The Kia Stinger is one of the best sports sedans around. It doesn't earn that accolade because it's the hottest performer or the most luxurious, but it does so much so freakin' well that we think most enthusiasts will love it. Not only is it spacious for occupants, but it also gets a hatchback with tons of capacity, available all-wheel drive for four-seasons traction, and it just got refreshed for 2022 to look better outside and feel better inside, and it even gets more power. Now, Kia has added a new model called the Scorpion Special Editon, and it looks pretty sweet. 

kia stinger scorpion front
The refreshed fascia looks even better than before.

The Scorpion might not bet more power than the already potent 368 horsepower (up from 365 for 2021), but it is a more aggressive appearance package for the Stinger GT2. This means it's not available on the turbo-four model, but you can get it with the 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. By the way, 3 horses might not seem like a lot, but the 2021 Stinger was already a very satisfying sports sedan in terms of power and handling. 

kia stinger scorpion profile

The exterior of the Stinger Scorpion gets blackened treatments on the wheels, faux fender vents, side mirror caps, exhaust tips, and the front fascia trim. A big spoiler has been added to the trunklid for added downforce and a racier look. Inside, the Scorpion gets a new carbon fiber-patterned trim (not real CF, unfortunately) and red or black Nappa leather. The paint colors are limited to Snow White Pearl, Aurora Black, and our personal favorite, Ceramic Silver, which you see in these photos.

kia stinger scorpion wheels
Those big Brembo brake calipers now pop even more with the Scorpion's 19" black wheels.

In terms of cost, the new Scorpion package adds a mere $1,295 to the Stinger GT2’s price. That's not much for what you get, frankly. It sets the car apart from even the top-trim GT2. The rear-wheel drive Stinger Scorpion will cost $53,630, and the all-wheel-drive version checks out at $55,830. The special edition Scorpion will get 250 models per month, but we don't know how long that will last. For a car that we thought Kia would kill due to low sales, this is very good news, indeed.

kia stinger scorpion spoiler

In more good news, Stinger sales are up this year and 36% compared to the same time last year, which is huge. It's a challenging time for sedans, but it's great to see Kia is still committed to keeping the Stinger alive. It really is a unique vehicle in the segment and one we'd like to see carry on. The Stinger Scorpion Special Edition should be even more reason for you to get out there and buy one.

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