Car Reviews

2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i Review

Driving enthusiasts need to haul stuff, too

2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 4x4 Review

As big and bold as a Texas rodeo

2019 Lexus UX 200 F Sport Review

Lexus' new entry level vehicle is surprising and strange

2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature Review

Turbocharging and tweaking to perfection

The Nissan IMs EV Crossover-Sedan Should Be the Brand's New Design Language

Efficient, futuristic, but mostly great to look at

The Detroit Auto Show might have been skipped by some manufacturers this year, but we're glad Nissan came through. Their new IMs concept is an EV crossover that should get your attention.

Set Up Automatic Car Payments to Improve Your Credit

Free up some time while boosting your credit score

The simplest way to stay up to date with paying off your vehicle is to set up automatic payments so that you won't ever miss a month due to an oversight. Here are the benefits and risks.

The Cadillac EV Crossover Shows Us the Brand's Future

Another gorgeous concept we dream gets made

Their new EV crossover concept that just got released in renderings is purely electric and supposedly points to the company's future. There are scant details about the new crossover.

Finally, the 2020 Toyota Supra is Official, and It's Spectacular

We love everything about it, but where's the stick?

At long last, the Supra is here. One of the longest waits to see a production vehicle is over, and the covers were just pulled off at the Detroit Auto Show. And it doesn't disappoint.

Hyundai, Genesis and Ram Nab North American Car Of The Year Awards in Detroit

Big wins for the underdogs

At this year's Detroit Auto Show (aka North American International Auto Show), three models walked away with big awards, the Genesis G70, Hyundai Kona, and the Ram 1500.

Ford to Cut Thousands of Jobs in Its Struggling European Market

The race to profitability in the EU has begun

After significant losses in 2018, Ford Europe revealed a mitigation plan for major restructuring, layoffs, and plant closures in an effort to cut costs and achieve profitability.

Gear Up: 6 Best Aftermarket Car Stereos

Update your car stereo to get all the latest audio features

If it's time to replace your old car's stereo system or you want to add features you missed out on when buying your car, these 6 aftermarket stereo systems will bring you up to date.

The 2020 Volkswagen Passat Gets Wheel Teased

Don't write off sedans just yet

VW is hoping the decrease will level off, and they just tweeted the fancy wheel of the next-gen Passat. It might be a small glimpse, but it's a lustworthy one. Check it out below.   

The New 2020 Ford Explorer Keeps The Look But Gets Rear-Wheel Drive

The SUV/Crossover soldiers on with fresh clothes

The 6th generation Explore is almost here, and here are some great photos of the new crossover. Ford was smart not to mess too much with the exterior, and it still retains the Explorer look we've come

Best 4-Wheel Drive SUVs under $60,000

Find an affordable 4WD off-roader that fits your needs

These 8 affordable 4-Wheel Drive vehicles built to tackle any terrain won't let you or your budget down.

Nissan Brings the Longer Range LEAF e+ to CES 2019

Making the LEAF prominent again

The new LEAF e was just unveiled at CES this week, and it should be a great draw for those looking for more EV range than the regular 150-mile version. 

The Byton M-Byte Electric SUV Shows Up at CES With Five Screens

Perhaps the ultimate driving distractions

Byton hopes it will become a household name by pulling you in via its tech and efficiency. The Chinese EV startup company just showed off its M-Byte electric SUV at CES, and it's got five screens.

Walmart Just Made the Coolest Movie Car Commercial Ever

Whoever made this commercial needs a raise

Well, of all companies to bring so many of them together, none of the than juggernaut retailer Walmart has done it in a commercial to promote their Grocery Pickup service.

The Cars We Want to Drive in 2019

New year excitement behind the wheel

Automakers improve their wares with every successive generation, and the results are often significantly better than the previous models. That's what we hope for 2019.