Technology is big for the auto industry, and if you’re not driving a fairly new car, you may be feeling a little left out. Well, you don’t have to. You can always go buy a new ride with all the new techno-gizmos factory installed, or you can choose to buy these new systems aftermarket and install them or have them installed on your current car, truck or SUV.

Safety technology is of huge importance for automotive companies and plays an equally important role for many drivers. If you want the latest safety tech, but can’t afford to upgrade to a new car just yet, check out the options below. When properly installed, these systems can feel like they belong in your car, and you may wonder how you survived without them.

SIVNN LED Backup Camera with HD Infrared Night Vision

SVINN backup camera with HD Infrared Night Vision

While backup cameras are standard equipment on most new cars, not every vehicle on the road has one. With the SIVNN LED backup camera, that can change. This inexpensive camera system provides you with everything you need to ensure that you’ll be able to see what’s going on behind your car.

The SIVNN LED backup camera is a small, easy-to-install unit that attaches to the rear of your car. Once there, it provides you with a view you can’t get by checking your rearview mirror or looking out the back window. The high-definition color display with 170-degree visible range provides allows you to take in all the details behind your car. Because the system has infrared night vision, it even works in the dark. Who says you need a new car to get up-to-date tech?

Buy Now: $20

Auto Safety Parking Radar Sensor System

Auto Safety Parking Radar System

A backup camera is important when parking, but sometimes parking a car, truck or SUV can be a little tricky even with the camera. That’s when you need to consider adding parking sensors to your ride. The Auto Safety parking sensor system is a great, inexpensive option for people who want modern parking sensors on their late model vehicle.

The system comes with four radar sensor probes, a small digital display and all the connections you need to ensure that the system is connected up properly. The LED digital display alerts driver’s visually when the car is close to an obstacle while parking. In addition to the visual warning, the system also provides you with an audible alert. The waterproof and weatherproof construction ensures the system will last a long time. This system can offer a plenty peace of mind for not a lot of dough.

Buy Now: $20

Accele BSS200 Blind Spot Sensors

Accele BSS200 Blind Spot Sensors

There are few feelings worse than nearly hitting a car in your blind spot. This often comes with embarrassment or anger and can lead to some serious road rage. With the Accele BSS200 blind spot sensors, you can breathe easy, knowing exactly when someone is hiding back there.

The system will visually alert you to the fact that someone is in your blind spot via LED indicator lights that you mount to your dash. There’s also an audible alarm that you can install. The sensors can be easily added to any bumper and painted over without any negative effects. You can choose to run the system all the time or have it function only when the turn signal is engaged. While the system isn’t exactly cheap, once you consider that it can help keep you from getting in an accident, the price tag seems pretty reasonable.

Buy Now: $126

Audiovox LDWS100 Lane Departure Warning System with Forward Collision Warning

Audiovox LDWS100 Lane Departure Warning System with Forward Collision Warning

The Audiovox LDWS100 offers you a way to make your old car feel new by adding lane departure warning and forward collision warning. These innovative features provide an additional level of safety when driving. The system works by recognizing traffic lane markings as well identifying the vehicle in front of you.

In terms of the lane departure warning, the system will sound an audible warning if you begin to drift out of your lane without signaling. This warning doesn’t happen if your turn signal is on. The forward collision warning sounds if you get too close or there is a sudden speed change by the vehicle in front of you. The lane departure warning operates at speeds above 35 mph and the forward collision warning at 15 mph or more.

The system is designed to be easily installed and calibrates itself after a 10 minute drive. The built-in DVR and GPS also collects a record of your driving. This makes it easy to review your route and anything that happened along that route, which can come in handy in the event of an accident. While this system is rather pricey, it could pay for itself easily by helping you avoid accidents and recording what actually happened in any accidents that do occur.

Buy Now: $389