, and it was as exotic as a concept could get back then.

LEGENDS: Porsche 959

Perhaps the most technologically advanced car of the '80s

In the late 1980s, Porsche, then a fairly small independent company, created a Group B rally car that was possibly the most technologically advanced and impressive car of the whole era. Today it is still a wonder of automotive engineering and will dominate just about everything else on the road.

Jeep's Wrangler Shortcut Concept is Rugged, Retro and Really, Really Red

A model like this would generate lines around the block

Ah, the Jeep Shortcut Concept. The CJ-5-inspired Wrangler Concept vehicle that stole our hearts at the 2016 Annual Easter Jeep Safari. It was so red, so short and so very cool. Like a badass off-road red roadster, the Wrangler Shortcut stays in our mind like that really attractive person you saw on the train. If only you'd gone over to say hi. Then maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't have to live knowing that somewhere out there the beautiful thing roams alone, likely unappreciated.

The Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Concept Casts a Vision for the Next Altima

Instead of busy, it's actually an edgy delight

Hell, the only cars we don't seem to mind from their lineup are the TItan, Armada, Rogue, and of course the GT-R. Especially when it comes to being overdesigned, the Maxima and Murano just offend us. But Nissan's not done with the use of too many lines. At least they seem to have figured out how to do with with the Vmotion 2.0 Concept car from this year's Detroit Auto Show.