We haven't been the biggest proponents of Fiat vehicles. The 500 sure was cute, but the lackluster interior and questionable quality left us wanting. The 500L was the same, only awkwardly bigger and ugly as sin. We could only give the thumbs up to the raucous 500 Abarth hot hatch and the zippy 500e EV. Now that the 500 has been slated for the chopping block after this year, Fiat shows us the 500 3+1 EV, and it's the awesome 500 EV we want but just can't freakin' have. WTF, indeed.

fiat 500 3+1
The tiny hatch gets a little suicide door back there. Cool.

The 500 is going away after this year, which means not a single permutation will be in showrooms (aside from remaining stock). Just in time for us to say farewell to the little 500 that never quite grew on us, Fiat decides to reveal what's easily the sweetest 500 we've ever seen. It's called the 500 3+1. It's a slick little electric car with two main doors, a hatchback, and a slim suicide door on the passenger side. 

It's not some gimmick, either. That tiny rear side door allows passengers (short ones, naturally) easier access to the back seat, as well as providing easier loading and unloading of cargo items. You can also install that kid seat back there without having to contort yourself. What's more, that rear suicide door can open without having to open the front passenger door. 

fiat 500 3+1
That sweet interior gets seriously upgraded from the last-generation 500.

The rear suicide door doesn't even alter this structure or size of the 500 3+1. It has the same body and footprint of the 500, so it doesn't look like the little clown schoolbus that is the 500L. Thank goodness that monstrosity is gone. 

fiat 500 3+1 doors
The third door adds convenience, as well as a coolness factor not found on other Fiats.

The 2021 Fiat 500 will sell overseas with launch editions. There's a 500 3+1 “la Prima" that will come in fancy colors like Rose Gold, Glacier Blue and Onyx Black. Features like LED headlights and two-tone 17-inch diamond-cut wheel rims come standard. The la Prima also gets the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel clad in eco-leather that doesn't use any animal-based hides. Fancy stuff also makes its way into the launch edition:  360-degree "drone view" parking sensor and a wearable pebble key. In terms of charging, there's 85-kilowatt fast charging and an 11 kW Mode 3 cable for charging at home or in public. It even gets driver assistance technology.

fiat 500 models

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