Is your car starting to smell, let’s just say, less than fresh? We're not judging, we’ve all been there. Whether the guilty party is the takeout you got for dinner, your dogs, kids or that gym bag that’s been sitting in the backseat, it’s time to take action. Sure, you can go to your nearest convenience store or gas station and buy a car air freshener, but the artificial smell can bring on serious headaches (we’d rather take the stink). A healthier alternative is to use a car essential oil diffuser for a natural deodorizer that offers the added benefit of boosting your mood. You won't go wrong with these 4.

1. Dodocool Car Essential Oil Diffuser

dodocool diffuser

The Dodocool car diffuser ($17) fits into your car's cupholder and produces a mist of essential oils for a fresh and natural scent. Fill it with water and your favorite essential oils for anywhere between 3-5 hours of continuous use. Not only does it freshen up the smell of your vehicle, but it also doubles as a humidifier for the dry seasons. You can feel good about using this product around your whole family including kids because it is made from BPA-free and eco-friendly materials.

Remember that gym bag we mentioned? As one customer's review states, this diffuser even freshens up the smell of workout clothes: "I am very impressed with this diffuser. It looks great and securely fits in my cup holder of both of my vehicles. It gives off a pleasant aroma without looking tacky or cluttered like hanging air fresheners or those clipped to vents. My wife says it helps mask the smell of my workout clothes in the car while I am at work". - 5-Star Amazon Review

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2. ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Litemist Travel Car Diffuser

ZAQ oil diffuser

Get bad road rage when you drive? We'd recommend some lavender essential oil for this ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Travel Car Diffuser ($35). The sleek design will look great in your car's cupholder or anywhere else you decide to bring it along for your travels. The diffuser quietly distributes a mist of energizing or calming essential oils after you fill it with your favorite scents and some H2O. The ZAQ is specifically designed for car travel so it won't tip with motion and it comes with a car adapter so you can plug it in on the go. You won't have to worry about harming your health with this natural air freshener since it's made from safe BPA-free materials.

Although compact in size, this diffuser packs nearly the same punch as larger products as described by this happy customer: "Great for the car when traveling and great size for my bathroom when not using for travel! Has a car or home adapter so is multifunctional! This small diffuser packs almost just as much punch as all of my larger ones in the house! Great buy and love the ZAQ brand! This brand has always been dependable. Much better than the plugin pad diffusers for the car." - 5-Star Amazon Review

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3. RoyAroma Car Diffuser Essential Oil Vent Clip

essential oil vent clips

Do you like the idea of a car essential oil diffuser but not the idea of it taking up valuable cupholder space? The RoyAroma essential oil diffuser vent clips ($11) are an ideal solution. The smart design lets you add essential oils to the included pads and clip them to your car's vents to instantly refresh your vehicle - no water needed. This inexpensive set comes with 2 vent clips and 12 felt pads. Just add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to the pads, place them in the clips and attach to your car's vent to drive stink-free.

As one reviewer recommended, peppermint can be a great option for this vent clip if you're looking for a good way to wake up on the morning commute: "Very beautiful diffuser. I love this small and elegant way to safely make my car smell better. It easily went onto my vent. It is big enough to work but small enough to not get in the way. Plus, peppermint helps wake you up. It is great for long car rides. The item came quickly, was exactly as described, and is new and well packaged." - 5-Star Amazon Review

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4. Syntus USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

syntus usb car diffuser

The Syntus USB Essential Oil Diffuser ($19) not only lets you adjust the scent in your car based on your mood but also the mood lighting. It can light up in 7 different colors and plugs into your vehicle via USB.  The Syntus fits into any standard cup holder and lets you choose from 2 modes for the mist including intermittent or continuous depending how much freshening your car needs. The USB cord makes this unit easy to move from car to desk since it can also plug into your laptop and it will look great at the office in either the sleek black or wood grain design.

Getting your car to smell fresh can be a challenge, especially with kids, but according to this Amazon review, the Syntus is up for it: "After reading the positive reviews I decided to purchase this car oil diffuser for myself. So glad that I did! I’ve been using this in my car for about 3 weeks and absolutely love it! My kids have really stunk up my SUV in the last couple of years and I often feel embarrassed when anyone opens the doors. But now I can go through the car line drop off without the teachers running away or holding their breath when they open the door to hurry my kids out. And best of all, I get compliments on the way it smells! Win! I highly recommend it!" - 5 Star Amazon Review 

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