Just a short time ago, Chrysler dropped news about its wagon/SUV-like Airflow EV, but that's old news now that the Chrysler Halcyon EV concept has debuted on the web. No, it's not an SUV, nor is it a wagon. It's not even an electric truck. Instead, it's a super-sleek sedan. What? That's right, the segment that more brands are dropping every year. From the back, it looks kinda like a Porsche Taycan. That's not a bad thing.

halcyon rear 34

It's super-sleek with its pointy nose, sloping greenhouse, and rear suicide doors that allow the Halcyon to open up wide to its futuristic interior.  It even has gullwing-style doors on the roof that technically give the Halcyon six doors. Unnecessary, yes. Cool, also yes. Take a look at that profile view (below) where the Halcyon shows of its lack of B-pillars, aiding its super-slick look, as well as visibility.

halcyon profile

This is a concept only, mind you. It's not exactly practical for production given its low 4-inch front clearance and massive glass panels. Although, the Halcyon is meant to be outfitted with autonomous driving capability. Even the video shows that a woman is "driving" with her feet on the dashboard, not something we would ever recommend even if it was hands-free driving. Pretty ballsy, Chrysler. Maybe not smart given the Tesla Autopilot crashes and deaths that have occurred more than a couple of times over the past few years. 


Front and rear doors open 90 degrees, and those gullwing doors make ingress much easier. The huge greenhouse opens up to four thin but wide seats, along with a yoke-like steering wheel, a huge center tablet/infotainment system, and a very airy atmosphere. The Chrysler Halcyon is the future of the Chrysler sedan, or at least so it seems since it looks nothing like the Airflow concept. 

halcyon interior

Don't expect the Halycon to see production, although elements of it certainly could make it to production on a vehicle with the same name. What it does, effectively, is show that Chrysler is thinking way beyond the Pacifica and the now gone 300 sedan. It's exciting to see that the brand isn't going away just yet.