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2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport 4x4 Review

King of the Hill, Pauper of the Pavement

2020 Toyota 86 GT TRD Review

From good to great

Cadillac's Future is Bound to the 300-Mile Lyriq Electric Crossover

Can this all-new EV right the ship?

Could an electric crossover turn the tide for the brand? Well, we can now see the Lyriq crossover EV in the flesh, and it's pretty damned close to the real production deal. 

Can You Use a Personal Loan to Buy a Car?

See which financing route is best for your vehicle purchase

A personal loan can usually be used to buy a vehicle but it's not always the best choice. See if you should you take the traditional car loan route or get a personal loan to buy your next car.

GM Teases the Hummer EV and Cadillac LYRIQ as it Prepares for an Electrified Future

Power and luxury go electric in GM's newest vehicles

GM has promised to bring at least 20 new electric vehicles to market by 2023 starting with the all-electric GMC Hummer and the Cadillac LYRIQ.

My Neighbor and I Want the Same Car: A Used Volkswagen Golf Alltrack With a Stick Shift

Great minds think alike, apparently

I had a discussion with my neighbor and good friend about what kind of car we'd want to buy and realistically could buy that would be both fun and practical. It played out uncannily.

Toyota Reveals Special Editions and Pricing for the 2021 4Runner, Tundra, and Land Cruiser

This trio of popular 4x4s get some new digs

The Toyota 4Runner, Tundra, and Land Cruiser have all gone over a decade since their last redesign but now they're getting spruced up with special editions and new paint jobs.

Say Goodbye to the Current Subaru BRZ Sports Car

Don't cry too much, for it will return

News just broke that Subaru is no longer taking orders for the BRZ since it just ended production after eight years of the first-generation car. 

The 2021 Honda Odyssey Gets a Facelift, But Is It an Improvement?

It's not a good idea to make a minivan more boring

Now that Chrysler has given its Pacifica a refresh, Honda has followed suit. We're not so sure it was a move in the right direction, though. 

Does "No Negotiation" at the Dealership Really Mean What it Says?

No-haggle pricing can be more complex than it sounds

Should you take the no-haggle price when buying a car or try to negotiate? See what no negotiating really means and how to get the best deal.

Can Hyundai Catch Tesla in the EV Race?

The road-map to electrification has some insane concept cars

Hyundai did not expect Tesla to take the EV market lead so fast, and now the South Korean automaker is going all-in on electrification. See its game plan and future vehicles.

Robodogs Are Taking Over At This Ford Factory

Man's best friend goes high tech to save time and money

A new pilot program at Ford has bright yellow 'robodogs' walking around its factory. See how they work and why they'll save the automaker time and money.

Gear Up: Best Car Leather Conditioners

Daily driving, heat, and UV rays take a toll on your car's leather

A car leather conditioner is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to keep your car's leather interior protected, moisturized, and looking brand new. 

Dodge and Ram Owners Are the Most Attached to Their Vehicles According to J.D. Power

FCA wins big for customer experience and positive sentiment

J.D. Power's APEAL Study measures vehicle owner's attachment and excitement about their vehicles. This year, Dodge and Ram came out on top among mass-market brands.

Auto Finance: How Can You Avoid Being Upside Down on Your Auto Loan?

Owning more on your car than it's worth carries serious risk

Choosing the right vehicle and auto loan can save you from the risks of going under-water on the car. See which vehicles retain their value best, and some strategies to finance them.

The Current State of Ride-Sharing in the Age of COVID-19

The future of Uber and Lyft hangs in the balance

COVID-19 has shaken the ridesharing industry and impacted both drivers and riders. Here's what the industry is experiencing now and what the future might hold for companies like Uber and Lyft.