If you keep your vehicle parked outdoors for an extended period of time, a high-quality car cover will protect it from damaging elements like rain, snow, hail, and UV rays. It will also safeguard it from nature's less obvious threats like tree sap and animals that nest or leave "gifts" on your vehicle. The features you want to look for in an outdoor car cover will largely depend on your area.

car cover in the rain
If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, a waterproof car cover works wonders.

For example, if you live in the Pacific Northwest and get a lot of rain, a waterproof car cover will be a must, and if you're in Southern California, you'll need a cover that protects your vehicle from the sun's UV rays. Some universal features to look for in a car cover are breathability which allows moisture to escape, heavy-duty exterior material, and a scratch-proof inner lining. The following three vehicle covers are the best for overall protection for your sedan, truck, or SUV.

Eluto Car Cover

Eluto car cover

No matter how much care and maintenance you put into your car, leaving it parked outside puts it at risk for scratches and dings. The Eluto car cover ($36) is an affordable option that provides all-season protection for your sedan, guarding it against dangers such as sun, heavy rain, strong winds, snow, and sand. The waterproof cover is made from high-density polyester, with a scratch-proof coating inside to keep your vehicle's paint looking brand new.

A total of 5 straps (four that are fixed on the wheels and one central strap) keep the cover in place, even in heavy winds. For additional security at night, reflective safety warning lines mean your car stays visible even after dark. Two sizes are available to fit sedans up to 185’’ L or up to 199’’ L.

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Coverking Universal Truck Cover

coverking truck cover

Your truck works hard for you and it deserves to be protected from threats like moisture and the sun's rays when not in use. Designed specifically for trucks, the Coverking universal cover ($59-$80) is USA-made from a Triguard 3 layer polypropylene material which is both breathable and durable. It can be used to cover trucks indoors or outside since it keeps water out but allows any moisture that is trapped on your vehicle to escape which prevents condensation and mildew.

If your truck is mostly parked outdoors, this cover will protect it against UV rays and mild weather conditions, which makes it perfect for a vehicle that is parked under a partial covering like a carport. The Coverking cover comes in multiple sizes to fit your crew cab, standard cab or extended cab, and short or long bed truck.

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Motor Trend SUV Cover

motortrend suv coverIf your family's SUV, crossover, or minivan is parked outside on the driveway or on the street, this 4-layer Motor Trend cover ($47-$63) will protect it all year round from water, UV rays, bird droppings, and dirt. The 100% waterproof heavy-duty cover is made from a breathable woven polyester material that prevents moisture build-up and is resistant to both heat and cold.

The inside of the cover contains a scratch-proof lining so that your vehicle's paint remains unharmed and the universal fit will work with most vans and SUVs. You can choose from 4 sizes to fit everything from a small crossover to a large SUV. 

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