Car Reviews

2019 Ford Edge ST AWD Review

Just the right amount of edge in a world of too much power

2019 Toyota RAV4 Limited AWD Review

If it ain't broke, just give it more attitude

2019 Volvo S60 R-Design AWD Review

The best all-around sports sedan today

The Toyota Supra TRD Concept Shows Off Available Upgrades

The Japanese version of Bumblebee?

Now, the brand has unveiled TRD (Toyota Racing Development) parts upgrades for their potent sports car, and they're showing them off on the very yellow Supra TRD Concept shown here. 

The 3 Most Affordable 4x4 Pickup Trucks For Sale Today

All under $30K and ready to rock

Here are the three most affordable pickup trucks with 4x4 configuration, and they'll have you ready to take on whatever task is required without fanfare.

The Small Volkswagen Tarek is Coming to America

The Tiguan gets a baby brother

It's smaller than the current Tiguan here in the states and will make it the smallest crossover from the German automaker. It will be called the Tarek. Don't ask us what that means. 

Gear Up: 5 Best Lumbar Support Cushions for Your Car

Lumbar support car cushions take the pain out of long drives

If you struggle with back pain while driving, a lumbar support cushion added to your car seat can make all the difference. These are the top 5 options to make long drives enjoyable again.

The McLaren GT is a Stunning New "Affordable" Grand Touring Exotic

Long range comfort with room for a golf bag!

Well, now the British brand has unveiled its "affordable" and comfortable grand touring car known simply as the GT.

How Private Party Auto Loans Work

Buying from a private seller doesn't have to be complicated

Thinking about bypassing the dealership to buy your new used car? Here's what you should know about financing a car that you're buying from a private seller.

What Happens to the New Cars Dealerships Can't Sell?

Unfortunately, the dealership isn't just giving them away

We'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at how dealer handle the slow-moving inventory, whether you can get a good price and what to be aware of if you want to buy one of the laggers.

Who Still Makes Diesel Passenger Vehicles, Anyway?

Trucks don't count in this equation

But we really love diesels (the non-cheating ones, anyway), and they're still around, believe it or not. They provide long motor life, great torque, and excellent efficiency.

Kia's Upcoming Small Crossover Looks Great in These Sketches

The new design language that will trickle up

Kia just showed off sketches of the upcoming CUV, and it looks more adventurous and edgy than anything in their stable.

Best Family Trucks of 2019

Can the pickup truck become the new station wagon?

Pickup trucks offer more family-friendly features than ever including a spacious cab, safety tech and a smooth ride. See which family truck is right for you.

The Onslaught of Electric Vehicles is Coming But Not Quite Yet

Credit the Tesla Model 3 with the bump in sales figures

Though more and more automakers are investing in electric vehicle technology, the actual popularity of them doesn't quite live up to the publicity over the notion that EVs will be everywhere soon.

The Upcoming Dyson EV Partially Revealed in Patent Drawings

We're guessing there will be an onboard vacuum cleaner?

Sir James Dyson of vacuum cleaner fame is building a car. Now, Dyson has shared some patent drawings that give us a good idea of what the new EV will look like.

The Death of the BMW 3-Series GT Proves the Brand Gambled and Lost

Weird crossovers just don't work

The 3 GT was easily one of the most unattractive BMWs, almost like swollen and expensive German versions of the much-derided Accord Crosstrek/Acura ZDX. Now, BMW is officially killing the 3 GT.

The 5 Top Selling Vehicles of 2019 So Far

See why these vehicles are flying off dealer lots

We'll take a dive into the top 5 best selling vehicles of 2019 so far. While you may not be getting the most unique vehicle on the road, you won't regret buying these popular models.