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2020 GMC Sierra 2500 4WD Crew Cab AT4 Review

A Heavy Duty with its own distinct flavor

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Gramps gets a track toy

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Exploring new levels of greatness

2020 Lexus RX 350 F Sport AWD Review

Lexus' best-selling model gets even better

Does the Second Coming of the Toyota Venza as a Premium Crossover Hybrid Make Sense?

Where would this slot in again?

They have the RAV4 Hybrid, which sells like hotcakes, and the new Highlander Hybrid. Now, they're bringing a new member info the lineup and, guess what? It's a hybrid crossover called the Venza.

The 2021 Toyota Sienna Minivan Gets Great Styling and Hybrid Power, Too

Dare we call it the coolest minivan on earth?

Toyota wants to at least change some of that with the new 2021 Sienna, and it looks like they just might pull it off. Upon first glance, our reaction was, "Wow, now that's a good-looking minivan."

Is Ridesharing a Safe Option During COVID-19?

Uber and Lyft are enforcing stricter guidelines

With COVID-19 anxieties heightened, you may wonder if it's safe (or smart) to use rideshare as a passenger or driver. Here's what you should know if you ride or drive for a service like Uber or Lyft.

Gear Up: Best Car Key Fob Cases to Protect Your Vehicle

Keep your car keys secure and within reach

A quality car key case keeps your key fob secure and can prevent thieves from accessing the signal to break into your car. These 3 cases offer style and peace of mind.

Five Vehicles With the Best Standard Safety Features

Confidence on the road comes at no additional charge

These 5 vehicles with the best standard safety features won't force you to base extra for confidence on the road.

How Many Miles Are Acceptable on a Used Car Purchase?

The phrase "it depends" is the big factor

You can easily save a ton over buying new if you're smart. But what year vehicle should you buy and how much mileage should you comfortable with as you shop?

Are COVID-19 Car Deals a Bait-and-Switch for Shoppers with Subprime Credit?

The promise of 0% APR doesn't apply to everyone

To counter the lower demand during COVID-19, automakers are offering financing incentives to encourage shoppers to buy, but these offers may be misleading for customers with compromised credit

Can You Negotiate a Lease Buyout?

Your leasing company may be able to cut a deal

Buying a leased car can be a smart move, but getting the best price takes some preparation. Here's what you should do before having the buyout conversation with your leasing company.

The 2020 Toyota RAV4 Actually Increased Sales During COVID-19

Talk about weathering the storm

The RAV4 actually increased its sales volume by quite a substantial margin compared to Q1 2019. The numbers reflect a double-digit sales increase.

Will This Disturbing Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rollover Footage Kill Sales?

The IIHS just put it through the paces, and it bombed

The sad news is that when the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, crash-tested the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, things got way ugly. Like craptastic ugly.

Auto Finance: Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit vs. No Credit

Learn how to overcome either challenge when car shopping

The two most common obstacles for car loan approval are bad credit and no credit. Learn the difference and how to overcome each financing roadblock.

The Blackened Toyota Prius 2020 Edition Celebrates 20 Years With a "Sporty" Look

It's still only fast if you drive it off a cliff

The new Prius 2020 Edition gets dressed to "kill" as a 2021 model that will be produced in limited numbers (2,020 to be exact).

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Gets 'Desert Rated' For High-Speed Off-Road Escapades

Extreme desert conditions are no match for this new Gladiator

The new Jeep Gladiator Mojave grade sports the first-ever 'Desert Rated' Badge. Here's what the 2020 Gladiator Mojave packs to take on the desert and earn the inaugural badge. 

We Shopped for Used Cars and Found These Great Deals For Less Than $20,000

Use our car shopping tools to find the right one for you

Our huge selection of vehicles nationally will provide you with a great deal in your local area, and you can find a wide range of new and used vehicles in virtually all trim levels and colors.