Most car shoppers choose their vehicles for lifestyle factors such as the prospect of adventure. We find that the best adventures require bringing some equipment along, but even large SUVs don't always fit your bulkiest gear. Whether you enjoy biking, kayaking, surfing, or camping, transporting your gear safely should be a top concern. Improperly securing your items can result in damage to the equipment, your vehicle, and even other vehicles on the road. For all the toys that don't fit inside your car or SUV, there's a simple solution - just add durable cross bars to your vehicle's roof. The following cross bars fit nearly every type of vehicle to haul your gear to your next adventure, damage-free.

1. Yitamotor Universal Cross Bars

yitamotor roof rack cross bars

Whether you transport your kayak in the summer or your skis in the winter, the Yitamotor universal cross bars ($90) will have your back. The easy-to-install bars are made from a marine-grade aluminum alloy to support even heavy gear up to 150 lbs. The streamlined design helps reduce wind resistance and noise and provides a safe and quiet ride for you and your valuable gear. To protect your vehicle from damage like dents and scratches, the crossbar mounts are made from durable plastic and the clips are padded for extra assurance. These cross bars will fit any vehicle with existing raised side rails that have a gap between 1.5“-2.5”.

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2. Seah Roof Cross Bars

Seah Hardware

No SUV? No roof rails? No worries. The beauty of the Seah roof cross bars ($75) is that you can use them to transport your mountain bike or cargo carrier even if your vehicle doesn't have roof rails. With straps that loop through the door frames inside your vehicle, these cross bars install in minutes and will work on SUVs and sedans alike. The heavy-duty steel bars will stand up to all your heavy hauling, and the included water-proof ratchet tie downs ensure the roof bar doesn't budge, no matter how far your adventures take you.

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3. Dorsal Surfboard Roof Rack

surfboard roof rack

The adrenaline rush caused by catching the perfect wave is far superior to the adrenaline rush caused by watching your surfboard slip off your car's roof. Make sure to keep the latter from occurring with the universal surfboard roof rack from Dorsal ($33). The Dorsal rack fits cars and SUVs without roof racks for a secure hold that will keep your board safe, even at highway speeds. It can be installed in minutes by running the heavy-duty straps through the inside of your vehicle. Once you've secured the rack to your vehicle, you'll be able to load one to two surfboards depending on the board thickness.

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