Here's What Buying a Car "As Is" Means

Protect yourself from a costly car buying mistake

Unless you're buying a certified used car from a dealership, your used car will likely be sold "as is". Learn what that means, how to minimize your risk and whether it's a good option for you.

How You Should Dress When You Go Car Shopping

Somewhere between sweats and a full-on tux

Most people don't think much about how they're perceived when it comes to wardrobe choices when car shopping. So, what are the best guidelines for what to wear when you go car shopping?

How Often Should You Wash Your Car During Winter?

It's more than just about getting the car shiny

You know you should wash your car this winter, but that's about it. So, what are some tips for car washing? How often should you do it, and what's the best way?

The NHTSA's Ruling on Adaptive Driving Beam Headlights Will Increase Safety and Usage

Shocker: you're not using your high beams enough

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) is a brilliant headlamp system that essentially allows drivers to operate high-beams all the time while preventing glare.

How to Wisely and Safely Handle Road Rage Situations

Don't let your pride get in the way

You're so angry, you accelerate to catch up to him to give a piece of your mind. And the rest is history. Road rage is a daily reality for many drivers, and it's on the rise. 

Gear Up: 4 Best Extendable Snow Brushes

Go, go Gadget arms!

Don't struggle to clear your car of snow and windshield of ice this winter. These 4 snow brushes reach even the toughest spots like the roof.

3 Best 2018 Sedans with Top IIHS Safety Ratings

You don't have to choose between safety and performance

After testing a comprehensive selection of sedans, we chose the 2018 Toyota Camry, 2018 Hyundai Elantra, and 2018 BMW 5-Series as our top 3 picks. Here's why.

Autos 101: How to Swap Out Seasonal Windshield Washer Fluid

Don't wait 'til the old stuff freezes

Before things start to get chilly and frozen all over, now is the time to swap out your three-seasons windshield washer fluid for something a bit more potent for ice and snow.

The Best Times to Shop For a New Car

Learn the best time of the week, month and year to buy a car

Timing is key for getting the best deal on your new car. See when you should go to the dealership to have the best shot of getting a good price.

Goodyear Roll Remote Tire Installation Service Comes to You

For the truly efficient or the truly lazy

Goodyear introduced a home tire installation service simply named "Roll by Goodyear ". Designed to appeal to busy Millennials, the service will select the right tires for your car and come to you.

Now is a Good Time To Change to Your Snow Tires

It's all about the dropping temperatures

Now that the temps in many areas have already dropped below freezing, it's the perfect time to swap out tire sets before the snow starts to fall. 

What Are Car Subscription Services and Are They Worth It?

All-inclusive alternatives that come at a price

OEMs and third-party startups are creating apps that let you subscribe to cars instead of owning or leasing. Here's how it works and how it stacks up financially.

How Often Should You Shop Around for New Car Insurance?

Don't stick with the same company forever

It isn't a ton of fun to shop for car insurance, but you should really do it often to make sure that you're getting the best insurance rate possible.

How to Choose the Best Half-Ton Work Truck

Make sure it can tow and haul whatever you throw at it

See how full-size trucks stack up against each other when it comes to towing, hauling and loading capabilities.

6 Questions to Ask the Insurance Agent Before Purchasing

Get all the information you need

Car insurance company's streamlined purchasing process leave much room for questions, but you need to ask a few. Here are six questions to hit the insurance agent with.