Autos 101: How to Apply Paint Scratch Protection Film to Your Car

Keep your car's vulnerable paint looking great with a plastic shield

Your car's paint can really take a beating. Over the course of your vehicle's life, it will get scratched and damaged. That's where protection film can come in handy.

Gear Up: Best Liquid Car Waxes for Spring

The sun's out, and it's time to make your car shine

These are some of the best liquid car waxes out on the market. Now that spring is here, it's smart to get your car out of the garage, give it a wash, and apply a layer of wax.

Gear Up: 3 Best Aftermarket Rear Seat DVD Players

Keep those kiddos entertained on that long road trip

If you have a long road trip coming up, you need to have a way to entertain the kid for those long hours behind the wheel. We've found that a DVD rear-seat entertainment system works nice.

Gear Up: Spring Sneakers for Driving Fun

The sun's out, so get some sneakers on and drive

When winter's cold grip on the weather finally gives out, it's the time for new adventures. That usually means you get in your car for a nice spring drive. Here are some shoes to do it in.

Are Poor Sales Figures the Only Reason Automakers Kill Models?

There are some model cancellation head-scratchers out there

It happens all the time. Vehicles that seem to be an important part of an automakers lineup get the axe and other less worthy vehicles soldier on for years to come.

Gear Up: Best Car Backseat Organizers

These come in handy when you need to carry passengers and items, too

The front seat has plenty of storage space, but what do back seat passengers do? Well, if your car comes up short in the backseat storage department, you could always buy a backseat organizer.

Gear Up: The 5 Best LED Headlights for Your Car

Get the best lights in the business

Many cars are sold with halogen headlights, but if you really want the best and brightest bulbs available, you can upgrade to LED headlights. We've pulled together a list of the best ones.

How Does In-Car Wi-Fi Work?

Ever wonder how that connection was made?

We live in a connected world and just about everyone wants to have unfettered access to the internet while on the go. This is where in-car Wi-Fi comes in. But how does it work? We take a closer look.

Gear Up: The 5 Best Car Air Purifiers

Get unwanted smells out of your car's cabin in a hurry

Hate it when your car smells bad? Instead of trying to cover up the smell with an air freshener from the gas station, opt for an in-car air purifier and never worry about odors again.

Gear Up: Three Great Car Trash Cans Do Mobile Waste Wonderfully

Do you have a way to dispose of your garbage?

Cars don't come with built-in trash cans but we all generate trash inside our cars. That's where products like these aftermarket in-car trash cans come in.

How Much Longer Do Your Tires Last When You Rotate Them?

Keeping more rubber on the road by rotating your tires

We've all heard that tire rotations are important, but just how important are they? Does it really matter how often you rotate your tires? We do some research so you don't have to.

Gear Up: 5 Best Key Trackers are Mindful When You're Not

You may never lose your keys again

Many of us have lost our keys once or twice. Some of us do it on a regular basis, while others do it all the time. If you're sick of losing your keys buy yourself a car key tracker.

Gear Up: The 5 Best Car Covers for Snow

Forget about clearing the snow off your car in the morning

Hate clearing the snow off of your ride every morning? Get a car cover for snow and you'll never have to do it again. Here are five of the best covers out there you can buy right now.

Gear Up: The 5 Best Aftermarket Android Auto Receivers

Use the best features of your phone in your car

Have an old car but really want to have access to Android Auto? One of these aftermarket stereo receivers will do the trick and bring your old vehicle into the modern age.

Autos 101: Do Brake Pad Brands Make Any Difference?

It's best to know before you go brake pad shopping

There's a lot of brake pad manufacturers out there but are any of the brands you hear all the time really better than the others? We do our best to sort this out.