No matter how good your tires are, sometimes they are just no match for obstacles like heavy snow, mud or sand. Getting your vehicle stuck in the elements is the last thing you want, especially in the dead of winter when your car thermometer is showing freezing temps. Of course, you can call for help, but that option comes with a long wait, and sometimes even a fee. A good alternative is to keep a set of car traction mats in your vehicle so you can take matters into your own hands and get yourself out of the sticky situation. Whether you live in a climate that gets heavy snow, or you like to hit the off-road trails, keeping one of these traction mats in your car is a smart idea. They are easy to use, don't require installation like tire snow chains, and will come to the rescue to help you get your vehicle unstuck. 

Bunkerwall Track Mat

bunkerwall track mat

If the area you live in gets several major snowstorms a year, a traction mat like the Bunkerwall Recovery Track Mat ($40) is a must-have item in your emergency car kit. The ladder design lets your vehicle's tire find the grip it needs to get out of a snowed-in parking space or a muddy offroad trail. Just place the mat under your wheel and drive over it to conquer the obstacle that got you stuck. The Bunkerwall mat is made from high strength rubber and galvanized steel to provide durability that comes through in emergencies time and time again. When not in use, just roll it up into a compact and convenient carrying case.

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Firebug Recovery Track 

firebug traction pad

Is off-roading your idea of a good time? First of all, we'd probably be friends. Secondly, as your friends, we want to make sure your adventure doesn't end abruptly when your vehicle gets stuck in a muddy ditch. That's why we recommend keeping a set of traction mats like the Firebug ($65) in your cargo area at all times. These 2 heavy-duty mats will stand up to damaging elements including high and low temperatures, and UV exposure. Built for any type of vehicle including front, rear, all-wheel drive, and 4x4 trucks, SUVs and ATVs, the Firebug will free you from the mud or snow you may encounter while off-roading or even while driving on-road in bad weather. When you get stuck, instead of continuing to spin your wheels to no avail, place these mats under your wheels and drive over them with confidence.  

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Discount Ramps Traction Grip Track

discount ramps

When it comes to winter driving, we believe there's no such thing as being overprepared. When sand, kitty litter, and other common traction solutions fail you, it's time to call in the big guns. The Discount Ramps traction track ($31) is built from steel for a durable and rugged tool you can depend on to rescue your vehicle from ice, snow, or mud in record time. The clawed side digs into the ground for a solid grip while you drive over the smooth side to freedom. When you're done using it, the traction track folds up into a compact rectangle for easy storage.

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