If you own an off-road friendly vehicle (and actually take it off-road) or if you live in a climate that gets heavy snow, you should invest in a set of heavy-duty tow recovery straps. Bringing a set along on your next trip means that you'll be prepared to rescue yourself, a buddy, or an adventure-loving stranger from any messy situation. How do recovery straps work? Say you get stuck on a muddy trail driving to a remote campsite. You can call on another vehicle to help pull your vehicle out by attaching your recovery tow straps to the front of your vehicle and to the back of the vehicle that is towing you. The recovery straps are made to stretch, creating the momentum to pull your vehicle out of the mud. 

Tips for Using Towing Recovery Straps

recovery strap tips

The most important part of using recovery straps is safety for everyone involved. Offroaders.com offers several important tips for using recovery straps correctly. The first is to understand the difference between recovery straps which are made for pulling stuck vehicles vs. tow straps which are only made for towing and are not safe for recovery. Tow-only straps come with hooks, often made of metal which can break during the recovery process, posing a serious threat. Recovery straps (which are sometimes referred to as "towing recovery" straps) feature a sewn loop design with no metal hooks. All of the straps featured below are recovery-safe straps.

Next, you'll want to understand how to attach the straps. The best place to attach is on the vehicle frame, not on vehicle bumpers, axles, suspension, steering rods, or a trailer hitch ball. Before starting the recovery process, clear the path of all obstacles on the trail including logs and rocks which can tear and damage the straps. Finally, when recovering a vehicle it's essential to take it slow and avoid quick, sudden maneuvers that can damage the straps and your vehicle.

 1. Sunferno Recovery Tow Strap

sunferno towing straps

Nothing puts a damper on a weekend in the great outdoors like getting stuck on your way to your destination. That's why it pays to be prepared with a rugged recovery tow strap like the Sunferno ($33). This strap is rated for up to 35,000 lbs and is multipurpose for recovering stuck vehicles, towing, and even removing fallen trees, stumps and logs. The strap is made from a durable reinforced fabric that offers 7% max stretch to safely pull vehicles including cars, SUVs, and trucks out of mud or snow. Reinforced eye loops offer a strong grip while the reflective material makes the straps safer to use at night. 

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2. Gear America Recovery Tow Strap


gear america tow straps

Outdoor adventure brand, Gear America, has built a tow recovery strap ($50) for the messiest of off-road situations. The 4" x 30' straps have a 45,000-lb capacity which means you can use them to tow a large truck or heavy equipment. The key to these heavy-duty straps is the materials and construction. Made from a high tensile polyester, with military-grade webbing, the straps are resistant to damage from moisture as well as extreme heat and cold (-40°F to 215°F) prolonging their useful lifespan. The double-web-loops are reinforced for high tension recovery. 

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3. Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap

rhino row straps

This tough recovery tow strap ($42) comes from Father-Son owned company, Rhino USA. The heavy-duty straps are lab tested for 31,518-lb break strength and are constructed from a strong polyester silk webbing to help you tow or recover a vehicle with confidence. The loop ends that attach to the vehicle are triple reinforced to help avoid tears during the recovery process which can lead to serious injury. For even more peace of mind, the Rhino recovery tow straps come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When not in use, stash the straps in the durable drawstring bag included with the purchase to hold all your off-road accessories and protect the straps from damage. 

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