How to Get a Luxury Used Car at a Bargain Price

Depreciation can help you get a deal on that luxury badge

You'll be surprised how much more affordable luxury vehicles become when you go back a few model years to buy used. See the top tips for saving on luxury cars and a list of the best bargains.

The 15-Year Old Nissan Frontier Blew Ford Ranger Sales Out of The Water

Nissan's midsize pickup truck outsold Ford's by a lot

With all the hype around the all-new Ford Ranger, we thought demand would be strong out of the gate. Instead, the 15-year old Nissan Frontier outsold it. Here's why we think that is.

3 Best Ways to Sell Your Car for More Money

That old SUV could be worth more than you think

Selling or trading in your car at the dealership is convenient but will it give you the highest return? See what the alternative are to get the most from selling your vehicle.

This Kid Sold His Xbox and Worked Odd Jobs to Buy His Mom a Car

A 13-year-old bought his mom a 1999 Chevy Metro

A 13-year-old was able to buy his mom a car on Facebook. See how he secretly pulled off the selfless act.

Should You Get Gap Car Insurance?

It can come to the rescue if you're upside down on your loan

If your vehicle is totaled and you're upside down on your loan, you could be left paying your lender thousands out of pocket. See how gap insurance can help.

Can Someone Without a Garage Own An Electric Vehicle?

Here's how apartment living and electric cars can coexist

If you don't have a garage or driveway, charging an electric vehicle can pose a challenge. Here's how you can enjoy apartment living and still go electric.

Should You Buy a Car With a Rebuilt Title?

The price might be right but rebuilt cars are a gamble

A rebuilt title means a vehicle has had serious damage and has been repaired. See if the low price is worth the risks and what you how you can protect yourself.

The 2020 Ford Explorer Comes Equipped with Self-Patching Tires

No more dangerous pit stops on the side of the road

Hate getting slowed down by flat tires? The 2020 Ford Explorer will patch its own punctured tires with Michelin's Selfseal tire technology. We break down how it works.

How Good Are 'Friends and Family' Car Manufacturer Buying Programs?

Time to grease the palms of your cousin at Honda

Most major automakers offer discounts to their employees and their families. We share some examples to demonstrate how good of a discount is offered and who is eligible.

When Will the Traditional Dealership Model Disappear?

Car shopping may look a lot different a decade from now

We look into the current landscape of the industry, the early innovators like Tesla who are changing the car buying model and what we predict the future of car shopping will look like.

Which Newfangled Pickup Truck Tailgate is Right For You?

Elevate your hauling (or parking lot party) game

Ram, GMC, and Honda are leaving the simple folding tailgate design in the past with these revolutionary tailgates and truck beds.

Ram Showcases Their New Tailgate, Heavy Duty Line and a Luxury Commercial Trim in Chicago

Ram aims to out-power, out-tow and outsmart the competition

Ram's press conference at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show shows the brand's commitment to comfort, convenience, and class-leading capability across the lineup.

How Much Should You Pay for a Used Car?

Here's how to make sure the price is right

Buying a used car comes with more price ambiguity than buying used. Here's how to determine what a fair price looks like and what will work with your situation.

Top 5 Compact SUVs with the Most Cargo Room

Compact by name only, these 5 SUVs are huge inside

If you live an active lifestyle or enjoy home improvement projects, these 5 compact SUVs with the most cargo space will haul everything on your list.

Gear Up: 5 Best Tire Chains for Snow

These easy-to-install tire chains tackle the toughest conditions

We give you a rundown of the proper way to use tire chains, the pros and cons, and the 5 best tire chains to choose from.