On a long road trip, it'd be nice to just set the cruise control and fly down the highway. Well, it can be nice if your kids are entertained. There are now more ways than ever to keep your kiddos happy in the back seat, with tablet computers, books, and handheld gaming systems. That said, it’s often nice to simply pop in a DVD and know that for the next couple hours your backseat passengers will be pretty happy. With that in mind, here are three of the best aftermarket rear seat DVD players.

NaviSKauto 10.1-inch Entertainment System

Naviskauto tablet-style rear-seat DVD entertainment system

This innovative design for a rear seat entertainment system attaches to your vehicle's headrest easily and offers a clear screen and built-in DVD player. The device also supports HDMI, MP4 CD-R, and has a USB port, making it easy to view movies and videos in a variety of formats. The 10.1-inch LCD screen with touch keys provides a clear, wide-angle view to all of the car’s passengers, making it easy to keep everyone entertained. Often priced around $120, the NaviSKauto Entertainment System is a small price to pay to keep everyone happy.

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Rockville Headrest Monitor with DVD Player

Rockville Headrest Monitor with DVD

The Rockville unit features a 9-inch display, a line of physical buttons along the bottom of the screen and a front-loading DVD player. Unlike the DVD player above, this unit is housed inside a headrest that replaces your stock headrest. This package comes with two headrests, two remote controls, and all the wiring you need to set it up. It’s HDMI compatible, freeing your passengers up to connect other devices to the screen should they please. The package also comes with two sets of headphones so you and your front seat passenger don’t have to listen to the movie or game your rear passengers are enjoying. Prices can vary, but most of the time, a pair of Rockville headrest monitors can be found for under $220.  

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Kwonglung 10.6-inch Vehicle Headrest DVD Player

Kwonglung vehicle headrest DVD Player

If you want something with just a little bit bigger screen than the two units above, consider the Kwonglung Vehicle Headrest DVD Player. This payer features a 10.6-inch screen, a remote control, and headphones. Its high-resolution screen provides a clear picture and the unit comes equipped with a USB port, SD card reader, CD-R, and HDMI, making it perfect for watching movies or connecting other devices. While the package is only one screen, if you purchase two, they can work together to play games or movies simultaneously to entertain your rear-seat passengers. You should be able to find the Kwonglung player for around $150.

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