4 BS Facts About Airless Tires Everyone Thinks Are True

People fear what they don't understand

Michelin has been working hard to bring an airless tire to the consumer market, and it looks like they're now actively testing their version called the Uptis along with General Motors.

The 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT N Line is a Performance Bargain

Sporty styling tops off some serious performance upgrades

We drove the new Hyundai Elantra GT N Line and found it to be an excellent new hatchback for those that want sporty style with performance to match.

We Take on Motor City for the 30th Anniversary of the Detroit Grand Prix

An action-packed weekend of racing in Detroit

We join the Honda team in Detroit for a weekend of racing at the Detroit Grand Prix. Learn the history of the event, and see the highlights of the weekend.

3 Insane (But True) Facts About Bad Car Smells

Friends don't let friends drive smelly

Well, if you know the facts about some of the worst car smells out there, it might get you in gear to get things taken care of. Here are 3 insane facts about some of the worst offenders.

5 Best Minivans For Towing

Don't think family haulers can tow? Think again.

Minivans aren't just for hauling soccer teams anymore. Powerful engines, solid reliability scores, and towing capacities make these options perfect for the adventurous family.

Top 5 Compact SUVs For Towing

Small crossovers can tow and trailer, too

Pickup trucks and large SUVs aren't the only vehicles that are capable in the towing department. If you're looking to tow a boat or small trailer, these 5 compact crossovers will fit your needs.

Should You Use a Credit Card to Buy a Car?

The cash back rewards are not always worth it

Buying a vehicle with a credit card can offer some nice rewards like cash back or points but will dealers allow it? Learn the pros and cons and get some tips for paying with plastic.

5 Car Care Hacks You Probably Didn't Know, But Should

Revolutionize how you maintain your car with these easy tricks

These 5 car care hacks help you take care of your vehicle using everyday items you probably have laying around your house already.

What Happens to the New Cars Dealerships Can't Sell?

Unfortunately, the dealership isn't just giving them away

We'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at how dealer handle the slow-moving inventory, whether you can get a good price and what to be aware of if you want to buy one of the laggers.

Can Gen Z Save the Passenger Car?

Youngins are flocking to cars, but they may be the only ones

Passenger car sales are on the decline but the youngest generation of drivers may be coming to the rescue.

7 Things Your Car Warranty Won't Cover

Bumper-to-Bumper doesn't actually mean what you think it means

If you buy a new car, there's a warranty that goes with it. Here are seven things that aren't covered by those new car warranties. 

The IIHS Sheds Light on the Need for Better Vehicle Passenger Safety

Protect the ones you love

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has provided the results of a new study focusing on the safety of rear passengers.

Is Taking Over a Car Lease a Good Idea?

It can be your 'in' for lower monthly car payments

If you're looking for lower monthly car payments than buying or leasing a new car offer, taking over a lease can be a more flexible alternative. These are the pros and cons.

Could More Stringent Left Lane Passing Laws Save Lives?

It seems no one cares about the law anymore

When a driver fails to move to the right for faster traffic to pass on the left, the driver isn't just inconveniencing others, he or she is putting people in danger.

How to Get a Luxury Used Car at a Bargain Price

Depreciation can help you get a deal on that luxury badge

You'll be surprised how much more affordable luxury vehicles become when you go back a few model years to buy used. See the top tips for saving on luxury cars and a list of the best bargains.