If your backseat is constantly occupied by your kids and their soccer teammates, you may feel like your full-time job is cleaning up your vehicle when they finally disembark. Crumbs, spilled drinks, toys and school supplies will unavoidably end up on the car's carpet and under the seats. While there is no way to completely prevent a messy car, a folding rear seat tray can help keep food, beverages, and toys where they belong. These three easy-to-install, foldable trays will add convenience and storage while reducing cleanup time. Use them for carpool days, road trips or keeping backseat adults tidy if you drive for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.

FMS Car Back Seat Folding Table

FMS Folding tray table

The FMC Car Seat Folding table ($26) is a simple solution that can be used for work, homework or afterschool snacks. Just hang it over your front seats using the two attached hooks, unfold when you need it in use and fold it back up to save space in your car when it's not needed. A magnetic button will keep the table secured when folded up. Made from a synthetic composite board, it is both wear-resistant and waterproof so no more crying over spilled milk (unless the spill extends to your vehicle's carpet). The dimensions allow for plenty of space for a work station with a deck platform size of 14.96 x 10.83 inches and a max load capacity of 6.6 pounds. 

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ENGYNC Foldable Car Laptop Tray

folding laptop tray

When we were kids, we had road trip activities like "I spy" and the license plate game to keep us occupied. Unfortunately, road trips in this day and age usually require technological devices to keep the backseat passengers occupied. The ENGYNC Foldable Car Laptop Tray ($59) is designed just for this purpose with sturdy construction that holds computers, laptops, and phones with a weight limit of 11 pounds. Type or write away on the durable tray that won't shake while in use. the lightweight construction lets you easily mount it or remove and store in the back seat pocket while not in use. Finally, a water bottle holder ensures that no liquid is spilled all over the aforementioned devices.

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Multifunctional Car Seat Back Organizer

multifunction organizer

If you hate finding random items scattered around your vehicle, give everything a place in your seatback. The Multifunction Car Seat Back Organizer ($30) has a total of ten pockets and elastic straps to stash everything from WetWipes to water bottles, to a set of glasses. A clear tablet pocket turns the seat back into a mobile TV and fits devices up to 9.6 x 6.5 inches. In addition to storage pockets, a tray folds down to hold snacks and small devices (up to 4.4 pounds). The organizer is made from scratch and water-resistant material that is cleanable with the wipe of a washcloth so you won't have to worry about abuse from backseat passengers. Installing and removing the organizer is equally worry-free with a buckle and straps that go around the headrest. 

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