As much as we love Bentleys and their level of refinement and hand-crafted bespoke construction, we've never really been big fans of the Bentayga SUV. It just doesn't seem to have the kind of presence of other models like the Mulsanne or even the Flying Spur. But now Spain-based Bengala Automotive has done it up, er, properly by essentially turning into a tank.

bentayga2 rear

The Bentayga² uses the original vehicle's 600-hp, 6.0-liter V12 engine but then adds all manner of toughness to make it taller, more rugged, and more sinister. The site doesn't reveal much about the details, but you can see from the photos that there must be a totally new suspension and lift, as well huge fenders, bigger wheels and tires, as well as LED rally light bars and one of the coolest grille/brush guards we've ever seen. 

bengala bentayga2 rear 34

You can also see exhaust pipes ported out the side of the vehicle, just in front of the rear wheels, and there are also some extremely wide bar bumpers that extend past the wheels. Though there are no photos of the interior of the Bentayga², word is that there's ample use of carbon fiber throughout the vehicle. Basically, the thing is nuts but in a cool way. We're guessing it's slower than the original vehicle with the added weight and no additional power output. 

bengala bentayga2 rear view

The website states that Bengala has paired with a Spanish Off-Road Rally champion and his team (no name given) to help develop the vehicle into a practical off-roader that's daily usable. We hope more details will be unveiled aside from the fact that only 15 will be made at a cost that's surely well north of the Bentayga's $200,000 base price.