Sure, every aspect of a car's appearance is important, but almost no feature is more noticeable on a vehicle than the grille. These days, carmakers are striving hard to make theirs distinct in a crowded field where originality can be very good or truly awful. Here are some of the best grilles in the industry today. 

Cadillac CTS-V


A widened version of their Caddy badge, the CTS-V looks pretty damned good from tip to toe, but the black mesh grille with tasteful chrome helps deliver both aggression and sophistication. 

Kia Stinger GT


Though Kia's new rapid sports sedan isn't for sale just yet, it's definitely the company's best execution of their "Tiger Nose"grille that definitely creates solid brand identity for the South Korean automaker.

Lexus LS


Lexus finally hit their stride with their spindle grille in the new LS luxury sedan. It looks like woven metal, and the texture is simply stunning. Talk about a grille that draws the eye. We love it. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


The mad fast Quadrifoglio version of the new Giulia is a performance beast that makes the Germans nervous. The classic Alfa Romeo "Tribolo" grille that's been the company's identity since the inception of the brand shows up here and makes it look like no other car on American roads. 

Mercedes-AMG GT R


There's nothing truly original in the GT R's maw, but it sure looks the part of the beast's angry attitude. It's wide, toothy and has a tri-star emblem the size of a frisbee. What's not to like?

RAM 2500 Power Wagon


No, it's not sophisticated, but it's not supposed to be. The Power Wagon's grille looks like it's ready to crush all opponents without a second thought. Black, black and more black. Oh, and black mesh, too. And in case you forgot, the big black "RAM" lettering reminds you who makes this monster.

Ferrari F12TDF


The limited production (799) tdf is a track hound of the highest order. With downforce elements, vents, curves and creases to dizzy the average human, it's nice to see a sleek black mesh grille leading the way. The classic silver "Cavallino Rampante" emblem is right where it belongs, front and center.

Spyker C8 Preliator


A weird exotic car brand from the Netherlands that still survives after drama and tumult spits out their latest car, the C8 Preliator. Fast, bespoke and truly unique, it's got both futuristic and classic styling elements. We like the ovular grille that wouldn't look out of place on a vintage sports car. 


bmw m2

BMW's kidney grilles are iconic in the industry. And though the shape has changed over the years, anyone can recognize a Bimmer from the front at a distance. The ones on the new M2 super coupe are our favorite, with twin black chrome vertical fins and upturned corners, they're the perfect face to this new classic.

Aston Martin Rapide S


You don't see many Rapides around, but when you do see one, you notice it. Aston Martin made its grille taller and more prominent than the first generation car's. The 8-bar grille is done up in a fashion that's more 1950s than 2010s, and it works perfectly for this sophisticated saloon.