When we first heard about Sir James Dyson of vacuum cleaner fame (as well as air purifiers, desk lamps, hair dryers, etc.) making his own car, we were a bit skeptical. But his brilliance shines through in his products that take existing consumer goods and makes them substantially better. Now, Dyson has shared some patent drawings that give us a good idea of what the new EV will look like.

dyson ev
The patent drawings show a crossover-like shape with a big greenhouse area. (image: Dyson)

Describing the drawings and the future EV, Dyson stated that it's a car with "very large wheels" that provide "a low rolling resistance and high ground clearance.” The shape of the EV is more of a crossover/SUV with a sleek profile, short hood, and a very large and spacious cabin area. What's even more interesting is the angle of the seats in both front and rear. The notion here is to provide "... a low cabin height and a shallow windscreen angle.” The angle of the seats would allow better aerodynamics and less overall drag to help with fuel efficiency by canting the windshield at a sharper angle. 

dyson ev rendering

We think the front end actually looks like the Jaguar I-PACE EV, which isn't a bad model to follow since that vehicle looks fantastic. Dyson's approach to his products involve brilliant engineering, and the car would be no exception. Dyson, himself, said that it would be a ground-up, original build rather than trying to use an existing gas vehicle and add EV propulsion. He also emphasized that he wants to reduce mass and increase efficiency. 

jaguar ipace profile
The first 3/4ths of the Jaguar i-PACE EV crossover might've inspired Dyson's design.

Dyson's goal is to launch the new vehicle for show in 2020 with an actual production timeframe of 2021. There are, no doubt, a ton of hurdles to overcome in terms of design, powertrain, suppliers for components, and safety and emissions testing. We're excited to see what the finished product looks like.